Friday, 19 August 2016

A Desperate Husband Story

I am Rehan from Lahore. I am narrating my true life story here. Being a husband of a hot wife, I must say that our married life was totally changed after this incident. Names are changed in this story for the sake of privacy but incidents are true. When I was 21 Years old, I was completing my university education where I met my classmate Usman (changed). This hot story belongs to the relationship of me, Usman and my hot wife. I will tell you how gradually I guided my friend to fuck my wife.


So, when we were studying in university we became good all time friends and we shared each and every moment of life. We used to live in the same room of the hostel and Usman proved himself to be a good friend. In those 4-5 Years, we became very very close to each other and all curtains of shame have been lifted between us. Usman was a very good looking guy and all guys wanted to make him a friend. his personality and body attributes attracted everyone in the class but he preferred me as a friend. Anyhow, in just a 3-4 months period, we became closer and closer till we broken into the relationship of gay friendship. Initially, we French kissed each other. The next 2-3 days we were in a sort of awkward feeling when we talked to each other but soon things got eased up. Usman do have the gay likes. He was 5.11 tall, white color, awesome facial look and a beautiful posture. I liked him more than girls. 

One night while we were sleeping, he hugged me tight and I could feel his hard dick inside her trousers touching my ass. I tried to push his dick a bit away but he pretended a sleep mode. But when I touched his dick to push it away, I noticed that it was slightly wet with his precum and his dick looked like a big rod when I touched it. After a few minutes, he again touched his dick with my ass crack. This time, to be very honest, I didn't pushed him away. If I tell you my internal feeling, I was enjoying his moves.

In 10-15 minutes he slowly lowered my trousers and then the skin of his nice tool was touching my ass. He was hard and big dick guy. This was the first time when I felt his dick size. I pretended as now I was sleeping so he continued to move his dick slowly between my ass and legs and then when he saw me giving no objection, He put some saliva to make my ass-hole wet and then placed his cock tip on my ass-hole. I thought for a while and thought to stop him but I couldn't. So I kept on silent and allowed him to move on. 

Then as he pushed his fat cock inside my ass, I hardly controlled my cry. He was to fat to bear easily but I controlled myself and he pushed it about a half inside. He slowly started to fuck my ass and then he finished in about 4-5 minutes exploding all his lovely cum inside my ass. Then he turned around and fell asleep. Although, I have felt a lot of pain in this fuck but I kept quite and enjoyed. It was our first ever fuck.

In day time he pretended very normal and I also behaved normal as nothing had happened between us. That day onward, our GAY relationship started in its full swing. The main thing was that, Usman always acted as top and I offered my ass to him. We used to fuck almost 1-2 times a week and I was then almost addicted to his dick.Any week if we didn't fuck, I felt a strange kind of hunger for his nice dick. Finally, our university period got ended and our Gay relationship was also being stopped.

Then I got a job in a multi-national company and Usman went abroad. He came back after 1 year on his seasonal leave of 3 months when we met again. He has got a little weight in that 1 year but now he looked more handsome and well-built. I got married in that first year of my job and my sexy wife appeared to be a nice lady. She always tried to present herself as a good wife and always shared lovely things of my life. We had a great understanding. Even, when we were out to markets or some pubic places, I used to admire the assets of girls and she used to participate in this fun. In short, me and my wife were too bold to each other.

One day, I called Usman and invited him home for dinner. While taking dinner, Usman started remembering the days of university life and he also expressed his wish to drill my ass again for the days of his leave. Usman was still a single but engaged. I was surprised to hear him but I wanted him badly. So we decided that Usman will have a night stay and I told my wife to sleep alone while me and Usman will discuss a few business matters in the other room. I excused her that our discussion may be long so its better that she go to bed.

At about 12'o'clock mid night, we switched of the light when my wife got slept in other room. I sucked Usman's dick again for at least 20 minutes and my hunger for his nice dick was increasing. Then he started fucking my ass. I felt in heaven. Meanwhile he was drilling my ass , we started talking dirty. And I couldn't control saying that ' Usman your dick is awesome - please fuck my wife also' He was quite surprised but he also replied ' Why not - I would fuck bhabhi . He said ' I would drill your wife's lovely pussy for the whole night just like I am fucking your ass' omg, his words made me more hotter and we talked too much dirty about my wife.

Then after giving me 2 fucks , he almost swollen my ass hole. I got up and returned to my bedroom where my hot wife was sleeping. Usman slept in the other room but I had yet not discharged my cum. Soon, I started teasing my sleeping wife and after she got a little awake, she started responding me. I fucked her nicely and it felt more than a crazy fuck this night. She was also feeling my wild jerks and she said; what's up today? it's awesome today. 

I couldn't tell her that my best friend has fucked me twice and now I was fantasizing him fucking her pussy. Anyhow, the night was amazing and Usman left our house after breakfast. Nothing happened that day because I couldn't tell my wife straight to get fucked from Usman.

For the next 5-6 days, I started admiring Usman and his looks when I talked to my wife. Initially, she didn't give any response. but slowly she started expressing her liking for Usman's body posture. Then after getting a response from her, I told her that he is having a good dick as well. She was shocked initially that how I know that but as it was all started in joke mood, I told her that I have seen him fucking an aunty. She got interested in my self-made story.

Then I narrated her a so called Aunty sex story in which Usman fucked his neighbor Aunt who was married and had 2 kids. She enjoyed the story and laughed a lot. Then, I invited Usman for coffee 2-3 times in the next week. This time, I have seen a different reaction from my wife. She shown some kind of interest in watching Usman and she casually appeared infront of the room where we were both sitting.  

