Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Hot Sister Sex Story

Dear Readers,I am Sharing a Real Sex Story of My Hot Sister.I have been reading Sex Stories for one year on blogs so I decided to share my own story.First I should tell you about my family.We are living in Lahore and my father is a well settled businessman.My mother is a college lecturer.We are two brothers and one sister.My sister is elder in all three.This Pakistani Sex Story belongs to my sister.My parents have given enough freedom to my sister.She is free to spend time outside with friends and live life according to her wishes.Being elder,she always tries to suppress us and my mother always supports her in every matter.She is 22 years old.


By the time I grew up,i started noticing her activities and found that she had some dating habits.A couple of times,I saw her at park meeting some unknown guy.I told this to my mother but strangely,my mother shut me up and never asked her anything.I started feeling embarrassed as I was only 15 Y old then.One day,by chance I was returning from cricket ground when I saw My Hot Sister standing at the corner of street.There was no body around in the street.I managed to hide myself and observe her.She was unaware of the fact that i was watching her.She was talking to some one through window.Many of the Hot Pakistani Women do such meetings I think.

After a short talk she went home and I followed her.I was very angry but I didn't have that courage to tell my Mother again.I knew that she will support her and i will be disgraced.I started keeping an eye on My Hot Sister.I could not even sleep.So I got up and sat in balcony of our house.It was summer season.At around 1am,I saw someone crossing our wall to get inside.I could see him as we keep our lawn lights on at night.He was dressed in jeans and T-Shirt.I didn't make any noise and started observing him.My sister's room was close to drawing room.I could recognize him but i went down to see where he is going.

When i was on upstairs,I saw my Hot sister's window.The window was opened and the guy got entered inside.I was totally senseless for a while and I couldn't even think what to do.I checked my sister's door without making any noise.It was locked.Then I went outside slowly like a thief and tried to peep through windows.The curtains were pulled in-front of windows but there was a small gap.I could see what was happening inside.My sister has a habit to keep zero bulb on while sleeping so it was a dim light inside.I was totally shocked when I saw my sister enjoying Sex Session with that guy.

I remained there to see.The guy was standing near bed with his jeans pant down,My sister was sitting on bed and giving him a nice mouth-job.She was performing it wildly like a professional.I was rather shocked and horny now.My Hot Sister done it for a long time and believe me,My tool was also getting hard.After a long session of this mouth job,the guy pulled my sister's dress off.He removed her Qameez and his pants.He started fondling My Sister's breast and kissing her.I couldn't cleanly watch my sister's breast due to dim light but I could guess how firm and big breasts she had.

I started rubbing my tool instead of getting angry now.He made my sister on Donkey style by placing her hands on bed and started screwing her from behind.My sister's mouth opened fully when he entered inside.He was fat tool guy and really hard.I couldn't recognize the screw-er of my Hot Sister as I don't knew him but I was enjoying this Sex session.He started screwing my sister and she started moaning.She was controlling her voice and I could see her bouncing breasts in that low light.

Then After screwing my Hot Sister for a few minutes he lifted my slim sister in his hands.He faced her towards his chest and she held his neck with her arms while he pushed his tool inside my sister in standing position.It was the best scene of their sex.he banged my sister hard,hitting her deep inside and then he was about to come.He told my sister about that but I could only guess as I was not able to listen his voice.He pulled it out and my sister sat in-front of his tool facing him.He started jerking his tool and soon he deposited all his load on my sister's face.

I felt my sister like a professional Call-girl when she responded to this act.I got up and went away without waiting for him to come out.I jerked myself off until my juices came out.This sex session had created an Incest desire inside me.The day changed my feelings about my Hot sister.Now I always try to see my sister's under-garments and I knew her breast size.She is 36 D now and she wears black,Pink and Red bras which are often visible through her thin dresses.Share your comments about My Hot sister and Her Sex Stories. Read the best story of Sex With Aunty as well.


  1. Shame on u and your sister. u and your sister both r shameless. your types of people are load on the earth.and darkness of the society. plz leave all such type of habits.

  2. W0wWw gud st0ry nd an0nym0us if u d0nt like these kind 0f pe0plz then why u're reading thz st0ry nd als0 he tried t0 tell his m0m but he failed then he left his sister nd started seeing her as a girl nd incest l0ve iz n0t bad i als0 d0 it...u're just s0cial incest think fr0m ur mind,,


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