Monday, 23 November 2015

Wife Having Fun With Friends

I am seema from Lahore, sharing my first sex story here. It is quite different from sex stories you read in past. Let me first introduce myself. I am in my early 30's belonging to an elite class family. My husband (35 Y) runs his own business while I am also a working woman. We have two kids and both are now school going and the responsibility of maid. We usually spend most of the time working and got a very busy life. My husband is very open minded. He never pretended to be a typical husband and always allows me to enjoy my life in full. I am very happy having that nice man with me.

let me tell you my routines, I woke up early morning to go to work just like every working woman do. Friday's are exciting for me though because that's typically the evening my social friends and I usually go out for dinning, fun and other activities. Saturday and Sunday are wholy spent with family and husband. Usually, After taking a shower and do everything a normal working woman does in the morning and head out towards office. Zain and Shan (my university classmates) are two of my best working friends also who join my Friday activities and my husband knows them very well. Sometimes, they join us along-with their wives and sometimes they two, zain or shan or me and my 2 woman classmates or their wives etc. We always plan something different for the Fridays.

It was raining in this Friday evening and un-fortunately the plan appeared to be cancelled. This Friday, I was feeling so bored due to busy working week so I wanted to party out at any cost. I went outside for a drive in the evening and noticed how good the evening forecast and while in my car heard news reports of a light storm with rain.

Depressed through the situation, I called zain and asked him location. He told that he is present at his ban-glow and shan is also with him. I asked him if shan had arrived alone or with his wife. He replied laughingly that both wives are at shan's house and they had plan to go to pick them after 3-4 hours. I told him that I was about 5 km from his house and I'm so bored. He was amazed that I was driving outside in that rain so he invited me home so that we can make up further plan.

I turned my car and reached his house within 15 minutes, due to a typical rainy weather experience. They both appeared to be wondering as I got wet in those few moments of leaving my car seat and entering the house. Zain saw me in this state and started laughing while I almost ran in to avoid the rain. He offered me if I needed to dry myself I can head-up to his wife's room and do it. I just asked for a towel and he pointed towards his bedroom. They were watching some movie and I don't know the name but the paused scene told me the story that it has been some explicit movie. However, I ignored by just saying "what you people are doing" and entered the bedroom without getting a reply. 

The frankness level was so good between us so they didn't bothered my question. I used towel and then called my husband'c cellphone to tell him that I was at zain's house and return after the rain gets slow or stop. He obliged with courtesy for information and told me to enjoy as long as I am easy to travel back (Remember, I never told him about zain's wife location nor he asked). I realized after soaking myself with the towel that some of the drops had entered my cleavage and bra was also feeling a bit wet. ( I use 38D bra) , After thinking a bit, I thought to change it but the spare bra was in my car. So , I thought to use zain's wife bra (she had the same sized) and opened the dressing. 

Soon, I found her black bra and started changing it. My shirt (Qameez) was lying a side and I never knew that I forgot to lock the room before changing. As soon as I unhooked my wet bra, Zain's voice struck my ears like a needle. Oh my god, I done a mistake of changing without locking the door. Zain just came in without care and stopped suddenly saying; Did you need anything else (He didn't knew I was going to use his wife's bra for an hour). His voice stopped saying, Oh sorry, I thought you were just rinsing your wet hair but....

I was shocked for a while but don't know why in that situation I pretended to be normal, saying; No problem, its my fault. My bra got wet and I wanted to use your wife's for the time I am here. zain never tried to stare my boobs, rather he also behaved normal and just said; Did you found one? I said Yes. and shown him his wife's bra UN-wanted. Imagine what was the situation at that time between us. It had never been such a situation between us neither we had done any sexual thing except some fun in university days or some teasing remarks during our get-together on fridays.

When I shown him his wife's bra he looked at it and said, oh no, she had used it for 2 days. I give you a fresh one. I was sitting in-front of dressing table and he just picked up a new packed bra which he brought for his wife. I took it from his hand and believe me, for the first time I was a bit sexually aroused towards zain. The situation and the weather outside was such that I didn't control my emotions. At that moment, I didn't know what he was thinking as he never looked greedily towards my boobs. Zain was such a nice guy that he always behaved like a sensible and educated person and that's why I have been in-touch so close to him and his family. Shan was also similar kind of male and both were my favorites when it comes to a male's personality.

And the other thing which enticed me towards this feeling was that me and my husband had not done sex past 7 days or so due to busy schedule. I was feeling a bit aroused and going a bit out of control in my mind. Taking new bra from his hand I pretended to be normal asking him again about the movie they were watching. He just smiled and said, that's something you won't like us watching. I smiled and said; Oh no, I got the theme from that scene you paused and knew what you both were doing. He smiled and stood aside. How far a male can control? Zain was still hesitant to open up like me. So as he took a step to leave, I asked him, stop - I need your help (I have decided to do something naughty with zain). He was shocked again to listen my word, he said; whaaaaaaaaaat? I said, this is quite different from tha bra I use so help me hooking this right. 