I knew her feelings, I guessed she would never ask me straight but probably she is looking to experience the dick Usman got and she wants some help from me. I was also looking for that chance. So I asked Usman to visit us every 3-4 days and he got my point. In next week, Finally, I asked my wife to have dinner with us (Me and Usman) as Usman was like our family member. She accepted my offer happily and I asked her to wear some hot dress. She had probably got my intentions so she worn a deep necked shirt (in which half of her cleavage was visible). Usman kept on staring her big tits as she was sitting on the front chair to him and I was sitting the middle side. 

Usman and my wife started getting a bit free. I noticed it, I was looking for this to happen so I allowed everything to go on. After the dinner, When my wife was making tea for us, I went to the kitchen and hugged her from the back, placing my dick inside her ass crack. She said, what happened? come on , your friend is sitting there and door is opened. I smiled and said; Oh honey , come on, and she smiled. While I was kissing her neck, Usman suddenly came out (It was the part of our plan) and he said; Oh sorry, I needed some water. My wife was ashamed for a while but as she saw me smiling, her blushing face got eased up.

She told Usman that water bottle is in the refrigerator. He looked into her eyes and exchanged a smile. While he was picking up the bottle, I again started kissing her neck while Usman was bending his back towards us. She pushed me away and smiled . I was doing this all to ease up her tension and shame which she was facing in Usman's presence.

Usman went back to his room while I joked my wife. I said; honey , let's do something new today. She said; what new? I said, have you seen movies in which 2 guys and 1 girl do fun. She smiled and said; how can it happen. I said; Usman is here. She looked at me in a blushing style and said; no, how could it be possible. If he told someone? Though she said this but rather than saying that she won't do this , she just said; If he told anyone? This was a silent approval from her that she wants it but only afraid of the society and Usman. 

I assured her that Usman is my trustworthy friend of years and he won't tell anyone. He is personally very good and trust-able. She again said; You think again, I have no issue. OMG, how easily my wife got agreed to get fucked by my life-friend, I was quite surprised. Anyhow, I esnured her everything to be safe and secret.

We planned it to do it after she finishes her kitchen work and gets ready. Meanwhile, she said, she will do it in zero light . I got agreed and went to Usman. When I told Usman that my hot wife is ready to offer him pussy, he almost jumped up. and looked at me in wonder. He couldn't believe his luck. He started praising my wife's nice tits and said; Believe me, I always wanted to fuck bhabhi's big tits and nice pussy. I smiled and said, OK, let's do it then. I told him to join us after 30 minutes in our bedroom.

My wife got ready and soon we started kissing and hugging each other. Then Usman joined us. He came inside the room when my wife was sucking my dick. She was totally nude at that time. Usman pulled his underwear down and then went straight to my wife's hot pussy. When he touched her back, she shivered for a moment but I grabbed her head and pushed my full dick in her throat. She giggled but I kept on pushing her head down. Usman started licking her pussy. She was moaning louder and louder.

Usman licked her nicely. She enjoyed it and she sucked my cock with greater passion than ever. After a few minutes, I asked Usman to come up and he obeyed me. She grabbed his big cock and started licking his balls while he was moaning now. he was grabbing her hair while she was licking his balls. I started licking her pussy. Then I couldn't control myself so I also went near her face. Usman was grabbing her left boob and fondling it crazily. 

She was sucking both of , sucking me and stroking his dick then sucking him and stroking my dick. She was doing it like a real slut. Once Usman tried to push his full dick in her throat but due to his fat size , she giggled. Usman held her head there and kept on his dick inserted in her throat for a few seconds. He was using my wife like a slut.

I was enjoying this all and was all becoming out of control for me. Soon, I felt if I would cum quickly. I couldn't bear the hotness of the scene so I quickly went near her pussy and fucked her for only 3-4 jerks when I came inside her. This was the shortest fuck time of our married life. She got her first orgasm as soon as I came inside her. Usman was still being sucked by my crazy slut wife. I went to the washroom to clean my dick and I spent about 3-4 minutes there.

In-between that, Usman has started fucking her nice pussy with my cum inside her. He fucked her like a real bull. She then got an upper ride onto his dick and she jumped like a slut over his nice fat cock. She was moaning , louder and louder with heavenly joy and then Usman made her lying straight and pullled his dick out of her pussy. He jumped up and went straight to her big tits. He grabbed her 36 sized boobs and pushed his pussy lubricated cock inside her tits. 

He started fucking my wife's boobs. He fucked her tits and enjoyed it a lot. She also enjoyed that. Meanwhile, I was ready again. Usman started fucking her in missionary style while I was sitting near her lips on her breast. She kept on sucking my dick while Usman fucked her good. He came inside her but he kept on fucking her even after the first cumshot. I was surprised with his fucking stamina as he has never fucked my ass twice in one insertion.

This session went too longer as there were no signs of Usman's 2nd cumshot. He fucked my wife for about 15-20 minutes till she got exhausted. Then , I asked Usman to cum again quickly and listening my words, he drilled her pussy like a horse. Finally, he came again and shot all his load inside my wife. My dick was ready again, but after looking at my wife, I thought not to put it in her pussy. She sucked me till I cum. I cum on her boobs. Usman left after giving her 2 nice cum loads. When I looked toward clock, it has already taken about 90 minutes of fucking session.

Usman took a bath and later my wife got a bath. Usman left our house in the morning early to avoid any guilt faced by her. I slept again after seeing off Usman. Me and my hot wife got up around 1130 am and still I could see the tiredness on her face. It was obvious as she has gotten the longest fuck of her life. The next day, we didn't discuss anything what happened at night. I went to work and she got busy in her househjob. When I returned home, Everything was normal between us. Friends, Do tell me if our life story of sex is good.

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