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An Impregnation - Hot Wife

I am Wajid , 29 Y old and living in Karachi. This story is 100% real story and no fantasies involved in this. Actually, This is an impregnation story. She needed a child and I helped her. It was just focused in pregnancy problem of my office mate so we had a wonderful sex encounter after a long struggle of convince. Let's come to the story.

Lonely Wife Impregnated.
Irum (Name Changed) was working in my office for at least 3-4 years. We had a good relationship and we often worked together on some projects. She shared her family problems with me. she was married to her cousin and as per her conversations, I got it was a kind of forced marriage. Her husband, though married her, was doing a job in the nearest town (50KM) from her but often he missed even the weekends to join her. She was living with her mom as her father was living with his second wife and family.

I shown a lot of sympathy for her family problems and she got used to expressing her family problems with me. One of her biggest problems was that she was now married for 3 years and no kids yet. It was quite understandable coz her husband just met her a few times in the entire months. She was getting quite upset with this as a lot of criticism has been there from her relatives and nobody was understanding the issue.

One day, she asked me about my married life during the breaktime. I told her, I had first child in the first year of marriage, then the 2nd in 3rd year of marriage. She took a long breath and said; Pray for us. I intentionally asked her about the real problem. I asked If she got their medical tests. She told ; Yes, I had my tests and that are all fine. I asked about her husband's semen test, she said; he didn't agree and says He had no issues. It was quite amazing. She said, he's kinda strict man when it comes to discuss his tests. She also told that pregnancy problem has made her an object of criticism. 

Luckily, she discussed her pregnancy problems quite a lot and I got a chance to ask her openly. Then one day, while we were on sms chat, I given her an option of IVF (Inseminal fertilization) through a doctor. She never knew it. When I described everything, She got interested in this. I told her about a few places where she can get treated and in a 2-3 treatments, she could get pregnant.

However, she told me that her husband will never agree. Then , my devil mind worked the other way. I thought a lot about her and then I decided to test her. I knew, if she can go that far in discussions with me, she might agree for a sex. I decided to give it a try. But, I had to keep things easy to save my office relations.

One day, I told her; If she wants she can get a fresh semen treatment as well. She started asking me details. I told her, I had a Gynecologist friend who can give her medical treatment at home. She asked the details and I told her that she had to get fresh semen inserted inside her. For a while, she was quite (We were on sms Chat). Then she sent me a message that her husband would never come with her to get that medical treatment type, how she can. I given her an option that she can then use "Donor sperms" She again asked the details and I told her that the gynecologist will use fertilized sperms to insert her. She said; let me think.

2-3 days passed on but she didn't replied on the special issue. Then next day, I got a message that she wants an appointment but not at her own house. Luckily, I sent my wife to her parents so I offered my flat. She thought a while and then said, Its OK. but which option is more successful ? Fresh semen or fertilized? I told her that fresh semens has more chances, and she can even get that treatment without injection.

We discussed it a lot( Let me omit the details) but finally, she got agreed to get a fresh semen treatment. Now, I given her the appointment after 2 days( I pretend it as I discussed it with doctor). Now, the big problem was how to arrange such a gynecologist ?

I thought a lot and then called a friend. His name was Rehan and he was my best friend of university. I told him the entire story and asked him to come as gynecologist. It was just a fake thing. I had not told Irum that the Gynecologist would be male.

The day came and Rehan arrived very in-time at our flat. He brought a couple of oils and medicine, just to pretend like a gyne. Irum arrived around 11 AM in the office time and I was already on one day leave from office. Before meeting, I told Irum that, I had changed the gynecologist coz my relative gyne has some emergency.

She was blushed for a while and thought for a while about getting semen insertion from a male gyne. However, I convinced her after at least working an hour on her mind. I told her that her biggest problem would be solved and she would be impregnated then why she worried? I told her that she needs to think about criticism from her relatives, husband and others. She would like to save her family, marriage or not? She agreed. 

Meanwhile, Rehan was ready in the other room, and he prepared his fake medical things before her entry. I sent Irum to rehan's room and started waiting in the other room. As per plan Irum had to lay on bed for impregnation and Rehan had to do it with fresh semen. Initially, she was very upset but Rehan was so good in motivating a woman. He quickly, asked her to close her eyes and just stay relaxed on bed. He applied some Oils on her pussy lips, she shivered as he touched her pussy. He just reacted like a doctor. He then inserted his oil lubricated fingers inside her pussy and started pussy massage.  

She asked him, If he impregnate her with fertilized semen, that would be fine. He thought and then he convinced her that It would increase her chances if she uses fresh semen and why she was worried , It's just a medical treatment nothing else. Slowly, Rehan started making her horny. He massage her pussy insides and then slowly put some oil on her pussy lips. She started to feel the heat and slwoly moaning.

It went on about 20 minutes before rehan sent me a miscall while working on her pussy. When, I entered the room, she was lying eye's closed and moaning slowly. OMG, What a lovely pussy she has, I got stuck for a while, and then came closer to her with quite feet. 

She put her elbow on her face but kept on moaning, Rehan held my hand and pulled me sit. I sat near her pussy, she never knew, I was inside the room. Then, Rehan, took his cock out , it was erect like a rod, He kept it on her pussy lips and she was into a loud moan. He pushed it in with a big jerk and went half inside her pussy. Her mouth was wide open as rehan got a nice big cock. 

Rehan made another deep push and went full inside her pussy. He just teared off her pussy. I was also in heaven and my cock was erect now. Rehan slowly started fucking her. she moaned loud and Rehan kept her legs up his shoulders and tried to hit as deep as he can. I knew, her husband had never fucked her that deep. Rehan fucked her for at least 30 minutes and then pushed it more deeper while cumming inside her pussy.

She orgasmed as hot cum fell on her ovaries. Rehan held her legs upside and asked her to stay in that position so that semen can't leak out. He held her legs upside, and all cum went deep inside her. I couldn't control myself more. Now everything was opened between me and Irum, So I touched her legs. She opened her eyes, and blushed in shame as she saw me. I encouraged her smilingly and she got her confidence back. My best friend had fucked my best office mate.

Me and Rehan started discussing it as nothing vulgar has been done there. I asked Rehan, How much are chances with fresh semen? And she also participated in discussion as it was just a normal medical treatment (Not A Fuck). Rehan told me that I am sure this one treatment would bring outcome but for more chances we must do another dose of semen either an hour later or tomorrow (Remember she was in her ovulation days). So we decided to give another dose after one hour. I prepared tea for both of them. No shyness was there between three of us. Irum was now so open with us and we talked like good friends.

After one hour, For more surety, Rehan given a choice that I should insert fresh semen now. Irum was a bit hesitant but Rehan and Me convinced her as I had kids and it was more likely that my semen was also too good.

I got my wishes come true. Irum got a nice pussy, I loved her pussy as it was so tight even after a big cock fuck by rehan. I went deeper inside and rehan's cum was right there. Some of his cum leaked out during my fuck. I fucked Irum for half and hour and then exploded my vital white juice inside her pussy. She was exhausted. But it was all done for her pregnancy. I asked her to call her husband this weekend and had sex so that even if she get's pregnant with our semen, her husband should not be in doubts. And she done it as I told.

After that day, we couldn't face each other for 2-3 days. but as the time passed on we got used to it. And we again started like good friends. In office nobody could feel that I and Irum had sex relations. After one month, Irum told me that she had no menses. OMG, The luck had worked. She got her pregnancy test positive. I don't know, it was my child or rehan's but Irum was so happy to have a pregnancy. After 9 months and 3 days, she had a beautiful child. I saw her child in hospital, and luckily, It felt like Me. 

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