Saturday, 21 May 2016

Having Sex With Friends Wife

Finally, I enjoyed hot moments with his wife. My friend Shahbaz has a hot wife and I loved to watch her curvy figure whenever I met them. Shahbaz is one of my best friends since collage days. We stayed together in Lahore during our bachelor life. We had rent a room and were doing job in a multi-national company. Shahbaz is a marketing manager in that company. I left that company in 2012 after working 2 years. 


During our bachelor life we used to watch sex movies in our room. We used to masturbate each other in the room after watching sex movies. We never had a full gay relationship nor we done anal sex but we were handjob gays. Shahbaz have just 5 inches tool which often took longer time to get erect and his stamina also very low within 3 to 4 minutes his sperms come out of his tool. I was 100% sure that he got married but his wife will not be happy.

Anyhow, We continued our friendship even after I left that company. 2 years ago when he got married with beautiful queen named Shabnam, I attended his marriage and I was thinking about his sexual skills that were insufficient for sexual satisfaction of a woman. After one month of marriage, Shahbaz and his wife got shifted to Lahore due to shahbaz's job. Then I went to meet him to his home.At first meeting, Shabnam bhabhi served us cold drinks and there we got introduced. I could sense the eye's of a lusty women and when Shabnam bhabhi looked at me with greedy eye's and as she took a quick look of my figure , I got intrested in thinking nasty about her. I knew that shahbaz was not watching us as he got an sms on mobile and he was busy in reading sms. I knew very well if I try I may enjoy Shabnam's sexy and curvy figure.

I knew Shahbaz usually goes to office around 8:00 am. One day, I made a surprise visit at 7:55 to his home. So that he's not there and had just left home for office. As I reached there he was just approaching his bike so I hidden myself aside. When he left that place, I went to his home and given the door bell. Soon, his hot wife Shabnam asked from the inside ; Who was I? I replied, Bhabhi where is shahbaz? She said, he left 5 minutes ago. Let me know if you have some message? I said, nothing bhabhi just tell him that Hassan came to see him. After listening my name, Shabnam Bhabhi opened the door surprisingly and greeted me with a smile. She was wearing a tight short Qameez which was exposing her busty chest quite a lot and her tight pajama was wrapped tightly around her legs. In short, my dick started to feel alive right at the time I saw her. But, I have to control my feelings so I smiled and just greeted her.

But my mind was just thinking to fuck Shabnam day and night. Shabnam bhabhi offered me a cup of tea. I resisted formally but when she insisted me I got in and she locked the door. She guided me to the drawing room and went to the kitchen to make a tea for me. I was still thinking about her boldness. Normally, in our society , friend's wife would not get that frank in just a short meeting. Anyhow, who cares, If she was giving me chance, I should avail it. She came back after 15 minutes with a cup of tea. I took a sip and started inquiring her about life after marriage. I was asking her about Lahore and its famous places and If shahbaz has taken her out. Meanwhile, I told her ,your nail polish looks beautiful. And then about her ear rings. And I told her Shahbaz is very lucky to have a beautiful wife like you.

I was trying the famous trick of admiration with care. And she was taking interest in my words. I guessed that she want's to listen praising of her beauty but shahbaz might be missing this aspect. We were sitting like old friends and within a short time, I started feeling as we were long term known friends. Then I ask her can I see your marriage album. She brings the album and sat on the sofa in-front of me.

Meanwhile, I thrown a question, Bhabhi If shahbaz came home now, he may mind my presence with you. She smiled and said; don't worry, Shahbaz has an important meeting today and there is no chance of him coming back. It was about 9am time and probably she told me in hidden words that shahbaz is gone so enjoy his hot wife. I asked her a couple of question about some pics and as she leans forward, her deep necked shirt revealed her cleavage clearly. Her busty melons were almost half visible in that pose and she never tried to hide them. Though, I was watching the album but I was looking at her large tits also. When she remained there for a longer time, I guessed she might be doing this intentionally. So this encouraged me to move forward.

I admired her again and then gathered a lot of courage to say it boldly. I was full of fears while saying this but If one cant take risk how could he fuck his friend's wife? I gathered my senses and said, bhabhi if I say something, would you please don't mind; she said; Oh no, say what you want. I said; Bhabhi you are extremely beautiful in all aspects. She smiled and said; what all; say clearly. I looked at her and said; Bhabhi I can't imagine my friend is that lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Your upper body is awesome. She looked at me with an angry face now, For a minute I thought everything got spoiled but within few seconds, she smiled and said; Yes I know.

She has a naughty smile in her face. I took this as first green signal.I placed my hand at her thigh and she understand what I want and slips away a little. I knew she was just pretending a resistance but she was looking to get fucked.