Zain obeyed my order and came behind me. Though he was touching my back with trembling hands. I knew his decency would never allow him to do it wild with his closet and best trust-able friend. But, I have made up my mind to do something which I had never done in past. Zain said; common , If shan came in - what he will think about us. To my remarks, I was stunned within a moment when Shan's voice struck my ears. Shan was standing in the door of bedroom and smilingly saying; I will not think anything, just a friend is helping another friend. And we all three laughed like nothing sexual was happening between us. 

Shan added; Do it quickly and let's watch the movie. Zain looked at him angrily and said; what you mean? Before Shan replies; I spoke and said; Why can't I watch? And then I came out snatching remote from Shan's hands and just wearing a bra and my Pants (Shalwar) . They both were quite surprised by my act of getting that frank within a while. I was behaving normal. I were on the couch with zain while Shan assumed his spot on the floor. I played the scene and there were two guys flirting one girl. Suddenly one guy touched her boobs. I smiled, saying; so whats wrong in this guys, and why are you ashamed of showing it to me. They both looked at each other and smiled. In fact, they had never expected me in such a mood. I was stretched out while Zain sitting closer to me so I started to rub my feet with his, I had my foot resting on his cock so I could feel it pulsing under my heel, which wasn't odd in that situation.

There was a strange sexual tension between 3 of us now, but Shan didn't have a clue of what was happening behind him. I began to rub zain's dick through his shorts with my foot until I felt his dick grow along the movie scene, I've felt how good he was in size, never had a chance to judge it though in past, and my feet have been impressed.His massive bulge began to grow further and further up my leg and for some reason I didn't stop.

Zain made a fun saying; Shan stop her, see she is going to rape me. And all of us laughed again. This sexual activity was involving some fun side as well. I said; OK, If you don't like, let me rape Shan. I got up and sat on floor in the same style and started the same thing with Shan's dick. Shan looked a bit smaller than Zain in size but almost equal to my husband's dick. Zain got up and came behind me. Now he was behaving like an aroused male and his fingers slowly slid under my pant to massage my girly parts when he asked to rub my shoulders, I was so turned on at the time, I was a little frustrated he stopped, but knew it was all in the game I wanted.

The movie girl had started to suck one guy while getting fucked by the other. We had started the same scene. Zain got up after rubbing my pussy for 2 minutes or so and then lowered his pants in-front of my face to invite me for a blowjob. I didn't wait more and sucked him like the girl doing in the movie. Thing were getting out of control and Shan couldn't wait anymore now. He removed his dress and I grabbed his dick in my hand. I given him a nice hand-job while sucking zain's cock. 

We don't know we can go that wild in real life. We were not any kind of sexual friends in past but today was such a horny day. I was going to get my first ever double penetration and both cocks were new for the horny thing. Somehow, in my past some friend introduced me about threesome with husband and some of his friend but I ignored it by saying "It looks un-happening" . But who knew it was such a horny thing to do. I sucked Shan and zain one by one, sucking one's dick and giving hand-job to other and then changing. It was so hot. For instance, we forgot the movie and started our own sexual fantasy. After 10 minutes of licking and sucking their cocks and balls they were both wet and dripping my saliva. I sucked them like a trained professional whore. 

They enjoyed it then Shan came from rear and made me doggy. I kept on sucking Zain's dick as he sat on knees while I was bent on floor. As soon as Shan pushed his dick inside, It given me an all new taste of life. I have never allowed any dick to enter me except my husband. But this day was special and two new dick were satisfying my lust. Shan fucked me too good. He tried to reach all deep all he can. He just hit my G-spot every-time. And I sucked zain more passionately than my husband. 

After fucking me for 3-4 minutes, zain asked him to change and he came in-front putting his cock in my mouth. I can taste my pussy juices from his dick and zain pushed his lovely cock inside slowly and gradually. He was bigger than shan and my husband so it felt a bit painful for the first few inches. But as he made the final push it went all in, buried in my pussy, leaving an inch outside and touching my womb. Zain started pushing in and out and I moaned louder and louder. We were almost in heaven. Oh my god, it was the best day of my life. the best fuck of my life i had in entire married life.

I shivered within a minute with a wildest orgasm of my life. Zain kept on fucking me. We all forgot that we were just decent friends in past. After the doggy scene and the first orgasm, I looked towards the LED screen and saw that one guy was fucking her pussy and the other man was fucking her ass in sandwiched style. I liked it for the instance and pointed them to do the same. They looked at each other and zain adjusted himself on sofa while I started sitting on his cock. Finally I took it all inside inch by inch and Shan stroked his dick for that time and came over my ass. Oh my god, When Shan touched his cock-tip with my ass whole, I got another shivering orgasm. It was hot..lovely...Shan put some saliva on my ass hole and pushed an inch of his tip inside when my 2nd orgasm was finished. My husband had fucked my ass many times so it was not a painful thing for me now. But, the feeling I got with two cocks stretching my both holes, was un-explainable.

