Friday, 24 October 2014

Pakistani Wife Real Threesome Story

Hi dear readers. Today, I am going to share my real life story in which my wife had a threesome last week. Me and my hot wife had a very good sex life. Frankly speaking, she never expressed any guilt on my normal sized tool or my style of sex. I proved myself as an expert of licking, sucking breasts and all positions of fun. she was quite happy with me. There, I had a certain gay feelings in my mind and truly speaking, I like nice cocks. Time went on and recently, we both started discussing kinky things during bedtime. We often watched movies of orgy type sex and threesomes. Though, she was a bit nervous and shy in start but soon she started enjoying such rubbish talks.

One year passed and we kept on talking about threesome, wife swap and similar things while having sex ever other day. Every-time , when we talked about threesome we had wild orgasms. It felt really, really hot for both of us. One day, I asked her if we can give it a try practically. She looked at me and asked are you serious ? Yes! I am; I replied. Then she asked,With whom ? and I thought for a while before an old friend appeared in my mind. We were in touch past 2 years and he had a nice fat cock. 

I told her about him. She said, OK. but I would prefer doing it in your presence. We agreed. The next day, I searched my friends and got his contact from another friend. I called him and soon we were frank again. I invited him home and luckily, he was residing in the nearby city (100KM) away from me. He agreed to tour soon but when I insisted so much, he just agreed to visit our house in next week.

It was great but how I could ask him to fuck my wife. We planned for a while and my wife said; just don't tell him about sex with wife. We planned to do it as fun , introducing my wife as a call girl or something else. It was such a stupid thought but as my friend has never seen my wife so it was best choice to keep our fun secret.

On Saturday night, I left my wife to a park nearby just before the arrival of my friend. As per plan, she had to come home after receiving my text. My friend arrived and we greeted each other. He never knew I was married. We had cold drinks and after a few minutes of chat, I intentionally moved the discussion towards sex. Sorry to forget, Me and my that friend had gaysex once in past. so we were quite frank to that level.

Soon the discussion proved fruitful and asked him if he wants a fuck tonight ? He said; Right now ? I said Yes. He was amazed by the offer and urged me to explain. I told him that I had a woman in next street who can come to us. But she prefers doing sex in dark. He jumped up and said, no problem. Just bring her, I am dying for sex now.

It was formal, So after making it final, I asked him to wait and just sent a text to my wife. She replied and soon we started waiting for her. in next 10 minutes, she came and knocked at the door just like a stranger. I asked my friend ti hide himself in the room and as per plan, he has to enter the room while I having sex with her. He quickly went behind the door without watching my wife's face.

I took the woman (My hot wife) to the bed, switched off the light and removed her clothes.I started sucking her nipples.  Soon, i started licking her fat pussy and she was moaning loudly. It was the right time of entry. I just sent a text to my friend to enter the room and participate. I got up and just went onto my wife's face and pushed my cock into her lovely throat. She started sucking it.

My friend entered the room and went straight to her pussy. (Though he faced some difficulty to find her ass and pussy due to darkness). but he got the love hole soon. As he touched her vagina, she felt a wave in her body. He was the first man after me to touch her pussy. He placed his tongue and licked her all around, inside and ass. Her moans went on louder and louder which made me cum in her throat . I couldn't control anymore. 

She kept on sucking me with a dripping cum lips while my friend was licking her pussy. After 10-15 minutes of licking her just removed his clothes and placed took his masterpiece out. I got a bit closed to his cock to see his lovely fat and Oh My Gosh. It felt like a bone. I held his cock and just placed it to the hole of my horny wife. He pushed in and she moaned.

My cock again started to feel life as he fucked my wife in motion. He went deeper and deeper hitting her all spots and she shaken her ass nicely. He ride her like a bull. In classy doggy style he fucked her for at least 15 minutes. Then , He pulled it out and I changed position with him. Now he flushed his cock inside my wife's mouth as I entered her already wet wide opened vagina. 

I kept on giving slow stroked as she sucked him with passion. I wanted him to fuck her in another style so I asked her to sit on his cock. She obeyed my orders and sat on my friend's cock. She bounced , her large boobs were held by him. And she got a nice fuck holding my cock in her hand. 

What a fabulous fuck time it proved to be. My hot wife, my and my friend fucking heavenly. I loved those moments. It went on for next 20-25 minutes before he fired his cum inside. I had no issues where ever he came. Soon, his cum was dripping out as she was sitting on him.

