Friday, 30 January 2015

I Had Sex With Wife's Sister : Complete Story

I am in a affair with my wife's sister. This affair allowed me to have sex with her. Remember, it's only a sexual relationship as we both are married. I have never exposed my relationship and the only two people that know are me and my wife's sister. It has been going on and off for more than one year. In this tenure, me and my wife have had a child, and my wife's sister and her husband have had a child (more on that later) . All of us involved are Muslim, but that has no bearing on the story.
I love my wife very much, she is my pure love. She is beautiful, even after 8 years together, the last 4 of which we have been married. She has given me two beautiful kids and base my life around. Me and my wife are 31/28 respectively and her sister is younger-she's 24Y old. she has been married for almost 2 years. Me and the wife's sister work in the same area, and so have often traveled to and from work together if we run into each other at the train station.

This was great initially, it entitled me to endear myself for her when I was pursuing my wife and the WS gave my wife the thumbs up when asked for her opinion on me. From these journeys to work and through my wife's own mouth, I found out that my WS had trouble in her marriage 18 months in. It was an arranged marriage, but one that she happily and willingly went forth with, her and husband are a good fit, and very similar people and seemed very together for the first year of their union. She also knew him a bit beforehand but not in an intimate way. Their stumbling block came due to problems conceiving with WS being told that it was highly unlikely but not impossible that she would conceive with her husband.

Me and WS have always gotten on and probably would be good friends even if I didn't know her through my wife. While I think my wife is beautiful, her sister is, to put it crudely, the better looking, slimmer and younger version of her and on the way home from work we would often get mistaken for a couple, or she would routinely get hit on by random men. I guess it started here, I felt flattered that I could be mistaken for her husband, and it would excite me. I started to linger on these thoughts at times when I was with my wife, or pleasuring myself. But I put it down to just being turned on by forbidden fruit. It was never serious and I didn't pine after her.

The affair itself just sort of happened. She was very down because of her marriage troubles and was in tears as she told me about her latest argument at home. Offering her a hug it somehow turned into a long kiss. We didn't speak for a couple of days and then we met up to talk about what happened, and then she told me she wanted a husband like me. The irony being I was about to embark on an affair with her. I'm not sure what else was said but it ended with us kissing and then her coming with me to my stop on the way home, getting to the car park where my car was and us kissing and fondling in the backseat. It felt electric, better than I had ever imagined when I lusted after her during masturbatory fantasies. 

From there it became a full blown affair, texting each other discreetly, arranging a meet at a hotel before we had sex for the first time. My moods would swing between guilt and pleasure. I'd sit there hating myself for doing that to my doting wife, but then take that hate out on WS in the form of sex. We became braver, more risky, even having unprotected sex, doing it in public places like the the back of a cinema, parks, car parks, even getting to the point where at family dinners or get-togethers I would pinch her backside when no one was around, or she would play footsie with me as we all sat at the table. This went on for 6 months or so, and then she got pregnant.

When she told me, she was happy, relieved, elated that she was finally pregnant. I didn't know what to think and asked if it was mine and she said it probably was. She'd told me she'd been intimate with her husband for a few consecutive nights but she was pregnant before it happened. Our affair carried on as normal for a couple weeks. Taking long drives to hotels outside the city to have sex. Driving to the beach and parking up on the side in isolated places to continue. But slowly we stopped. She told me she was forever grateful I had made her pregnant but that she would say it was her husbands son and I understood and felt that she should. 

I felt as if the affair had made me love my wife more in some way. It was probably my own guilt. When WS became pregnant and "announced" the news to us, I of course played the surprised brother-in-law, congratulating her husband. Fast forward nine months, in which we first dialed down and then stopped our affair but without acknowledging it, and WS had a healthy, adorable baby girl, who thankfully looks like a spitting image of her mother, and not many of her fathers traits, biological or otherwise. Everything seemed to go back to normal, and I will not lie, I found it hard at first, I wanted to see WS all the time, and these passionate feelings came out while having sex with my wife which of course won me many brownie points with her. My wife then became pregnant, about 6 months after WS had given birth, which happened to coincide with WS returning to work. We fell back into affair-rhythm, just without the physical intimacy. I told her since my wife's pregnancy we hadn't had any sex and I was frustrated. On a whim I kissed WS one day during a lunch date and she said all her feelings came back and we've picked up where we left off. 

In present day, my wife and I's second child is now approaching his first birthday and I am currently still meeting WS a few times a week, once again at hotels outside the city. We don't know how to stop.

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