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Sex Story: Sex With Sister in Law

This happened with my sexy sister in law (SIL) who is 24Y old, 5.5 feet and in the ballpark of 53kgs, exceptionally hot and exceptional bend. Her boobs are not huge yet round and firm, tummy is even and knocks are adjusted with exceptional tissue. Her skin is reasonable with no smudges on it and facial fates are similar to a doll.1 year later of our marriage she came to stay with us as she secured employment in a city where I and my wife was sitting tight. At first she was extremely timid to converse with me and never use to talk more than curtsy talk. Later, we both got used to it and I made some friendship which lead us to a great fuck of my life. I hope readers would enjoy this saline Sex Story.
Be that as it may over a period we improved a great rapo and use to talk frequently. As we 3 were working in diverse organizations we had distinctive working times. So in the night me and my Sil use to be distant from everyone else at home. Throughout that time my Sil use to cook and I use to give some assistance and use to talk about office, new city and so forth.

As we are staying in 1BHK flat she use to sleep in hall and use to keep her cloths is wardrobe which is in our bedroom. One fine morning I week up early to catch a morning flight, while getting ready I looked at my SIL’s bed and astonished with a view, she was sleeping only in a red bra and night pant. Her breasts were moving up and down with breathing movement and it was milky white and firm. Her black hairs were covering her face and part of boobs which were giving sexy feel. I got bit excited but left to catch a fight without much noise. After I returned, same day evening she asked me when I left that day morning, when I told her timing her face turned red with soft smile I asked why? she said, nothing just wanted to know. She use to sleep like this and use to wear a top before we week up. (She told me this after wards).

Few days passed like thing and one day I was going late to office so was sleeping. My wife left for office at usual time and my SIL was getting ready for office. I was awake but sleeping in bed. My SIL come for bathroom only with towel to take a cloth from wardrobe. She thought I am sleeping so she directly came in. When she bent down to pick something (comb) I see her nice round ass (She was not wearing panty/bra) and I had instant hard. She picks comb and thought of brushing hair. As soon as she stuck comb in hair suddenly her towel come loose and fall on ground, instead of picking up towel she turned towards me to check whether I am awake or not and she found that I am staring at her. She stunned and didn’t do anything for may be 30 sec but during that time I got a good view of her body, what a sight her skin was moist and hair were curly. Lips were pink with some luster on it. Boobs were firm with brown erect nipples. Flawless tummy with round naval and best part, pink pussy lips with small tender hairs on it. She had nice thighs and a black anklet. 

I softly told her with a smile, dear I had a nice look now you can dress. Hearing this she come to senses and picked her towel and run towards hall. After some time she came in quietly and took her cloths, wore it in hall and left for office without saying anything. I came late that evening so didn’t have any chance to talk to SIL but during night wife told me that SIL wants to shift to PG as she find it difficult to commute. I told her she is new in city and cannot take risk to send her to PG. I will talk to her and will convince her to stay. If required I will drop and pick her from office as it on small deviation from my office road. 

Next day evening I asked my SIL why she wants to shift to PG, she gave me same reason I told her I know that not the reason, actual reason is what happened yesterday. On this she kept quite then I said, “Don’t worry or embarrassed it was an accident and I will never tell it to her sister”. SIL told, “I am feeling very bad about it and finding it difficult to concentrate on anything when you are around.” I asked, “Why you are feeling like this, if you want I will shift to PG but won’t allow you to go as you are my responsibility.” On this she kept quiet and after few min my wife came so we didn’t discussed any further. But after 2 days my wife told my SIL is ready to stay but I need to drop and pick up her from her office. I guess this was to make sure that SIL’s excuse of commuting was genuine. From that day I started to pick her up daily I had Pulser without any holding grip for pillion rider. My SIL use to site behind me in parallel position, were she use to try as much as possible to avoid touching her boos to my back either by keeping her bad between us or leaning backwards as much as possible.

One day she wore a jeans as she and was not taking bag. I was in mood of miss chip; I did lots of sudden braking on the way to her office, where in she could not avoid banging on my back. I could feet her nipples were getting erect and she started to give slit moan whenever she touch my back with her boos. At last leg I can feel she is not going back even after I release the break and was pressing her boobs against my back. When I dropped her at her office she just said bye and left. I have seen small sweat drops on her fore head and around boobs. From that day onwards she started leaning forwards more and more and stopped taking bag with her. With this I got a hint that she is getting horny and idea of fucking her stuck me like a thunderbolt.

