Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Modern Wife

It is a kind of hot wife story. As today I will share with you adventures of my wife Sidra .Though I Love her till now. She is 28 very fair long with very nice curves at all the right places. She is quite naughty and mischievous in her nature. She has a habit of getting free with stranger guys easily . I can see in her smiles and eyes that she loves going out all over to attract. Especially boys with good figure are definitely her lust . She usually dress like a girl ..Shorts , dresses tight tops n sometimes saaree .


I have seen my neighbors are very interested in talking to her when she come out in balcony .She even give friendly hugs to my neighbor Hamza when she meet and greet his wife and him . Hamza impresses my wife. That bloody guy even winks after doing this, She takes it casually and laughs it off.She even sometimes pat on his ass when Hamza’s wife is not around but my wife is extremely bold in front of me . That day when Hamza came to my home in night to discuss about security cameras installations in our society he gave a wink to my wife.My wife flirtly told him that Hamza my hubby is here and you should do this thing behind his back . Hamza told her that your husband is very open minded and doesn’t mind little friendly eye winks or tight hugs or pat on cheeks and pointed towards me as if to ask a confirmation from me. I just smiled and they both took it as yes .

My wife was in her black golden saaree that had her midriff was visible quite a lot .Quite a lot mean QUITE A LOT .The back of the blouse was just lace around her back .Rest was a nice white window of her ample skin which she is so proud to show off. He complimented her on her looks and told Sidra that her blouse is too hot and he would like to have a similar one for her wife and he told my her to pose a little in that saree so that he can show those pics to his wife. My wife Sidra likes posing in front of camera. She Gave so tempting poses that I could see Hamza’s bulge in his pants clearly .Hamza Came to me to show the pics he just shot . My wife excited to see the pics sat on my lap. Her boobs were dropping from her blouse as she she bent further to see the pics. Hamza was not watching pics but was watching the real cleavage just inches away from his eyes. My wife saw this and she told Hamza that it is enough for the day and gave him a wink . He just grinned . 

Sidra smiled n said , You Hungry dog. and hold his ear & gave a little kiss on Hamza’s cheeks . I was red with embarrassment . Hamza hold my wife Sidra with her waist and gave her a big squeeze towards his chest . She was crushed between his massive chest and strong bulky arms . But I know Sidra loves to have strong arms around him , She once told me she feel secure around strong men .So I took it as a friendly hug and tried to laugh. Somehow Sidra got rid of Hamza’s powerful hold by tickling him in his stomach and neck .Sidra pushed him out of the house laughingly . Hamza was reluctant to go without a goodbye kiss .After lot of push n go my wife agreed to give him a kiss on cheeks .When she was about to give him a kiss with her eyes closed Hamza turned her face towards Sidra and the kiss dropped on Hamzas lips . That was totally awkward position for me and Sidra. Seeing the situation getting out of hand my wife rushed up the matter and pushed him out of the house and shut the door.

I was about to say something but she just came close to me and looked in my eyes and said ’wow , ’I know you trust me and these small friendly incidence wont effect our relation ”. Before I could revolt or say anything She gave a deep kiss on my lips . Her lips gave way to My tongue and our tongues explored each other mouths vigorously . She saw the bulge in my pants and took it out and took in her soft moist hands .She started touching n rubbing it softly . I was getting real horny .She started jerking slowly . Sidra asked in a very seductive voice  ,Do you like my saree with a backless blouse. She knows how much i Love to see her in hot backless sarees.She touched her navel with her finger and showed me her little creamy folds of her tummy . I was in some other world.She looked in my eyes and i was looking at her red big lips .

She asked me like she is ordering me , Do you like when Hamza see me like he wants me? I said I dont know . She again asked the same question but now little angrily .I said yeeyeees..sss..Sidra my horny bitchy wife was looking at me wickedly . she spitted on my shaft tip and started jerking it very slowly . She whispered in my ears , Salman Would you like to see me return the kiss to Hamza .I said i cant say , it might not look good. She increased the pace of her stroking and said Salman Do you like when Hamza Holds me by my soft white waist ?I said you are..my..wife ahh….Sidra was enjoying the moment and so do i. She said Forget that its not ethical . Forget every boundry that holds one women to explore her sexual desires . Don’t you want me to have the utmost sexual pleasure ? Her pace increased more .

