Monday, 28 March 2016

Having Sex With Neighbor Wife - Real Story

This is my true life story. In this story I will tell you that how I had done sex with my neighbor wife. This incident happened when I was just free on vacations from university. We live in a housing society where flats are built in floors. I was staying at top floor and usually all ladies used to come up to dry their clothes and sometimes to enjoy fresh breeze. There was a newly married couple staying on the ground floor and they had shifted here recently. Her name was Naila (Initially my mother told her name). She was gorgeous; having big boobs, she used to wear tight clothes and often with tight pajamas and choridaars. A couple of times, When I saw her accidentally on the passage, I got an immediate erection. To be honest, her dressing was quite provoking and in hidden words they say, Come and fuck me hard. Her husband was a salesman on a company and most of the day, he used to stay outside home.


From the day, I saw her; I used to become horny, whenever she came up to dry washed dresses, her clothes were tight and wet and giving invitations to fuck. Luckily, I had the room window towards upstairs, through which I usually tried to get a glimpse of her.

mostly on Sundays, she used to wash clothes and come up to the roof for drying. that Sunday, around 11am, she came up with some wet clothes in the basket and gone up. She kept her basket in the way, and went back down, I thought she will come up again; So I went out and immediately went to the roof without getting noticed by others.She came up again; my heart came to my mouth. I didn’t know, how to react and how to break the ice between me and her. I got into a corner of the roof and pretended to be on call on my cell. She arrived and started spreading her clothes on the wire. To my luck, The wire got broken due to the weight of the clothes and she got a sudden cry. I looked at her and just smiled. She was a bit nervous but I quickly offered my help to tie the wire again. She was just standing silent and looking at me but I quickly managed to re-tie the broken wire and she was able to spread her wet clothes on it.

Then I again got busy into phone call acting but I had seen the bra's and panty's in the basket. Normally, These things are considered very personal and women of our society doesn't expose their under-garments even for washing in-front of gents of the house or anywhere around. But I was almost shocked that she was too much liberal (Though she was quite expected to do such things if you see her dressing style) She just picked her bra and panty ,kept on wire and left down. She done it without any fear of my presence on the roof. After her departure, I just went closer to her bra's and panty. Her bra tag told that she got a size of 34D. I was quite nervous how to move forward but it was a good ice-breaking between me and her. Next weekend, she again came to spread her dresses, and I was present on the roof. She was not a fool that can't guess my presence every-time when she comes up. After spreading her clothes, she came towards me and asked me; Why are you every-time on the roof when ladies are spreading clothes. I smiled and said; no mam - actually it's my calling happy hour. So by chance we are again together, otherwise there is nothing wrong in my mind. She said; I know Mister, I know what you are trying to do. And then she left the roof with a smile. Now, my fears had gone and On the next weekend, I purposely went to the roof on the same time.

I decided it’s enough, lets try real sex. When she came up, she was wearing red tight with half-sleeves deep neck through which I can see her bra straps, I approached her when she was free of work. I said; Naila, I have something to say you. I am trying to say it past 3 weeks but couldn't find courage. She looked into my eyes and said; What you mean? I said; you are so beautiful that I can't control my feelings after meeting you a past few weeks. She shown some anger and said; shut up, I am married and you should behave yourself, I will tell your mother. I looked at her but her face expressions were saying something different than her words. Her eyes were quite accepting to me.

I said sorry Naila, if I hurt you. She was just look down, I went nearer to her, slowly grabbed her hand, and she reacted quickly to take it away. She said; are you goof, somebody will see us here. Let me go down, and think about it whether to tell your mother or not. She went down and the next 24hrs, I kept on praying that she should not tell the story to my mother. Next day, she came to our flat and my heart started beating fast. She sat with my mother for an hour but she never discussed anything about me. I thanked GOD for getting a safe way.

I went to the washroom and she left our flat at the same time when I was coming out of washroom. My mother is not educated , She dropped a chit (Paper) near washroom door while passing away. I quickly picked it up without getting noticed by my mother. When I read the paper, believe me, I was stunned. She asked me to visit her flat in a safe way on next day at 11am. I couldn't wait for that special moment and I hardly managed to spend those 15 hours. The next day, I told my mother that I am going to the market. I looked around in the passway, gallaey and stairs and found no one around. It was the working time so all the males were out for jobs and only women were present inside flats. I went straight to the door of her. and was shocked to see it unlocked. I opened it and entered without making any noise.

After entering, I locked it and saw her smiling, standing in her bedroom entrance. I just went to her and grabbed her hand and sat on bed. She just asked, Did anybody saw you coming. I said, No; am I a fool to come getting noticed? Then I quickly started my moves. She just let her eyebrows down, I thought its green signal, slowly I started kissing her forehand, then her eye lashes and finally her lips.. now she too started responding to it, while kissing I was pressing her towards by firm tits, I was feeling her hot body, my dick was becoming hard, I touch her pussy.

Though she stopped me initially, But I knew many women do that just as formality so I Slowly have taken her down, laid her on the bed and started kissing her face and going down to her deep neck qameez, slowly removed it. I started sucking her bra, later I removed it too, now I can see 34d sized big firm boobs, I said to her … I am going to fuck u today…she said, really?.

I started eating her boobs like small children eat ice cream fearing it will meltdown, pulling her tits with my teeth. She was moaning. Meanwhile I was pushing my left hand in to her panty down.. slowly I removed all clothes from her, both were nude. My dick was hard.i just laid on her starting to kiss her and rubbing my dick at her pussy make her hot and horny.

I pressed her boobs like lime, and inserted fingers deep inside her pussy, then keeping both hand on boobs and started licking her pussy with tongue. She was moaning as if anything and crying, I didn’t listen licking fastly… when she was too much wet..I touched my dick to her lips a few times but she just grabbed it but didn't suck. I got an idea that she may be not into this.

I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy.. slowly push deep and deeper..I can see, she was having widened mouth. Luckily, I am guy with a dick on the fat side. maybe she was not fucked by a fat dick before.. slowly I started to increase my speed..I started move my hip fastly and pressing her boobs, she was pleading.. please do slowly.. you hurt me.. please..Whenever she say…

I used to more energy and push harder, within 3-4 minutes time, I had came inside her. She was married so I had no fear to cum inside. I laid on her,we relaxed sometime but kept on licking her tits… meanwhile some of my cum was leaking out of her pussy. I cleaned it with a shirt of her husband which was kept on the bed. Then after 5 minutes time, my dick was erect again. I made her doggy and started pumping her again. The 2nd shot was very longer. It went on for next 20-25 minutes of fast fucking in all style. I made her sit on my erect cock and jump, then I lifted her legs up my shoulders and pumped all my seed inside her.

The sex time was best of my life. I have never fucked someone's wife in past. Today, I was able to fuck a horny wife in her own flat and she was such a delicious thing to taste. After finishing the 2 shots fuck, I quickly got dressed and left their flat. I fucked her many times past one year as we are still living in the same society. Whenever her husband is away and I am hot to do it, I ask her to arrange a fuck time. And she is such a lovely hottie that she obeys like a hot wife. I hope you readers like my life story.

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