Few days passed like this and now my SIL use to almost hold me tight tough our journey with more and more pressure on my back with her boobs. One fine day at dinner I announce that tomorrow I am going late to office and I see my SIL face glow with mischief smile

On next day morning I wake up early but remain in bad, my SIL came in towel in bedroom and purposefully dropped towel and stood facing me. I was looking at her trough half opened eyes, few moments and she come bit closer to me and said, ” You can see better with fully open eyes.” I smiled and open my eyes and pulled her close to me. She falls on me and our lips touch each others. We had a passionate smooch which last for 5 mins and during this we suck each other’s lips like wild animals. It was amazing. I slowly slid my had her left boob and pressed it gently she moan slightly and directed my mouth to her right boob. I took her nipple in mouth and started sucking it now she was berating heavily and moaning. I keep sucking her boobs and turn her down and slid my right hand to her naval, I played for a while with naval and went further down and touch her upper part of her pussy. As she was not wearing anything access was full and easy.

Now she was pressing more on my head and hand indicating me to suck and press hard which I was doing with a full force. Her pussy was fully wet and rubbed pussy lips and slowly entered middle finger. With her left nipple in mouth and left hand on her right books I slowly started fingering her. With every passing stock she use to moan and use to further press my head on her nipple. Suddenly she presses my head down wards and I got a clue that she wants me to eat her pussy. I slowly went down while continued fingering. I smelled her pussy for the 1st time; it smelled very nice and was very juicy and reddish pink. I took out finger and inserted my tongue as deep as possible. I liked, sucked in all direction and in all way. She was responding with pressing my head more and more into her pussy. After few mins I again inserted my fingers while eating her pussy with in mins her body arched and become stiff, she let a loud moan and cum in my mouth. Her pussy was oozing with nectar and kept sucking and she presses my head further hard.

After 1 min she softly asked me to turn around and lay on back. She removed my t shirt and liked my nipples I was trying to reach her pussy she stopped me and asked me to keep quite. She slowly removed my underwear and pant and took my dick in her hand which was socked in pre cum and started stocking. She brought her lips to mine and started sucking hardly while stocking my dick with hand and speedy stroke. She slowly moved her face from my lips to neck to chest to naval and finally rested on base of my dick. She slowly took tip of my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Wow what a warm feeling I was already in heaven. She tried to take as much dick as possible in between she took my balls in mouth and played with it.
Then she got up and positioned her pussy on my dick and lowered her body. As we both were fully wet my half dick went in easily but further entry was very tight. She slowly went up and again came down. With every stock my dick inches slowly in her tight pussy and finally our base touch each other. As she was sitting on me jumping up and down it was amassing seen, her eyes where half closed, hear on face and books shaking slightly and with every stroke my dick vanishing in her pink tight pussy.

She continued this for another 5 mins but got tired I asked her to get done and laid her on back. I spread her legs and passion my dick on her pussy and pushed, with single stock it went in. I stocked her very hard for 5 mins during which she cum once more, which improved lubrication and I was stocking her tight pussy with minimal efforts then I lifted her leg and put on my shoulder. With this my dick was able to go further in and she started moaning more and more. I stroked her very hard for another 10 mis and we both arched and come simultaneously. I filed her pussy with big load. She hugged me tight and digged her nails in my back. We remain laid for some time with my dick in her pussy. We both were drenched in sweat but were mooching and licking. We looked each other’s eyes and smiled. There were no regrets or guilt we both were happy.

Then we got up went to bathroom and cleaned each other and enjoyed shower. When we came out she thanked me and said that she had heavenly pleasure and was happy to have her 1st sex with me as she was sure that I will keep it secret and its better to have sex with known person than with a stranger. Then I realized I cum in her so I got worried of making her pregnant but she rubbished her by saying that she is in her safe period and no need to worry. 

After this episode we had a better than average time with one another use to have fuck session one a month throughout her protected period. We never over did it as we didn't had any desire to ruin our relations and were doing this equitable for entertainment only and fulfilling every other.after six month she got hitched to decent individual and heading a cheerful life. After her marriage we never had any sex however we both grin to one another in a certain manner which revives our memory of first sexual intercourse. I am waiting for your nice comments about the sex story of sister-in-law.             

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