Saturday, 25 June 2016

My Maths Teacher

Let me tell you the story of hot sex with my maths teacher. Since childhood days I had a hard time understanding maths, I couldn’t understand algebra, geometry or anything in maths still I was forced by my family to take up engineering and here I was in my college.All the time I used to crib about taking maths as a subject but this semester I was a hard working student who wanted to excel and get the best grade I wanted to be a teachers pet and the reason for that was my maths teacher she was an unmarried girl who had a sexy figure of 32-28-30, best part being about her was that she used to wear deep cut blouses from front as well as back, in her class I used to sit in the front seat, not only me everybody would come and sit on the front seat just to get a clear view of her cleavage when she would bend down to pick the board pen, or while taking attendance, she knew what every boy was looking at and she was indeed very happy to show us her assets. Once after one class I went behind her and got her number so that if I had any problems I could call her and ask the number.

In the afternoon time I texted her and she replied normally, thus our chapter of normal texting started everyday I used to text her how beautiful she is looking and comment on her, slowly our talks graduated from normal student teacher talks to friendly chats which in turn lead to getting personal day by day. Once late night we were chatting and she asked me if I have a girlfriend to which I simply replied no and asked if she would want to be one, she just replied with a smile and then we wished each other night and went to sleep. Next day in college she was wearing baby pink saree which was complementing her fair complexion as usual she was wearing a deep cut blouse through which her black bra was visible as she entered the class she looked at me I smiled, when she was taking attendance I texted her

Me: you are looking beautiful


Me:pink color suits you

She:yes, its my favourite color

Till now we became so close that we used to share each and everything with each other, what started as a teacher- student relationship was now turning into something completely different only.

Next day I wore a pink shirt and went to college as she entered the class she texted me “nice”, that very same day after the college time when we were chatting I told her that everybody looks at you and I dont like it, she told that from next time she won’t be wearing deep cuts and voila next day she was in shallow cut blouse, I was happy, in the afternoon time she told me tomorrow its her birthday and she is alone at her house no friends as she is a teacher and stay away from her house,i wished her birthday and asked for her address and went to her house wearing a pink t-shirt which I had bought at that particular instant, I took a small chocolate cake for her and a card.

I went to her house rang the bell she came from inside wearing a deep cut top and shorts, she was looking very sexy and I immediately told someones looking sexy instead of beautiful, she smiled said naughty and welcomed me into her house, we sat on the sofa and started formal talks, she thanked me for coming to her house and making her birthday special, I then planned her birthday since we were close to beach I told her that we will cut the cake on the beach and then will come back home, she was happy and hugged me, I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest this was the first time we had any kind of contact I immediately got a hard-on which she noticed smiled and sat on the sofa,

It was then she started teasing me, bending over from time to time for unnecessary things although I was enjoying the view but the constant hard-on had started hurting me, I went to her washroom stroked my penis for sometime and came out without ejaculating. We had our dinner outside in a hotel and then we went to beach in my car, we cut the cake, and were coming back to her house when she told she wants to stand out from the sunroof, I asked her to be careful, opened the sunroof and she stood, she was still wearing shorts and I could see her thighs now completely, looking at her thighs my car veered off into a small bump at speed, due to the bump she lost her balance and with an instinct I gave her support by holding her from her thighs, this incident made her sit in the car, I said sorry to her for the incident to which she replied “its ok, plus you need to be given something as a gift for making my birthday special”

We went to her house and I asked her permission to go back to my place so that I could masturbate, but she said she wanted me to stay as she would feel lonely, I was happy to stay back, we went in I asked for a glass of water, when she got it she intentionally bent down till my face giving me the entire view of her boobs from the cut of her top, looking at her boobs I accidentally spilled the weted over myself, now I was embarrassed she asked me to take off my t-shirt and jeans I was surprised but then immediately told “shirt is ok but jeans?? Wont it be awkward for both of us??” she replied “its ok you shouldn’t catch cold” she went in and changed to her night clothes, I was already off my t-shirt and jeans when she came out of the room, she was wearing an extremely deep cut nighty showing her entire cleavage and it was long enough to just cover her hips,

I immediately took a cushion from the sofa and kept it over my underwear to hide my erection, she looked at me and laughed came and sat near me, now she was uncomfortable close to me I could feel her soft skin rubbing on my shoulders, I could feel her thighs over mine, her skin was awesome plus the smell of her perfume was making me mad, we both sat together and she started watching tv, I could hardly concentrate on the tv all the time I was looking at her chest, she noticed me 3-4 times looking at her boobs when she spoke “like what you see” I immediately blushed and muttered “awesome,i would like to play with them”, she looked at me and asked me to throw the pillow,i kept the pillow away, moved my arms around her waist and pulled her over my lap.