She tried to resist but she was not able to control her feelings. I got near her and just grabbed her head and kissed her. She was quite surprised by my sudden attack of lust. I kept on making my moves and my left hand continually playing against her love hole. Within few minutes her eyes were closed and I was kissing her neck and ear. I understood she will not resist a fuck now. I turned her towards me and started kissing her in a romantic way. I just untied my belt and opened my pant so that she can grab my dick. my erected tool of 6.5 inches was hard and full erect inside underwear. Soon it was between her thighs just rubbing her ass and pussy area. And waiting for the right time to enter inside Shabnam’s love hole.

Her husband have very average one and she never tasted good one like mine. I lifted her in my arms and brought her into the bedroom. I removed her dresses. She was wearing a 36D bra of black color and her curvy hips was just making me mad. in the bed I started licking her love hole and making it lubricated. Juice from her hole also started coming out and I knew it was right time to enter inside. I plugged in just 1” inside her hole.

She opened her mouth because of lust but she wasn’t shouting. I started giving small stokes in 3” depth itself after 20 shorts I plugged 3” more. Step by step I plugged 6” inside her pussy and that was the dead end of her hole no one fucked her this much deep. I took my tool for a few minute now there are small vibration in her pussy lips. Then I changed her position to doggy and hammered her by each and every stoke.

After 15 minutes I unloaded my gum just inside her pussy. And she started relaxing by taking heavy breast. During this action she got two wild orgasms. And she told me that this is the first time she got it like this. She felt exhausted with fast fucking and the bigger dick. I was really happy.

Till now, I am regularly fucking my friend's wife. We usually do it with a gap of 2 weeks. Past 1 year, I have fucked her at least 30-35 times and every-time I fucked her at her house. My friend still doesn't know. 3 months back, she got a good news that she is pregnant now. I'm not yet sure who is the father of that child.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Islamabad Aunty

I am Sameer, a 23 Years old guy from Islamabad. This lucky incident of sex with an Aunty happened last year. Let me tell you how things went on. Cooking was an old passion of mine, so grocery shopping is a necessity. On a fine afternoon in one of the malls while shopping, by chance I found an aunty shopping with her twins. she was probably in her mid 30's . She was voluptuously beautiful with a certain kind of unexplained charm to her personality. At about a height of 5’5”, about 38-28-40 , she looked very attractive with a glowing fair supple skin to that curvaceous figure. Everyone would love having sex with that Islamabad Aunty.


she was having difficulty in picking up grocery from the shelves as her boys were disturbing all over the place. At that very moment I happen to pass from her side and her son came running only to bang on my knee. Well, she did see what just happened and apologized to me for her son. Being a gentleman I offered her assistance in shopping as I just started so there wasn’t much in my basket. She humbly said thanks, but when I insisted she accepted my offer with a little bit of apprehension, whereas her boys were happy to have me around. This way the shopping was done in merely 20 minutes since she already had the shopping list on her.

While shopping we spoke to each other and I found out that she lives in the nearby street. We finished her shopping; billed the entire thing and I helped her put everything in her car. She thanked me and said if I don't have any conveyance she can drop me. Luckily, I was on feet so I accepted her offer. Hence, we drove together to my street and the boys were very ecstatic to have me in the car. The way was short but we discussed many things, including my profession and her happy married life. She was extremely polite and frank in nature. Talking to her felt like we were friends for years.

When I was dropping of her car, I intentionally dropped a paper on dashboard of car with my contact number (I usually keep a chit with my number written in pocket). She departed after exchanging smiles but honestly saying, I couldn't sleep that night thinking about her curvy body. She was such a nice milf to enjoy. Anyhow, I got released dreaming about her that night.

The next day, I got a call from an unknown number and when I picked up the phone, I was almost shocked to hear her voice again. I wasn't expecting to work my luck that fast but it was reality now. She asked me like a confident married lady that If I had dropped my number intentionally in her car or it went by chance. I thought for a while but then I decided to be bold and brave. I told her that I liked the time spent with her in the shopping mall and I like her stylish nature but due to respect and fear I wasn't able to tell her on spot. That's why I dropped my number. She never looked in any kind of anger on my non-sense but she talked to me in a frank style. In the end she said; I think I have to invite you home.

This was something, I wasn't expecting. Things would go that smooth was never expected as she was happily married and a mother of twins. But, luck was working and I was enjoying. For the next few days, we talked a couple of times on cell and then she invited me home. I asked about kids and husband's presence and she said; Don't worry, kids would be in Montessori and their daddy is on an official tour to other city. Omg, I can't believe my luck to be productive within a week.

