Sunday, 11 January 2015

Having Sex In Train

Today, I am going to write my real sex story here. This is a real experience of a sexual encounter I had with a complete stranger, while traveling In train from Karachi to Lahore.I am a guy, about 5ft 6 in tall, average built and fair color. I am an average looking & girls in my University & college thought me as a harmless person. Actually beneath my soft interior, I have a hidden craving for digging my nostrils into round asses and pussies of middle-aged wives.

This took place when, I was returning back by the train to join my duty after a week-long vacation. The total duration of the journey from Karachi to Lahore was 16-20 hrs at least. I had already reserved a berth in a train compartment which had one more unoccupied berth beside me. I was clutching my Laptop sling bag which was resting on my legs. I had kept my Laptop Bag with me to prevent the possibility of theft. As the train moved on periodically stopping & moving from various scheduled stations. I was just looking around through the windows and carrying on my journey. Soon, I went into a sleep.

I woke up when I felt someone brushed my arm. I looked around and saw an office-going woman of nice built. She was  around 26-28 yrs, Probably sitting into the train from hyderabad and her arm slightly brushing my arm. She was seated down but I was trying to make a few judgement about her. She was quite attractive with beautiful, fair, long jet black hair and dark thin eyebrows. She was wearing a black dress. The cuts of her cleavage were visible from the top. The sleeveless shirt complimented her brown skin very well and her shirt was perfectly accentuating the curves of her round & firm bum. She looked very sexy in this attire.

My body stiffened with the touch of the soft woolly skin of this pretty woman and my cheeks flushed red. I had really no inkling of what was to happen next. Soon, I got down and sat on the seat, pretending as I was full of rest.

There were two other old ladies sitting in the same portion but they were quite sleepy till I got down. After a few minutes, People started their sleeps and I was awake to see something naughty from her. Slowly, she started taking me into notice. She started a slow conversation from asking the time and then how many more hours the train will take to Lahore. Meanwhile, she brushed her elbow with my thigh two times. Probably, it was a green signal for me.

I slowly pulled out my right arm which was stuck between our bodies & took it up behind her & rested it on the top of her seat back. Slowly I brought my hand down to touch her back. Her curvy back was the sex appeal of this petite beauty. I gently caressed her back with my fingers. She neither resisted nor moved but just sat still. Taking this as the first cue of acceptance, I looked around and moved my fingers further upwards to her neck, caressed the nape of her neck, and then slowly pulled her ear lobes by taking her ear lobe between my index finger & middle finger. Now the intensity of her breath had increased, eyes had opened wide and she had tightened the grip of her laptop bag, but she did not make any movement to resist my advances.

The game was heating up. I looked around and saw that majority of passengers were sleeping except a few single guys sitting far away from us. I got up and without getting noticed, pulled out the electricity of our compartment bulb. Suddenly, it was quite dark now. I sat down again. My fingers started traveling from her ear and traveled slowly down the nape of her neck to her right shoulder till it finally reached near her right sweaty underarm. I poked my index finger & then my middle finger inside her right underarm & brought it near to my nostrils to smell the aroma. The smell was ordinary with a slight hint of deodorant but the sex inside my brain loved it. As I again put my moist fingers under her arm for some drops, she pulled my fingers away with her left hand, Saying; It's not a place to do such things, please behave.

I was quite shocked but I knew it. It was kinda formal deny from such women. Her breasts were not so big but well-rounded. I felt her nipples stretched up. After few seconds, I had regained my senses, I asked her to visit train toilet. she looked at me , waited a few minutes and then went into the toilet. She spent 5-6 minutes inside, when I got up and followed her. Nobody noticed me following her. I went near the door, looked around and knocked it slowly. She opened the door, and before she comes out, I grabbed, pressed, mauled & molested her oranges as if there was no tomorrow. All along, I was planting tiny kisses every now & then on her left cheek which was facing me.

After fondling her breasts, I withdrew my arm from there to reach for her belly, but she caught my hand and asked me to let me withdraw my hand. Quite forcibly, I freed my hand from her clutches & slid my hand along her stomach to her belly. She took her way and got back to the seat. I went inside the toilet and came out after 2-3 minutes.