She Said Salman if a man gets a hard on for some married woman don’t you think its just fine as even you get a hard on watching other women ?I was concentrated on holding my orgasm  I said I get jealous but at the same time aroused to see him touching yous bare skin n trying to possess you in front of me .Sidra ssaid , Salman its absolutely alright to drive pleasure in whatever way you can as long as you are not hurting anyone.

yes my..love you are right . I said with a cracking voice. I was building a load of semen in my balls by now .She stopped stroking my cock and hold it tightly . She whispered in my ears , Salman Do you know Hamza even watches me bathing naked from the window what !! I asked Shockingly ..Yes my dear hubby , yes and he strokes his cock watching me.OH God!!! I couldn’t believe …My mind was getting angry but my cock was acting absolutely opposite. Sidra told me she intentionally leaves her window open so that she could also see Hamza jerk off seeing her naked body .Sidra is so proud of natural curves and fair skin with long soft brown hair.Sidra loves to show off her white skin whenever and wherever possible.

My cock got harder n harder .Salman ! ,She Said ,Please come hard for you slutty whore wife Sidra. she started jerking my cock vigourously. She Said,she is such a slut n horny . she will get naked for Hamza to pleasure his cock .your wife worships his huge big cock . She wants to sit on your friends lap .she wants to feels his big masculine chest on her soft boobs.Oh Salman Oh.Your Wife Wants to touch his hot and long manhood and feel its glory in her pussy .Your wife can not control her self .your wife wants to let Hamza twist n torture her nipples hard. Oh.Salman.He is manly..Oh Salman .I want him to lay over my nude body and hump me like a wild beast. SUDDENLY SHE STOPPED STROKING.

I was about to come. I told her pleasingly ,Oh Sidra don’t stop now . Stroke it harder n faster.I was on the edgeof cumming .Sidra smile notoriously, Salman I will ! Surly I will but if and only if when you will tell me how much you want me to go beyond limit . I know this is your deep desire and for satisfaction of my loving husband’s lust I can go as far as he wants.I said -Oh Sidra- You are a sex goddess .He is great hunk .fuck him like a slut.Make love to Hamza .Please his big cock with your wet tongue n lips.Sidra Hold his cock n feel it all over your body . let him touch every part of you. Feel naked in front of him . show him how much your pussy is wet for him.Hamza is the guy who can satisfy your hunger ..Sidra started jerking harder said -Oh Salman Your are such a nice husband .I know how much you love me.

Come for me sweetheart.come for your raunchy nasty hot luscious wife.she is dying to see your cum .Oh baby.And that was it.I came like a fountain all over the place.When the ghost of sex got over me I felt ashamed and regret thinking about what i said and felt . I saw Sidra she was smiling n looking at my limp cock. She said,Oh jaanu you are so good.I really liked the conversation between us .But pity you came too soon . I’m still wet. I felt tired after a strong orgasm so i went to bedroom to ooze off .

she went for a bath and changed to skirt n loose top. she sat there watching tv. That day when she was sleeping watching tv two boys around 18 years from the neighbor came to our home . They found the door unlocked and slipped inside our home to look for their cricket ball. They found my wife white fair legs with the skirt moved up and her bare back visible as the top has moved so much up as it was of no use .The young blood seeing a naked white voluptas women jumped up to curiosity .Their hard dicks were aching in their pants .They sat near her and tried to move the skirt further up by their bat . The bat accidentally touched right between her legs . She jumped up in shock . She saw sunny and vicky standing there and pretending as if to look for ball .My wife reaction was totally surprising for them . She didn’t showed any sign of anger but instead she didn’t even bothered to cover her up .

Sidra behaved like she is feeling sleepy and told them to shut the door before going and not even bothering to cover her visible blue panties . Her side boob now got visible as she turned from one side to another. Now the boys were shocked n thrilled at the same time .I was watching this on the webcam in another room which she might have forgot to turn off .Boys were watching her but now didn’t have guts to touch her. She sensing they are still here woke up .

