Thursday, 2 June 2016

Meeting An Old Friend For Unplanned Sex

I am a housewife of 35Y old and this is my real sex story. When I talk about my husband I say that he is the nicest person in the world to me. Cheating my husband has never been a planned thing for me but it happened UN-expectedly. My husband is so smart, funny, thoughtful, and the handsomest man in my life. So when our parents planned to marry us I was so happy. We were married for 9 years and had two kids ( they were 6 and 4) when my husband left to go on a trip for work.


So while he was gone , one day I went out with my best friend and surprisingly she brought her brother (he was an old classmate of mine) with her. He was very muscular strong good looking and very handsome in this age. So when we went back home after having a good fun-time , he dropped off his sister as her kids were calling her . Our outing plan was ruined so he offered to drop me home. I said yes . While we drove back to my house, he realized that he had forgot his some documents at flat and if I'm easier he may pick his bag to avoid the 2nd drive. I had no issue as his flat was in the midway to my house.

we went to his house , he offered me to come in with him. I don't know why I couldn't deny him so I walked in behind him to see his flat. Probably I had been reminding the 10 year back friendship kind of love affair with him. I wasn't thinking I would have sex with him but he made me feel sexy and alive.

As I was enjoying time with him and a good time if I say it right, he offered me a cup of coffee.I accepted his offer and started watching LED in his flat while he went to the kitchen and made coffee for us. While taking coffee, he described his life ups and downs and the years he spent after our university time. I forgot to tell you readers, we do had some kissing and boobs touch in university time but things had never gone to fucking.

He reminded me about my change of looks right from the university period when I used to wear a 34D bra but now I was wearing a 40+ size after the two breast feeding kids. Though, my breast were not saggier and I used to care my figure a lot so I looked exactly like a sexy milf. He started praising my body looks right now and I don't know how I kept on listening those admiring words with keen interest.

For the time I was at his flat, I totally forgot that I was a mother of two kids and the wife of a loving husband. Probably, I was looking to hear those words from him past 9-10 years and my ears were hungry for that. Finishing the coffee, he got up and came closer to me and just placed his hand onto my hands. I shivered a bit but couldn't resist his move. He admired me and slowly went on towards feeling my body.

He approached my legs as my hand was resting on my thighs and slowly he rubbed his hand with my cheeks. I didn't forbid him to proceed but I was probably enjoying the taste of extra-marital sex for the first time in my life. He was an old friend of mine who has touched my boobs in past and kissed me a lot in university time so resistance was never been an option for me. Once , I stopped his hand but don't know how I allowed him to proceed on.

We slowly started kissing each other in french style just like we did 9-10 years back. And then he placed his hand on my boobs and started rubbing them. I was feeling the heat, I was moaning a bit and he was kissing all over my face. My pussy quickly gone wet and I couldn't control anymore. He slowly guided me towards the bed and I closed my eyes and let him to move on. He kissed my belly, slowly removed my clothes and kept on kissing and feeling my busty figure.

It went on for 10-15 minutes before he started fingering my wet pussy. I never stopped him at any step and soon he started rubbing his nice tool on my pussy lips. I have never been fucked by a man other than my husband but this day he was about to fuck me. At that point, I stopped for a while and tried to ask him to stop but he was fully prepared to fuck me. So, after watching his lust I moved on with the atmosphere inside.

Soon he was slowly fucking my cunt and sucking my nipples. He could be such a nice fucker, I have never imagined. He fucked too good, too romantic and too nice. He tried to hit me deep with his slow and fast mixed up jerks. Then he rolled over and now I was riding over his dick and jumping up and down. This movement drove me crazy as he grabbed my both boobs while I was riding his dick. It was a kind of fuck I would have wished for years. It was feeling different than the one me and my loving husband do every other night.

I never wanted to finish the ride but he was eager to fuck me in doggy. So, he got up and made me doggy. He given me another bully ride with a fast fucking action. This was a quick fucking action and probably the fastest and the wildest of all. He never pulled it out until he deposited all his cum deep inside my pussy. omg, what afuck it has been, totally different in taste to that me and my loving husband enjoy. After finishing the fuck, we laid down for a while and then there was no feeling of shame afterwards. we joked like friends and laughed discussing the tiredness we got. After that, he dropped me home. Later, in the midnight, I was feeling a bit guilty.

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