Monday, 1 August 2016

Sex With Teacher - A Real Story Of Hot Encounter

I’m Kamran from Karachi Pakistan. I am going to narrate my true story of hot encounter with my teacher. I had sex with her. I'm almost 20 years old and was just free in my o-levels. This was my last year. This experience. It happened in 2014. My exams were coming and I was busy in my studies. I was feeling problems in Maths. My maths teacher’s name was Miss Rihanna. She was our new teacher from Karachi University and came to our school in Feb. She was a hot 29 year sex goddess, Perfect height, perfect busty figure, and a perfect face. Read my full story of sex with teacher below.

Right from the day when she joined our class, I always used to dream her, thinking of her busty figure and thinking of ideas to get close with her. Our school was off for other students but we seniors were arranged afternoon classes to discuss any problems with our teachers. I use to go almost everyday around 4pm to school to solve my confusions in Maths. Some of my friends use to come with me but not everyday. We use to study in a small room, with a computer in it, couple of chairs and a table. Our main laboratory was under some type of construction so the school gave us that room. It was just adjacent to the main lab. We weren’t allowed to study in library b/c an o-level past paper book was stolen by some kid so library was closed from us seniors. We sometimes sat in Staff room or in that room. You can call a small bio lab or just a room.

One day I went to school to find solution of some problems of maths exercises with miss Rihanna. For at least an hour, I studied alone with her as no one else has arrived that day. That time was the best time of my life and I was only looking at her sexy body, as she was wearing a cleavage show type dress. Sometimes at her breasts and her tights that was quite making her extremely sexy (In simple words, I say that tights are like 'Come and fuck me dress). It was treat for my eyes.

I knew we were alone but I had no courage to tease her or seduce her some way. But I wanted it badly so I thought of an idea. I got up to bring some other book. I picked it up and when returning back to the chair I intentionally stepped on her beautiful feet. She just made a painful face. I quickly put the book on my chair and went down to show that I care. I quickly just started saying sorry. While sitting down I quickly just hold her left foot and tried to take it out of her sandal.

Meanwhile I was keep on saying sorry so the holding her feet thing didn’t made her feel awkward or surprised or anything. She was just saying its alright Kamran but I wasn’t stopping. I blew air on her foot fingers from my mouth to show how much I care. She I was just smiling and saying don’t worry about it. After a minute I said with full of my courage “Madam, you have very beautiful feet”.

That may have made her feel a bit awkward but she said thank you. I knew it was the perfect time. During the blow of hot air with my feet, I just given a little kiss on her foot near the ankle area. That made her feel very awkward but she didn’t say anything and I also did not said a word at the moment. She reacted nothing as she had just ignored my lips touching with her feet. As she didn’t speak on my action, it gave me a little more courage so I raise the bottom of her tight a little and kissed her silky leg with a hot air blow.

She didn't stop me. I was in two minds but I gathered my courage to keep on doing this silly stuff untill she forbids me. I rubbed her ankle and up area to give her heat and she was just smiling. The suddenly, she said, Kamran you are so nice in healing a hurt. Thanks. Then she got up and after putting a load on her feet, she reacted like she was having a pain still. She made an ouch - I haven't put such a load on her feet that she would feell that much hurt but I guess now she was seducing me.

Then I said, Madam I think you have pain in your feet , may I give a little more massage. She looked around and then said, No, no . If someone saw us what he would think? I said, Madam no issue, the watchman is on the gate and no one else is arrived for classes yet. Let me sooth it. I got up and then she looked around and said; OK, close the door a bit, but don't do any naughty thing. Saying this, she smiled. I knew what it means. Probably, she was allowing to have a little fun. I kept on massaging her feet and kissing it. and then moved up kissing her legs. Her eyes were closed that meant she was enjoying it.

She closed her eyes, said, Kamran, you are doing it so nice. I kissed her legs and moved up to her thighs. I got a full erection and when she opened her eyes, she looked at my pants. I was erect and I couldn't hide my erection. She laughed and said; OK, Enough, you are getting naughty. I said, Mam, You are so beautiful. I couldn't control this. Then she looked around again and after a bit of thinking, she asked me to go out and check if someone else is not there. I went out of the room and saw that watchman was sitting outside the gate and no one else was present except us.

I came back and said; Madam no one is there. Then I made her stand up and started playing with her boobs. Then I lowered her tights a bit and she was half bent with the window of the room. I have locked the room and was doing it in such a way that we could keep an eye outside. I quickly lowered her white panty. I pushed her towards the wall. He boobs were pressed against I wall and I went down and licked her ass, pussy and hips from behind.

She was still in half stand position. I then unzipped my pants and my cock was outside now. I put her right leg over the chair and started pushing inside her pussy. That gave her a lot of joy. She made different type of slow noises that I really loved. She was having the time of her life. I started fucking her hard. We were doing it UN-safely. She wanted to say that but she was getting the pleasure of a lifetime. She wasn’t a virgin, I knew that she was married 2 years ago and a mom of one kid. Her pussy opening told me that her husband must be well-endowed , and he had opened her pussy with his big dick. I kept on fucking her 3-4 minutes with quick jerks and soon I deposited my white juice full of seed inside her. Then suddenly we heard a noise of gate opening. We were scared I quickly zipped my pants. She quickly got her panty and her tights adjusted in seconds and I went outside. It was a person from staff of the school who brought a message to madam Rihanna from our principal. He then went away. I wanted to do it again but she said it's enough. Now carry on your studies. After 30 minutes, Her husband came to pick her on his bike and she left the school and I went to my house.

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