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My Sexy Hot Aunt

Hi, Friends I am Imran and this is my first Incest story at this blog. First of all I want to introduce myself and then narrate my sex story. I am a medical student these days and 21 Y old. This incest chance came when I was preparing my entry test after my FSC exams. I belonged to a village, soon after passing my FSc exams my father sent me searching for a suitable accommodation in city so that I can better prepare for medical classes and entry test. I was an intelligent student throughout my study career so everyone in the family loved me. There was my uncle's family living in the city. when they got to know that I was trying to find an accommodation in the city they offered me to stay with them. My uncle was already working abroad and my aunt was living alone with 4 children. She called my Mom and asked her to send me to their house. The same aunt was the queen of my Incest Story later.


Soon, I picked my luggage and traveled to their house. Aunt welcomed me like a traditional mother and kissed on my forehead in a pleasing manner. I liked her kiss. although it was not that kind of a kiss but I enjoyed it. Within a few days I became frank to everyone and her children became good friends of mine. My uncle called every week and he asked my aunt to take special care of me. I started becoming an active member of their family and all the household routines were contributed by me. at night, I usually prepared my exams till 1 am and she served me tea before going to bed.

One day, I went to take a bath. I saw my aunt's clothes lying there. there were her panties, bras and a few others. I felt an immediate hard on which resulted in a masturbation before bath. It was too sensational to watch my aunt's undergarments. My feelings about my aunt had changed. I started staring at her in a different style. I tried to peak through her body parts and cleavage. She has big saggy boobs which made her too sexy. One night when I came out to take water from the refrigerator, my aunt was sleeping with her chest up. Her large breasts looked awesome. I stayed there for a few minutes and my cock was fully erect. I went to bathroom and performed an immediate masturbation that night.

It was getting hard to control now. I was afraid of our relation and if I made some nasty move, she may complain to my parents and that will ruin my image. The next night, when her children were sleeping, I went to her room to see her again. she was lying in the same style. I sat near her on the bed and gathered my courage to touch her. I touched my fingers with her lips while my hands were trembling. I rolled my fingers on her lips from one side to the other and my cock got full erection. She was awake so she got up quickly and sat silently looking at me. She had not spoken any word. I got up in tension and went to my room. I was cursing myself upon my move but nothing could be done then.

I was thinking that it may be my last night in this house. so I couldn't even sleep. At morning, I didn't even look into her eyes because of shame. She seemed to be a bit angry but didn't say anything. We took our breakfast and I left for my tuition. I returned from tuition and went straight to my room. Her children were still in the school. She came with a cup of tea and placed the cup on the table. She looked at me and said; Imran look at me. I shamefully looked at her and said;Sorry  aunty. She said;sorry for what?you have done something very bad.

I begged like a child and made a series of sorries and asked her not to tell this to my parents. She said; OK,I am not telling it to anyone but tell me the truth. Who asked you to do this?I said;No one,it was only my feeling. She asked;what are your feelings about me?I said;aunt, I like you. She smiled and said;Shame, have you thought before doing this cheap?I again said;Sorry.

She left my room and nothing happened for 2-3 days next. On 4th day, her children went to school but when I was leaving for tuition, she forced me to remain at home and take off from tuition that day. I was worried but I remained at home. After finishing her work, she came to my room and asked me about my feelings about that night. I made a quick sorry again and she said;I have already forgiven you so no need to make more sorries. I just want to know your feelings now. I said;Aunty,I like you very much. She smiled and said;before doing such moves,you must have asked some elder.I said;Who elder?she laughed.

She asked me to do that again. I was still afraid but now she was behaving a little sexier. So, I touched her lips in the same style again. She smiled and said;carry on and tell me what you feel?I continued and my cock started rising. It was fully erect within a couple of minutes. She saw my erect cock and asked me to get up. I got up and she unzipped my pants. She took my shaft out and started to examine it. I was in strange feelings so I remained quite. She examined my cock in detail by moving it to the sides and then said;this thing troubles you a lot?I said;yes aunty.

She touched my tool tip with his warm tongue and my whole body shivered with pleasure. She started licking my tool tip. I closed my eyes and soon went into the heaven. She licked me till me pre-cum drops were out. After making me fully ready, she asked me to kiss her neck.I started kissing her neck, then ears,cheeks and lips. I sensed first time in my life that how horny are married aunties.She was too hot in french kissing. She inserted her entire tongue in my mouth and then took my tongue in her mouth. salivas were exchanged and we went on for 15 minutes in the same scene.

I grabbed her boobs. As I told earlier that she has extra-large saggy boobs. I asked her;Aunty whats the size of your boobs?she replied;40. It was not fitting my palms so I was fondling them like a kid. I sucked her nipples like a baby. Later, she asked me to remove her entire clothes.I pulled off her pants and panties and then she grabbed my head and placed it in between her legs. I have seen a couple of sex movies. I understood that my aunt wants her pussy to be licked. She had a freshly shaved hot pussy. I licked her wildly and then pushed my tongue inside. She was slight salty from inside. I licked every corner of that pink pussy.

Then she asked me to place my cock tip on her vaginal entry point. I placed my cock there and slides it in. I have never inserted my cock in a pussy so it was my first chance. I was feeling as I will immediately ejaculate but I tried to control my cum. Soon, I started pushing for slow strokes. It only took 1-2 minutes and I came. I pulled it out and sprinkled all my load on her belly. She smiled and said;you are too much hot.I am not finished yet. I looked at her face and after off-loading my syringe, I inserted it again. She asked me to carry on sucking her boobs and playing with her pussy without moving my cock so that I can be ready again.

It took 5-6 minutes for the final session of this incest story. I got a hard on again.I started screwing my aunt in full speed now. She got her first wild orgasm during my fucking. I have not seen a great orgasm like that ever. I saw her red face which got relaxed after a few minutes of orgasm. She held my butts and started pulling me from my ass towards her pussy with every stroke. It took too long to cum during the second fuck. I fucked her for 15 minutes at least before I came again. I told her that I was cumming. She asked me to pull it out and unload my cock on her boobs. I pulled out and lubricated her boobs with my white cum drops. She caressed my cock for a few minutes later and then took it in her mouth again. she licked everything found on my cock. Later, we took a bath and went to afternoon sleep. My stay at my aunt's became a fucking stay onward. We managed to fuck every other day after sending her children to school. I remained there for at least next 3 months before my uncle came on leave and then I had to shift to hostel to continue my classes. Now, I usually fuck my aunt every month.


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