Thursday, 14 November 2013

Sex Story: Having Sex With My Aunt

I am almost 17 years old.I am going to share my true Sex Story here. Throughout my teenage, I was interested in sex. I always wanted to have sex with an old age woman, and my dream came true one year ago.It was a kind of savory for me. My Aunt used to stay in Karachi and sometimes, during vacation, she used to visit us. Her son was just six years old. I had always fantasized of having sex with her because she had a gorgeous figure. She had heavy boobs which used to hang in from the blouse and I always wanted have a side glance at her boobs and her naval.She was a pure germane for me.

She usually wore hot fashion clothes and used Best anti aging cream that made her looks even sexier. She had been a widow for the past 4 years as my uncle had died due to heart disease. He was a heart patient right at the time of marriage but due to love affairs with aunt before marriage, he had not told anybody about the center of disease control. She was desperate for sex after uncle’s death as she was only 30 years old and young by naturals.

I always tried to peep though washroom holes to see her when she was taking bath (in the evening)this really aroused me and from the next time I always looked at her with passionate eyes, but she never showed her emotions or her desperation and anxiety for sex. She was a Betty Crocker but patient for sex. This incident of sex happened when she and her son came to visit us during my summer vacations. We all had a good time. It was a hot summer afternoon when my parents went out for shopping and in the evening my elder brother and my aunt’s son went out to play games. 

I could not go because I was a student of FSC class then. Studies were a priority. So I decided to stay back and my aunt was sleeping in the bedroom. She was wearing a white Shalwar(pants) with the transparent type hot Qameez(Shirt) which showed her luscious body and Comprehensive figures quite prominently. Since no one was there in the house, I went near her and started watching her body, her lovely thighs, humongous boobs which were uncomfortable in the black bra inside transparent Qameez. I just sat beside her on the bed mattress.I just touched her feet with a certain fear in my mind. She turned over exposing her flat belly (with few stretch marks)I was left awestruck looking at her cleavage.

It was just an awesome desire to have Sex With Aunt. I thought I could take a chance, so I assured myself that the doors were locked. I came and sat in a better position and collecting all my guts I touched her belly. It was just awesome. She was still sleeping when I touched her feet again. I could not bear more to touch her as she can wake up. I got up and went to my room to satisfy my inner self by watching some porn movie. I started watching movie on my PC and my Muscle-tech was hard like rod, visible through my baggy trousers. I forgot that I have not locked my room door. I was so busy in movie that I could not hear the sound of her entrance into my room. She was standing behind me and watching the scene. 

Suddenly she talked to me; what are you doing? I was in shock suddenly and could not make an eye contact with her even. I quickly shut down the windows of movie scene. She shown some anger but soon she was kind due to my fear. She asked me politely; why you watch such movies? I could not reply her when she took the mouse from my hand and again played the movie. I was much relaxed now as I felt the smell of my upcoming Pakistani sex session with her. She sat on the same bed and started laughing at me. I was worried about her response when she suddenly placed her hand to grab my tool. I jumped like a horse but she consoled me to relax. I could feel the lust in her eyes now after watching the movie. In sensation, she placed her hand on my head and pressed it further.

This time she looked at me and moaned. She was enjoying the fun. I slowly place my arm over her right boob and pressed it hard. She moaned loudly. I kissed her lips in French kiss style. I was literally chewing them up and considering them tipple. We kissed for about 5 minutes and then I removed her Qameez. I could see the huge boobs hanging like melons. Seeing that I went mad, I kissed her like a hungry dog, all over her cheeks, neck, ears, and lips. Then she got up from the bed and started undressing me. Finally she could not take it any longer for sex, so she ordered me to fuck her. Now I slowly spread her legs. The moment I touched my dick to her pussy she froze. Now I slowly entered her pussy and completely immersed into the hole and kept it like that for a while. She was mad with pleasure.

I slowly started making to and fro motions. She was ordering me to fuck faster and now she was cursing me with all the bad, slang words. In that she called me `mother fucker'. I really went mad at this statement and then I fucked her faster and deeper. She was screaming at the top of her. I fucked her and she told me fill her pussy with more sperms but I did not do that instead the moment when my sperm count was about to start, I removed my dick and threw my Watkins over her Abdominal. Then we kissed each other and promised to keep this matter as a secret. It has a pleasure of its own. This is all about my Aunt’s sex story.

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