I moved my palm over her cheeks pulled her face close to mine and planted a kiss on her lips, she replied well, I took her lower lips and started sucking it, then inserted my tongue inside her mouth she started playing with my tongue,i slowly moved my hands over her back and was massaging her back, slowly moved my hands over her shoulders and slid off the strings holding her nighty over her body as I did this she pushed her elbows near her body to stop it from falling, I kept my arms from inside her elbows loosing her grip, she held me on my face and was kissing me as I did this she smiled looking at me while kissing,

I took out her nighty and her boobs were now touching my chest I was in heaven, pulled her more close to me we started kissing more passionately she had gripped me as firmly as she could, for the first time in some 20 minutes we broke our kiss and looked each other directly in the eyes, she smiled and started moving her hands over my hairs I kept my hand near her neck pushed her from behind towards me and kissed on her chin and started kissing front of her neck, she gripped me more close to her and twitched her hips, her twitching had moved her slightly from over my lap making it uncomfortable as I kept my hands over her hips and pressed them pulled her bit in air to adjust her she moaned hearing her moan I pressed her hips even more tightly and started licking her neck, she forced my face on her neck and I bit her, she shouted in pain pushed me away from her and spoke “bedroom” I picked her up in my arms and walked towards her bedroom in the mean time she took out her entire nighty from over her body and held me tightly.

I slowly kept her on bed and climbed on her and again started kissing her neck, she was growing restless and her body was moving with each lick, I moved my hands over her boobs caressed them and started kneading her melons she moved her hands over my penis and took and out started stroking it slowly with one hand I pressed her boobs and my another hand I took off her panty and started massaging her vagina she was already wet I fingered her vagina and her grip on my penis was increasing. I took my fingers out of her vagina and kept it in her mouth she started licking my fingers,

I went near her left boob pressed it with my another hand and kept it inside my mouth and started sucking her nipples, she was moaning badly all this pleasure was unbearable for her, she took my penis and stroked it fast, immediately I stopped everything and picked my face and looked at her even she stopped stroking my penis and looked at me I moved my hand from over her boobs to her vagina rubbed it, took my penis from her hand and rubbed it over her clitoris and pushed it inside her vagina she held me extremely tightly from my back and pulled me completely over her,i kept my hand around her and held her tightly and we again started kissing, this time it was so passionate that we started biting each others lips, slowly I moved my penis inside her vagina she moaned loudly and started shouting “aaahhh!! Fuck!!! Fuck me like a bitch!!! Give me my present” till now our foreplay was so passionate that within 5-10 minutes we both released, and I released inside her vagina,

After releasing we held each other extremely very tightly and then I came up from over her and was lying beside her, she gathered her strength got up took my penis inside her mouth and started sucking it, I looked at her and started playing with her boobs, she licked the top part of my penis and licked our juices from over it and started sucking it nicely within few minutes we were again ready to go,she kept my penis between her boobs and massaged it nicely, then she came over me and sat on my penis and started jumping over it she kept one of her hand over my chest and with other she was pressing her boobs and was jumping madly, I kept my hands over her body and was touching her boobs, her stomach,

After few minutes she was tired and she dropped on me, with my penis inside her vagina, I pushed her down on bed kissed her boobs and started thursting her vagina with all my force, she kept her legs on my shoulder so as to get maximum penetration I was holding her thighs and was fucking her as madly as I could, she again ejaculated but I was far away from any kind of ejaculation so I kept on fucking her, picked her up got her into doggy style and kept on fucking her for 20-25 minutes when again I took out my sperms inside her vagina.

We both lay together on bed after this when I asked that what is she gets pregnant when she told she is infertile and can never get pregnant and held me tightly, I felt sad for her held her even more tightly and kissed her on forehead and we both slept, next day morning my phone rang I saw the time it was 11 and we both were still in each others hands we looked at each other, I took both of ours phone and switched them off, since it was Friday today we had Saturday Sunday off for both of us during which we fucked continuously and our relation changed from teacher-student to girlfriend-boyfriend.

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