Boys told her that they cannot find their balls. She saw the bulge in their pants.Sidra told them naughtily if they help them clean her almirah she will give them two balls. I thought LOLS The boys excitedly agreed as they wanted to stay with her.She opened her wardrobe and told them to takeout all the clothes so that she put them back nicely . oh god that was scary for boys .Boys started doing the job and she was picking clothes one by one to arrange them accordingly.

small tops,backless cholis, mini skirts ,micro shorts ,colored panties ,lacy bras , and hot lingerie .The wardrobe had all the collection .Boys touching the soft satin lingerie and tiny bras were feeling so horny. Sunny said, This Red top and these micro shorts will look great on you aunty. Sidra said, I know dear but i hope this thing still fits me . Both said in one voice,why don’t you try ?She gave them a wicked smile and says not a bad idea boys .Not to disturb me she thought of changing the clothes there only . Sunny n Vicky please move your heads so that i can change . They agreed .She dropped her skirt n top and told vicky to hand over the top but with the eyes closed. Vicky was one sun of a gun . He hold the top in front of her face but dropped it in front of her .she bent to pick it up and vicky suddenly opened his eyes.He saw two big melons hanging in front of her. she stood straight and saw him looking at her breasts. My shy wife Sidra hided her breasts with the top which couldn’t cover her big mounds.

with a mischevious cute smile she told Vicky to close his eyes as she is still without clothes. Vicky obeyed.The top was too tight and it stucked in her head. Now she couldn’t get it up or down from her head.Both the guys realising something is wrong opened their eyes n saw sex goddess aunt struggling with her too tight red top.They laughed and asked her if Sidra needed any help. She was stucked so she didn’t had any choice but to let them help her take off the top . Vicky tried to get the top out of her head but it was sucked so tightly . So Sunny got an idea. he hold her waist from front and told vicky to pull the top with all his force. Sidra’s panty got a tickling sensation when sunny hold her waist tightly with his strong big hands and moved his head between his big big breasts .she was now on the mercy of these two hot boys.

Vicky came from behind and again tried pushing the top.. he intentionally pushed his bulge in the crack of Sidra’s panties.she felt it and a loud sigh came out of her mouth .ahh..Now they all sensed sex in the air.Sunny holded her firmly. Vicky was applying too much pressure from his hands to remove the top.And that was hurting Sidra .She holded Sunny’s shoulders tightly and pushed his head in her breasts. Somehow Vicky got rid of the top by tearing it .and now the awkward position of standing nude in front of two young studs.Sunny and Vicky got excited watching her nude. They both sandwiched her in between .she kept on saying no no.no sunny no.ahh..noooooooo but they both knew she was getting horny .Sidra was a bitch in heat. Vicky grabbed her breasts from behind and pinched her hard nipples..she let out a long moan…ahhh.aaahhh .I for the first time had a hard on second time within couple of hours watching the destruction of my wife cute vagina.

Vicky tore apart the panty as if it was a piece of paper. She was really dripping wet. Boys took out their long n hard dicks n strted rubbing on her vagina n ass. she saw their glistening cocks with purple cock heads and was turned on . she grabbed both the cocks and like a hungry bitch started sucking them .i was jerking so hard .i came then and there in seconds. And the guys took her on sofa .like a porn movie.she sat on Sunny’s laps and sunny inserted his big cock all the way inside till her guts.she was in heaven ..she was holding Vicky's huge meaty cock tightly in her soft palms as if she will never get such a cock in her lifetime .

Whenever sunny increased the pace of fucking , she use to grab viki’s cock more tightly. Viky’s cock was now red with such a tight grip.Sunny soon shot the load in her pussy..but vicky was adament to cum in her slutty mouth ,so he straddled on her breast .and shoved his monster cock in his mouth..he came like gallons in her mouth.cum was oozing out of her mouth..She sat their exhausted .Both of them gave her tits a hard squeeze and went away like a blaze.She sat there tired naked for hours looking completely used but satisfied.even I was so tired.I slept then and there.Door remained open when the guys left and I remember Hamza was suppose to come after some time to get some documents. No wonder he would have got his share of my loving wifes creamy pie..


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