Friday, 23 January 2015

A Working Woman

This is my real life story. I am Shehneela, 29 Years old sexy looking working woman from Islamabad. This is my first sex story here. I got a beautiful figure with a nice pair of butts that shake well while I walk. As soon as my divorce became official a few months back, I took a job working as a product manager that required traveling across the country with the company workers . As I interacted with more and more new people for a few days at a time, I formulated a theory: The only way to fulfill my sexual needs created by my ex-husband (He was simply a sex crazy man) was to sleep with a total stranger. I couldn't afford such relations along with the job and to save my society image as well.

I was unwinding at the Lahore Marriott, cozy hotel in the city one night when a handsome looking guy started flirting with me: The perfectly clichéd opportunity to regain control of my sex life, right? Then I noticed his interests. At the risk of wasting erotic energy, I thought to address the issue directly. I was never an under-confident lady, nor I had any restrictions being at Marriott that if I would talk to a stranger, people (Like the majority of Pakistanis) would mind that.

We exchanged a few deeper eye meetings and finally he given a signal to go upstairs. I finished talking my workers and sent them off to their rooms. I followed him upstairs and nobody noticed what was going on. He was standing in the gallery , probably waiting for me to arrive. I reached him and he greeted me with a nice smile. Soon we started asking each other about our presence at Marriott. We got frank in time and he invited me for drinks in his room. Obviously, I had to accept his invitation as I was eager to fulfill my sexual thirst for the past 6 months. Upstairs in his hotel room, We discussed our work and I came to know that he was in Lahore for a meeting as well. Remember, I never exposed my real identity.  

It took 30-40 minutes of chit chat before we could really get opened. He played some sensual music on a player that made the entire room atmosphere viral. I started feeling the heat as he invited me for a dance with him. I joined him for a dance and we started a couple dance. During dancing, he touched all my beautiful body assets and tried to know their sizes. Later, he pressed his palm inside my butts and I moaned. He took me in his arms and soon thrown me onto his fuck bed. we stripped off our clothes and attacked each other. 

It was the best of the time for me. He went on making me hotter and hotter. He kissed me like a princess, grabbed my tits, loved them, fondled them and then moved towards my panties. He licked all around my pussy, and believe me, I kept on moaning louder and louder. I begged him to fuck really. He liked my words and within a shorter time frame he was all inside me. His lovely looking nice cock gripped my pussy. He started drilling me and i kept closing my eyes to enjoy the fuck.

He drilled me like a whore. Deeper and deeper he went, OMG. It was fabulously good, Or I was missing the cock for the past 6-7 months. Whatever it was, It looked like a yummy treat for a sex starved wife.He fucked me twice within  one hour of penetration. We finished and I got dressed again. I thanked him for giving me such a nice time. He tried to go a bit further into relation but I apologized by saying that "If I need you again, I would call you". I said; good bye to him as I have to leave Lahore next morning.

We went at it two times in a row, and with each orgasmic round I shed a layer of the post-divorce blues, just as I’d hoped.The next morning, my healer never met me. I needed to get laid, and I was grateful to be cured.


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