Shan got fucking pace and Zain was making movement under me as well. I was in heaven for an on-forgettable treat of my life- the holy fuck of my life. Zain licked my tits in the entire double penetration scene. The fucking session had gone about 20-25 minutes when Shan shouted ' I am cumming" And he pulled his dick out spraying all his hot cum-juice on my ass. Zain increased his fucking speed and soon he also came outside my pussy lips. I rubbed their cum on my ass and pussy lips like a pure slut.

The fucking session was over. We got laid in the same position and shan went to washroom. I got up and went straight to the bedroom without any further talks. I cleaned myself in attached washroom, got dressed up. placing back zain's wife bra and wearing my own which was now a bit dry. While wearing my bra, I got out of the nasty fuck feeling and started thinking what I have done with two of my best friends. Truly speaking, I felt a bit ashamed for a moment but I ignored all thoughts to keep the lovely feeling of fuck with me. When I came out, rain had got slow. At that time, We just exchanged one sentence "Ok, I have to go now as rain is almost stopped" and Zain and shan said; OK; dear take care and go carefully. Though we can't make an eye contact for that time. I came back home and took a wash. My husband was surprisingly still in office. 

I met my kids and for a while forgot all what I have done in past 2 hours. At night, my dearest loving husband fucked me but he never knew how many orgasm his loving wife got that entire day. I was a bit worried that he may guess it through my almost swollen pussy but he never judged. Thanks god, I was so happy fucking my best friends. Let me tell you one thing, We never fucked again (Me, shan and Zain) and met just like good friends. Though it has been a strange tension between us for the next 2-3 days but things went normal when we met next Friday. This time Zain and shan both brought their wives along. We are again happy meeting now.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Fucking A Friend's Hot Wife

So many of us desire having sex with a friend's wife. I am also one of those who wish fucking a friend's wife. This story is my life story. I was always pretty shy growing up and right through college I didn’t date much. I fell in love with the first serious girl I dated my senior year in college and she was a virgin. We dated for a year and a half and the second semester after I graduated, she dumped me for another guy. She used to let me suck on her tits and we dry humped a lot but that’s as far as it went. Most times we’d both have our clothes on and I’d hump on top of her pussy. A few times we both actually came doing it but I never did get to fuck her.

One time she was drunk and she had my cock in her hand begging me to stick it in but I had no protection and did not want to risk it. It was as close to her pussy as I’d ever get. Anyway, after she dumped me I was devastated and that summer I was pretty bummed. A friend of mine from high school was having a party and I had a lot to drink. His wife,who was 20, spent a lot of the time talking to me and I was spilling my guts and feeling sorry for myself. We wound up slipping away from the party around 3 am and we walked around the neighborhood talking. At one point we sat down several blocks away from the house on the curb and somehow just started making out.

That was the start of it. We talked about sex and she told me how dissatisfied she was withe her husband. I can remember sitting there with a hard-on and wanting to fuck her right there on the sidewalk. Anyway, she had talked about her husband (my friend) going out of town the following week and she wanted me to come over to her apartment. I felt pretty guilty about it but after several years of masturbation, I just couldn’t resist the chance of getting laid even though it was a friends wife. That next week, she called me as expected and I went over to her apartment.

It was kind of awkward as we sat there on the sofa. I had a raging hard-on that I hid with a pillow in my lap. She sat next to me and we talked and then started to kiss. We kissed for a while and then I reached over and began to feel her tits. I could feel her nipples stiffen to my touch and slowly I put my hands under the back of her shirt and unhooked her bra. I couldn’t wait to suck on her nipples so I lifted up her shirt and began to caress and suck her on her tits. I could tell she was getting turned on because she started to squirm. I felt funny about it but she then guided me into the bedroom where we both stripped naked. She had a nice pussy and I wanted to eat her out so bad.

My cock was dripping pre-cum as I kissed her thighs and started to work my way up. Suddenly she stopped me as I inched closer and for some reason would not let me bury my head between her legs. She pulled me up and I just fingered her pussy. She was so wet my fingers slid in and out easily. After a while she begged me to fuck her and I could not resist. I remember vividly how it felt as I slipped into a pussy for the first time. It was so wet and my cock slipped in and out so easily. I was so afraid I would cum early since it was my first time but I did not have a problem. I had masturbated so much in the past that I was able to control the rhythm.

She had no clue it was my first time. I fucked her on top for about ten minutes and then we rolled over so she was on top. I loved clutching her ass and slamming her up and down on my cock. I also loved the way I could reach up and squeeze her big tits and suck on her nipples as she fucked me. After a while, she was working a rhythm on my cock and it excited me knowing she was close to cumming but I held back when she finally came knowing I would have my turn. I could not believe the wetness around my cock after she came.

I flipped her back over and got on top again. I then fucked hard and furiously until I came deep inside her pussy. It was great since she was on the pill and I did not have to use a condom. It felt so good to finally cum in a warm pussy. Of course after cumming, I was feeling so guilty. I pulled out, quickly got dressed and then left. I could not believe I had just fucked my friends wife. It was a big mistake because after it, she would not leave me alone. I think she had some fucked up idea that she would leave her husband and marry me but I wanted no part of it. A year later, they divorced and to this day, I don’t think he knows I fucked his wife although I have not talked to him in several years.
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