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Sex with mother in law complete story

I am Rehan from Islamabad. It is my real sex story. Having sex with mother in law is a kind of luck. All men are not so lucky to have such kind of sex stories.This incident happened three months ago. I am working as a bank manager and my wife is a school teacher in Islamabad. I had to go to Lahore for some official visit. My mother-in-law and her family is living in Lahore so I thought to stay at her house. She is a widow and staying with my sister-in-law and her husband who is doing CA. I told my wife that I will be back after two weeks.
After traveling for 4-5 hours in my car I reached her house in Lahore. she welcomed me and took care of me as my wife has told her in advance about my arrival. She was alone at that time and my sali and her husband were out. There were two bedrooms in their house. She put all my luggage in one bedroom. AS usual days passed by after a week I was eager of having sex. I thought of going to a prostitute in Shahi mohallah at Lahore. But It was not OK for me to use that place and I couldn’t bring her home too. My mother-in-law was very frank with me. I often saw her wearing revealing clothes and showing her cleavage and other body parts.

She often talked freely about hot things of life and that's what I was looking for those days. when I started to look at my mother-in-law in that style it seemed OK to try for. She was a bit old 43 years may be but still keeping an attractive and tight figure. she had a big breast like melons and an ass that could make any man crazy. I thought of trying to seduce her. I took few days off and told them I was not feeling well. I told her that I don’t know how to cook food and wanted to learn.she told me that she can teach me everything easily.

we were alone at home as usual as my Sali and her husband were out for job.I went near her and she started telling me about cooking.I started sweating within a few minutes of kitchen job and didn’t know what to do. I removed my shirt. She looked at me and was gazing at my dense chest hair while laughing on my state. I went and stood behind her. And was keenly looking at her cooking.

After 20 minutes,while she was telling me about checking the salt and chilli quantity,I brought my penis near her ass and touched her a bit and stood back again. After sometime again I touched her ass with my penis. She could feel my penis under my loose trousers. I got more courage and pressed hard on her butts. She stood their and stopped cooking while looking at me. Their was pin drop silence as my face turned red on her behavior. She smiled and said;I wanted to see your face and your state in this hot kitchen.

I was sweating but I smiled.Meanwhile, my mobile started ringing. I started to talk with my wife. My wife did not know that I was having fun with her mother’s ass. My mother-in-law felt a bit of guilt and left the kitchen for that time. Luckily, at evening my sister in law called us and told that she won’t be coming home as she and her husband have to attend a night party.I got a chance I knew this was the day and this was the correct time. Tonight I had to fuck the sexy mother-in-law.

I was expecting a response from her about the time in kitchen and my moves but she didn't even show that. When she got to know that we have to be alone at night she got more funny and easy. I asked her to watch a movie ,she hesitated first, but I convinced her. My Mother-in-law and I got into the bedroom. I intentionally played a movie on my laptop which had many bold scenes. As the movie progressed my tool started to rise. She didn't even said a word about those scenes and even commented about the heroines. I liked her boldness.She could see my hard penis from over my underwear.


I showed as if I didn’t care. I asked if she took like the movie. She said yes. Hmm. Its perfect for watching alone and smiled in a meaningful style. Suddenly an idea struck me and I asked for coffee.She said it’s all right and went to make a cup of coffee. She came back in a few minutes and sat just near me on the bed.I could smell her body fragrances and I felt that she was back with a sexy body spray smell. I guessed it was an effort to seduce me. My luck was working and things were going exactly as I wanted.

Suddenly, she started scratching her back and behaved like something has bitten her on back. I quickly paused the movie and she asked me to look if some insect is inside her shirt(Qameez).I went behind her and kept my hand on her butt. I pulled her pallu down and pulled her shirt up to breast. She was shivering now. I touched her back softly and rolled my hand to check the insect. There was nothing present so I knew that it was a trick to start the things. I rolled my hands behind her back and touched her boob on the right side with my fingers while saying that there is nothing here. I grabbed her boob and she pushed my hand while saying; you are not allowed to do that. I smiled and said; Mom; please let me at least touch it and see these beautiful things. She smiled but refused a few times in formal style. I didn't stop and played the movie exactly where a love making scene was there.

She gave me a long tight hug, and I felt her soft breasts squeeze between us. She unexpectedly began to kiss my neck and nibble on my ear. For a moment we forgot our relation and went along the movie.We took a few steps over to the bed and we fell onto it. I felt my cock tense up and get extremely hard. So I pulled off my shirt and trousers. I got her on her back and reached up her boobs. I started licking her big saggy boobs and she closed her eyes. After a few moments, I pulled off her pants (Shalwar), underwear and shoved my head up her legs. I began licking her clit and then sucked on it. She was moaning so I could tell that she liked it. I sucked as hard as I could until she hit a peak of excitement. I licked the liquid that came from her vagina and pulled my head out from under her legs.

at the end of my sex story, I spread her legs and slipped my cock deep into her. She didn't even tried to stop me. When I entered her I guessed that she may be in regular sex affairs but it was not a time to think of those. I pounced on her and dug deep into her vagina with every push. I fucked her like an animal until I felt the cum come out of my tool and into her. But, I had to pull out as she can go pregnant, I unloaded my guns on her butts. I stayed at her house and fucked her several more times for those few days. I got a chance to bite her breasts and slip my cock into her mouth later that night. It was the best stay of my life in my mother-in-law's house. She was lucky to get the bone meat as her daughter.


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