Anyhow she sent me the exact address and I reached her big house right in time. The watchman at the gate inquired about me and then called from the gate phone. She asked him to send me in. By that time, I could easily guess her economic status. Her house and the style of living looked exactly like Elite class. I went inside as guided by the watchman and started waiting in the drawing room. The watchman went outside and there were no one else in the house. A lot of precious decors were present in the drawing room.

After a wait of 5-6 minutes, she arrived there. omg, she was wearing a semi transparent top with a white tight on her legs. Her dress was automatically giving invitations to fuck. No more talking was needed after looking at her dress. I knew that Aunty was in a mood of fun. She smiled and came to me, only to sit on my left leg so my right hand gets complete access to her bosom. Without wasting a moment I smooched her juicy lips while my left hand was kneading her bottom and right was moving over her round globes. I lowered myself a bit down from her neck to her melons and sucked her right nipple. They were big .Her hands were on my head and my shoulder, pulling me to her breasts; all the while I was sucking on her melons all I could hear was her loud moans. As her voice was getting louder, I got afraid of the watchman present outside. I asked her about him, and she smiled and said, Don't worry baby, servants are not allowed to come inside without permission.

The sexual tension was heating up immensely and I don’t know when my hand slid inside her silk. She wasn’t wearing anything beneath, which gave me an easy access to her hairless pot of honey that was dripping wet now. I started fingering her now and her moans increased in excitement. It was too much for me to handle now, in the fury of sexual excitement I held her hair from my left hand and started fingering her violently with my right hand while I was still attached to her breasts; sucking her melons.

She got up and guided me towards the bedroom in the same motion. My fingers were inside her as she grabbed and dragged me towards the bed. She was cumming and I was fingering her more, her juices were flowing on my fingers and she begged me to stop. Lick me, lick me please and she grabbed my head and pushed it onto her wet pussy.

I didn’t wanted to let her go, so I fingered her more as I licked her, which made her shudder once more and then she collapsed on me. She was blacked out in pleasure. I put her on the back and spread her legs to have a clear access to that honey pot of her. The legs were beautiful , her body was looking amazing in front of me. My cock was on its full bloom, erect and hurting as it was still inside my boxers.

Without wasting my time I went down again on my knees and adjusted my mouth on her pot to blow some air to her swollen puss-lips. They were absolutely pink and very soft. She arched her back and murmured something. I held her big buttocks with my hand to lift them up slightly. She opened her eyes and looked at me surprisingly; before she could utter a word, I parked my long tongue into her slit cavity.

She grabbed my head and pushed it unto her honey pot so tight that my nose was blocked and I couldn’t breathe, so I had to make some space by forcing my head a little away from her. And again I digged into her mound to lick her slit and clit.

Her perfume was driving me crazy by now, I got up and removed my shirt and dropped my pant with boxer. As if she was waiting for it, she jumped on me and took my cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it. Her warm mouth was heaven; I pushed her back on the sofa and got myself in 69 and the more I would lick on her mound the more aggressively she would suck on my cock.

After couple of seconds she started deep throating my cock and the feeling was extremely ecstatic to me. Not many females have the skill to deep throat a man. Suddenly she started shivering again and I held her by her buttocks. She came in floods and I lapped all the juices.

She was exhausted so I pulled my cock covered in her saliva out of her mouth and wiped my mouth with handkerchief. She was ‘fairly red’ because of my sexual advances, but the way it looked; she loved every moment of it.

My hands groped her breasts as softly as they could; in the mean while my cock was already positioned on the entrance of her love tunnel. My one hand went down and I fingered her to assess how tight she was; it was good enough down there to shove my cock in one stroke.

Now I held my cock inside her and allowed her to get used to my hardness inside her carnal cavity. Once she started to smooch me softly, I started and kept stroking with a low pace.

There weren’t any loud moans or scream here, but pure ecstatic pleasure that can’t be described. It was as if I was actually making love to someone I have known for ages, but here I met this MILF just one week ago.

It was time to change the position so I pulled my cock out and turned her around to be in the doggie position. When I started fucking her in doggy, her big shaking buttocks made me mad. the view of that style of fuck was simply awesome. I couldn't control more. For a moment I felt as if my cock would ejaculate all the sperm that I held back from flowing out. Though I somehow managed to hold myself from an ejaculation and positioned myself properly to thrust the entire cock down her love tunnel.

Caressing her back softly with my left hand I held her waist with right and in one ruthless thrust, shoveled my entire cock in her.she screamed loudly and she started crying and begged me to do it fast. Even I was feeling my cock to be grinded into pulp inside her; though I loved that moment because never before I felt so squeezed.

I kept thrusting into her more violently and after a while I came inside her. As soon as the hot cum leaked inside her , she shivered again with another orgasm. That day, I fucked her only once. but she loved the time spent in fucking. Now, she is a regular fuck friend of me.
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