She got up and went into the washroom. I could smell the cum fragrance everywhere in the room. It was awesome. My friend whispered in my ears, She had lovely boobs. I smiled and said. Yah. We got up as per plan and she started taking bath. He went back according to our decision leaving her bathing. The next few hours of silence appeared in our home. Me and my wife were a bit nervous though. We had done it but she was quite, I was quite. In the mid-night we again started having fun. Then , she told me that my friend was a nice fucked. She liked his cock. I was jealous for a while but I knew, she loves me and she had done it for me. 

i have written this threesome story of my wife as it happened. I intentionally left some events and details of the story due to post length. I hope everyone on this blog got the scenes. We are now looking for wife swap and we want to do it in our home again. If any couple is interested, and willing to travel to us (1 hour from Islamabad), please contact us with details at or skype realcouple80. But, we would not be looking for just cam fun. No cam fun..We only need genuine couples for swap.

Monday, 25 August 2014

First Time Sex With Classmate

Hello readers! my name is Imran and I am new to this sex story blog. I am 19 years old and live in Islamabad. I would like to share my sex story here.It is the story of sex with my college mate.I was in 12th class. My classmate’s name was Irum(name changed) she had a sexy figure with a heavy pair of boobs.
At first when we met we didn’t talk much. But one day when our school was on a trip to Murree I sat next to Irum in the bus. Irum turned back and asked that If I had some new songs in my mobile phone? I nodded my head. She asked for my mobile for a minute or two. I handed over my phone to her. She took some songs via Bluetooth and then suddenly she opened the gallery and I said shit! There were many porn videos in the gallery which I downloaded last night. She watched a couple of them as I was peeping from behind.

She handed over the phone to me with a naughty and blushing smile. My face turned red. But after we reached murree, my seatmate got up and sat near driver.After sometime she sat with me. She asked me that do I like watching such clips.? I said yes. She smiled and said that she is also fond of watching such movies. I was surprised. Soon, we reached a picnic spot and rest of the classmates spread around the location while Irum joined me.

She asked that have I ever fucked any girl or women. I was shocked by her brave question. I looked at her and for a while I was stunned. Because, we never got so frank in the past.I said NO. She laughed and asked me that do I like sex friendship.? It was a great offer so I said yeah. Now I was a bit comfortable. I asked her that can we have sex relationship. She said yes but on one condition that this should remain private. I agreed.I couldn't wait more so I started looking around to find a safe place. Soon, I saw a couple of trees downhill where we could sit and nobody could notice. So we got up and went that side.

We got seated and soon she put her hand on my trouser and started touching my dick. She told me that after the trip I can visit her home as her mom and dad would usually return from jobs at 6 pm. I got excited after hearing this. Then, after getting a naughty handjob, we got up as our classmates arrived there. The trip moved to the next place and we spent around 8-10 hours.

The next day, After the trip, I visited her home.As per plan, She got the keys of the house and nobody was there at home. She was still in the uniform. I entered the house and locked the door. I grabbed her and started smooching her. Our tongues were fighting with each other. I lifted her up and asked her that where is her bedroom? She said to the right. I put her on the bed and took of her shirt. She was wearing a white bra. I started pressing her boobs. Then I took of her bra and started sucking her melons. I sucked them for very long.

Then I moved to her navel and started licking it. I ran my hand on her stomach and reached her skirt. I took of the skirt. She was wearing a yellow colored panty with flowers. I reached her toes and licked them. I ran my hands on her thighs and crotch region. I kissed on her thighs, she started moaning. I took of her panty and planted a kiss on her pussy. She moaned a bit loud ooooohhhh ah! I started licking her pussy. I licked it for 20 minutes. She cummed in my mouth.

Then I inserted my tongue in her pussy. She screamed a bit. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue. She cummed again. I slid my tongue deep in her pussy, she was screaming come on tiger fuck me aaahh! I took my tongue out and kissed her while playing with her boobs. Then I took my dick out. Her eyes were wide open after after seeing my thick monstrous dick. She asked me that would it pain as she never took something that thick in her pussy. I told her that it might hurt a little but then it will be fun. I put a condom on my dick and started rubbing my tip of cock on her pussy lips. She yelled “you bastard stop teasing me and fuck me hard”. I entered her pussy a few inches and she started screaming. I kissed her and asked her is it paining a lot she nodded her head and a tear dropped down from her eyes. I licked it and stopped for few minutes.

After 10 minutes I inserted my full dick into her pussy and now she was moaning and telling me to fuck her. I started with slow pushes, when she got comfortable I increased my pace and started fucking her wildly.

Then I picked her up in my arms with my dick still in her pussy and started fucking her in my arms, she folded her hands around my neck and was moaning loud ahh! ahh! fuck me harddd! ahhh!. I increased my pace to an extreme level and cummed. I lied down on the bed with my dick still in her pussy. She said that she never knew that I am so good in fucking. I took my dick out, threw the condom and rubbed my hands on her pussy and licked and smooched it for another ten minuter. Then we wore our clothes and I left her home. Now a days, she's my weekly fuck mate.
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