Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Hot Aunty

This story is about how I managed to enjoy sex with my real aunt. My aunt Mona, She is very beautiful with a height of 5’8 and a figure of 38-28-38. She has very attractive figure and gorgeous body shape. She has long hairs which she prefers to keep open. Her dark black eyes are complement to her beautiful fair complexion. Her red rosy lips are so inviting that you want them to suck them dry in first glance. She has deep cleavage which leads to two beautiful mountains which are like fully reaped mangoes with protruding brown nipples with aroma all around it. She has a flat tummy which is a result of continuous work-out. She tends to wear her saree deep down showing her navel in a sexy manner. She has perfectly shaped buttocks which sway with her every movement. She has long well-tanned legs with no hair on it. She has a tight, pink and sugary cunt which drives every man crazy.

Having sex with my aunt was never an easier task. This happened when I visited my Aunty who was living in Lahore. When I visited there, I received a warm welcome from both Uncle and Aunty, as I have went there after long time. I was planning to stay there for around 2 weeks. The moment I saw Aunty, I couldn’t remove my eyes from her lusty body. I was envy of my Uncle that got to fuck her daily. They lived in a 2 bedroom apartment.

I got the spare one which was next to their master bedroom. At night, I always fantasized about Aunty and jerked myself. But, one night I woke up and heard some noises which was coming from next room. I got up and went to that room and peeped through the keyhole and saw that Uncle was fucking Aunty and she was moaning. After a while Uncle, turned Aunty in doggy style and was humping her from back. Soon, they both had their orgasm and went to sleep. After seeing such a hot fuck, I jerked off and barely went to sleep. After seeing Aunty nude, my desire to get her increased and now I was in continuous search for an outbreak.

I started to follow her wherever she goes. I kept an eye on her boobs whenever by chance her pallu fell or she was cleaning. I was lucky few times but that didn’t suffice my hunger. At last, I got a break. The AC in my room broke down and it was really hot so my Aunty asked me to sleep with her and Uncle in her room. I was really happy to know that the AC mechanic had already informed that it will take about a week for the AC to get repaired

2 days passed but nothing happened but since I was there Uncle and Aunty was become restless to have sex. Finally, on the third night I was already half-asleep, I figured that Uncle was moving his hands here and there and I heard Uncle saying something to Aunty and Aunty quickly sat up, did something with hand that I couldn’t figure as it was very dark and finally slept facing towards Uncle.

As soon as she slept Uncle again started his movement with much freedom. Now, I figured that Uncle has asked Aunty to remove her bra as it was blocking his free access. Considering that it was very dark and Aunty was asleep seeing her deep breaths, I kept my hand on her breast and felt her boobs. I slowly started feeling her nipple; I was rubbing it and was enjoying her soft fluffy boob. When I moved my hand, I found that Uncle was holding her other boob and was pressing it hard; when my hand touched his considering it to be that of Aunty he removed his giving me free access. I enjoyed both the boobs of Aunty; I pressed them; squeezed her nipples. I had time of my life. Finally, I jerked off and went to sleep.

Next day, it was a surprised package for as Uncle has to go to attend a business meeting and was scheduled to return after 2 days. I was really happy to be alone with my sex-goddess and I also figured that it was a golden opportunity to fuck her. Nothing happened throughout the day but night brought some surprises for me. When I went to bed Aunty was already asleep and her pallu was displaced giving me full view of her boobs. I could see her nipples as she was not wearing bra. I got an instinct hard-on seeing this. I slept beside her and she was facing me. I couldn’t control myself and I managed to open the 2 top button of her blouse. Now, I could see her cleavage but I was hungry for more. As she was in sideway position, the lower button were loose and I managed to open them and now only two buttons were in between me and those ripe mangoes.

Now, she moved and slept on her back. The scene of her boobs moving up and down with her every breath was so erotic that I was hardly able to control and I placed my hand inside her blouse and was pressing her boobs. The touch of her soft boobs was driving me crazy and I forgot where I was; I was simply rubbing, pressing and pinching her nipples. Soon, I removed last two buttons and freed her tits.

Now, I was sucking those tits and was moving my hand all over her stomach. She was totally nude on the top and now I focused my attention at the bottom. I tried to reach to her panty from top but it was very tight so, I decided to go from the bottom. I moved to her legs and raised her saree to get a view of her love hole. But, she was wearing a pink panty. I was unable to remove it, so leaving it I tried to remove her saree. I started undressing her but it was difficult as saree was stuck beneath her. Now, I have no choice other than to raise her saree to her hips and slide my hand inside her panty from the top and I done so. Her panty was wet as she was already oozing. Now, I new she was awake and was enjoying all my act.

Realising this I decided to teach Aunty a lesson. I brought some pieces of cloth and tied her legs and hands to bed-post. I turned her so that she was lying on her stomach; removed her panty and exposed her bare ass-cheeks. They were very soft and spongy. I started spanking her; first slowly but sooner harder and harder. I could hear her moaning but I didn’t stop. Soon her cheeks became red and marks came on it but I didn’t stop.

Now, I spread her legs and exposed her wet oozing cunt. I was in no mood to let her go. I turned her made her fully nude and jumped over her. I was biting her nipples; rubbing her boobs and squeezing them hard. Soon, pain became unbearable and she told me to go easy as it was paining. I smiled seeing her and told her that it is her punishment for acting that she is asleep.

Now, I removed my clothes and sat on her face and rubbed my dick on her lips; she as a sign she quickly opened her mouth and started sucking it. She was doing it very nicely. She took half my dick in my mouth and was rubbing her hand on my balls. She occasionally, squeezed them and sometimes she moved the foreskin of the dick. She was a brilliant cock-sucker. I was not letting her go easily and I was pumping her hard and fully inserted my dick in her mouth; she was unable to hold it and gargled but I kept there for a moment until she choked. I removed it and did the same few more times. After mouth-fucking her for 10 minutes, I reached climax and ejaculated inside her mouth which she gladly took it and cleaned my dick with her tongue.

Now, I moved to her cunt and started licking it. She was really turned on as she was making a lot of noises. Soon, I started fingering her. I started with middle one but soon inserted my three fingers inside her. Her pussy was so loose after so much fucking that I could easily take whole fist inside. She was moaning loudly and was begging me fuck her. I kept my dick on her pussy head and gave a jerk. This fucking session was too good. I drilled her in all positions. 

I hope that readers of this sex story blog would love my story. Having sex with my Aunt was such a difficult task to do but I managed to do it easily. Read another story of Pakistani Aunty here.

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