Our game of passion was hidden from other passengers with our Laptop Bags tightly clutched with the other hand. Nobody could actually know what was going on behind & below our bags. It was no more controllable for me now. I couldn't stop me going further. She asked me to wait till mid-night so that everyone in the train apartment goes to sleep at least. Those 2-3 hours were deadly for me. I waited , waited and waited with erect cock. Meanwhile, the old ladies in our area got up and visited toilets. they again slept. It was around 1 am , we started things again. I parted her legs & cupped her vagina over her clothes with my palm & pressed my thumb hard into her pussy. She was allowing this to do without even a small flinch. Then, I slowly sunk my middle finger hard into the vagina. Being the first time, I could not immediately find the exact spot of her vagina & my palm encountered a rock hard surface.

I withdrew my palm & slowly opened her buttons of the shirt with my heavily trembling fingers. The shirt opened & gave my palm access to her boobs. When her fingers touched my cock, my mouth let out a deep involuntary Aaahah!! Of pleasure! She started fondling my cock while my fingers were busy working on her pubes, pulling, twisting & parting her pubic hair gently, pinching & fingering her clitoris & finally making in & out movements out of her soft pink cunt. We were some facing difficulty in pleasuring each other as our hands were moving & clashing simultaneously. There was no conversation between us. Meanwhile, Suddenly a couple of policeman with TT arrived in the boggie and we quickly got parted.

As were both deep into the game, we were startled by the sudden interruption and could not gather enough time to close my zipper or close her shirt. However, all that we could do was to put my bag over my pants to hide my open zip & she put her bag over her open skirt. We both showed our tickets to the TT and the Ticket Examiner examined the tickets of us and the old ladies as well & went away without knowing what was going on few moments before. After the danger had passed, we both looked at each other with an expression of relief. My heart started heavily panting due to the danger of being caught. The sudden interruption caused our game to momentarily break & I was wondering if my partner would be interested to continue the game further. We have to wait for another 30 minutes till the other passengers go back to routine sleep.

She said, It would be better to go near the toilets. We both got up and went together so that If anyone notices us, he/she think is being a husband/wife. Luckily, nobody noticed us. We stood near the door of the toilets and started the game again. I kissed her left cheek warmly to find out if she was still in the game. Instantly to my pleasure, her fingers went for my protruding penis and with deft fingers teased. As we were in a train, it was not possible for us to make any vigorous movements so she gently pinched penis exposed head & then began gently stroking the entire length of my cock up & down. Occasionally, she was fondling & cupping my testicles.

Ensuring that everyone in the boogie was unaware of us, I wanted to make a quick fuck. I went inside the toilet, keeping her half bent in the door , and then pushing my cock inside her vagina. it slipped like a rod inside the meat. I started making wild and hard pushes inside her pussy while she was trying to look around in a fear of getting caught.

This time I lost control & submitted myself to an intensely explosive orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasurable convulsions hit my body. The front taper of my cock puffed up like a balloon, throbbed violently & spewed oodles of white sticky cum into her vagina, OMG. I was heavily perspiring and could feel drops of cold sweat on my forehead. It took only 2-3 minutes of vigorous fuck before I came inside her. After getting my sticky cum inside, she got up and pulled her dress rightly, went back onto the seat. I was too exhausted to even pull my pant zip up and thus sat back with my eyes closed & legs parted widely with my cock shivering inside the toilets.

Thankfully nobody noticed. After my shuddering climax had ebbed away, An all pervading musty odor was floating around formed by the mixture of her oily, salty sweat, lavender perfume, the mysterious aroma of her dripping pussy juices and along with it the fruity smell of the blobs of sperm on my cock shaft. I washed my cock and waited 4-5 minutes. Then I got back to the seat. Sooner, we exchanged mobile numbers with each other. She told me that she's working in a famous travel agency and now going back to join the job in Lahore. It was probably the best fuck of my life. I thanked her with a smile for giving me an amazing journey and the best fucking time. She smiled.

At around 10 am, we reached Lahore As she alighted from the train onto the platform, I tried looking for her on the railway platform, but could not spot her anywhere. She had vanished into thin air as suddenly as she had come from nowhere. When it was time for me to get down from the train. I will never forget this experience in my lifetime.

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