Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Pakistani Cuckold Story

Hi to all readers of sex stories. I am 26Y old guy from Lahore, living alone in an apartment. Next to my apartment lived a married couple. The husband is working in some MNC and his office timing is from morning 11AM to 8pm PM. I always had a doubt about their sex life. The husband was short in height and had dark complexion. There was no match between him and his wife. On the other hand his wife Sara was beautiful and tradition looking hot Pakistani lady.

Let me explain her figure, she is around 5.9 foot tall with perfect curves. Oval face, dark and round eye, with long straight hair made her look no less than a model. But she always wore tradition dress,looked perfect on her, but I never spoke to them. To make this long story shorter, my mom surprisingly visited me at apartment during those days. But I had been out on some work. She wanted to give me a surprise and didn't call on my cell phone. By the time I arrived at my apartment, My father called me and said; Your mom is there at your apartment.
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It was a surprise as I couldn't find my mom anywhere. Then, surprisingly,I saw that my mom was having chat with sara ,coming out of their apartment. That moment made me excited as I always wanted to fuck that lady and this look like a starter. She invited us for tea, My mom was denying but internally I wanted to have it with her. Soon , we went inside her apartment. The moment she served us tea, I didn’t miss the chance to see her beautiful cleavage. They were in awesome shape and made me hard.

My mom stayed about 3 hours with me and went back. After that meeting, we use to exchange smile at each other but never spoke. One day, someone knocked my door in the evening. To my surprise, it was sara. OMG, I couldn't believe my luck. She was holding a plate, she told that she came to give me some rice she cooked. I greeted and thanked her on this courtesy. She went back after handing over the plate. After a few minutes, I thought and then the quick plan came into my mind. I went to her apartment to return the plate. She was shocked to see me on the door, After a little talk, she asked me to come in. She was getting more than frank. She asked me to sit on sofa. For sometime she talked about her lonliness , her family. I judged that she was unhappy with him. she showed me her wedding photos and we had a causal chat. There after I became very close to her. For the next few weeks, I used to help her often for buying things etc, visits at her apartment became often.

One day, I was busy watching porn on my laptop and door bell rang, I just open the door expecting my friend ,but it was Sara. As my cock was hard I immediately went to bedroom to adjust myself, forgot to shutdown the laptop. When I came back, she had left my apartment. We did not speak for next 2-3 days , hesitating each other about the incident. Finally, one day she broke the silence and invited me at her apartment.

She asked me for a help, I promised her to help if I could, and she asked me to come to her apartment at 11.00 PM that night. I was puzzled because it was a time of her husband's arrival. She told me that she's alone for one night. I reached her apartment at 11.00 PM sharp, she looked stunning as she wore a saree that was partially transparent. She greeted me and took me straight to her bedroom. She thrown me on bed and started picking out some stuff from drwaer. She showed me her sex toys. I was surprised to see those toys , as she looked traditional. Door bell rang at 11.30PM, It’s my slave said Sara.

Adnan came in holding her hand and saw me and those sex toys, and shouted at Sara” what the hell is happening in my apartment”. Immediately Sara went closer to him and gave him a naughty slap, I was in shock for the moment, here are the words said by Sara ” you bastard, only because of you agreeing to serve and fulfill my requirement through some other cocks.This was the moment I was waiting for very long time. The game was on and I was about to take control of the game.

Sara ordered Adnan to remove his cloth and appear nude in front of us. In no time he responded to the order and that was an act of sissification, he looked like perfect sissy. Sara showed his penis which was small, around 4-5 inches. it did not look like it would really functions, and we could not control my smile.

This was just a warm up for us, the game was about to begin. She spanked him on his back with cane as punishment. That was very hard, Adnan behaved like a child who is being spanked and there was no escape. After some time he totally surrendered himself to us by falling on our legs.

Sara asked him to lick our foot like a dog, mean time we both undressed each other and involved our self in act of love ( French kiss). This moment was unforgettable, the taste of her saliva made me high and hard.

During the process of licking he did not utter a word. Now it was the time to fuck her as she was getting wet. I ordered Adnan to give me a blowjob for lubricating of my penis just for fun, he did not respond to my order, which made her angry. She said how you could disobey my boyfriend. Sara took thing in her control and made him lay down facing upwards and started peeing on his face as punishment and made him drink her pee.

She took my penis in her hand and gave me a perfect blow job and made me cum. We wanted to have some fun and rest so it was time for music. We made Adnan to dance and we consumed alcohol. Now that we both were high, thing were getting out of control. She stared abusing her husband as impotent, slave etc loudly, it was 2 at night.

She begged me to fuck her, as she was never fucked by a man in her life because of his impotent husband. I took things in charge and about to insert my penis in her vagina, Adnan begged me not to make her pregnant, if child was born it would be fair in complexion and people would doubt.

I did not care any of his words, I put my penis in her pussy and her pussy seems to be tight but she did not show any sign of pain. While I was fucking she looked like she was in heaven and I could feel that she attained her orgasm. Finally I cum in her vagina.

I went to Adnan said “I have cum inside your wife, if you don’t clear it now, she may become pregnant and have white child, people would doubt you”.

Adnan asked what shall I do now, I said you need to suck out my cum from her vagina before it goes deep inside her.

As Adnan showed some hesitation. I said hurry up before it goes deeper, immediately he ran to her vagina and opened her pussy lip to suck and he started to spit my cum of her vagina, seeing that Sara ordered him to sallow my cum or else let it go , we shall have a child, without any hesitation he swallowed my cum.

I asked Adnan if my penis taste good, he just put his face down, that made laugh out loud moment.

We all were tired, I and Sara slept together on bed and made Adnan sleep on floor like slave.The next day morning when I woke up at 9 AM, Sara made me coffee and breakfast, we had bath together. By that time Adnan had left for the office. That day I took leave from office and fucked her whole day at least 5 times. There after cuckold sex became common and Adnan became sissy.


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