Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Story Of Sister In Law

Having sex with your close relations is always awesome. It is the story of the days when my sister in law came to meet us. she’s Sonia 32 busty as well traits of their mother. This happened with me last year in April. I was living a happy life with my wife Seemy “29”she is a busty one and I just love her brown nipples!!! Even after 19 months marriage we still fuck 3 times a week like rabbits. But it was about change cause my wife is an accountant at a bank and they are head over heels with work at April month.


Sex Story Of Sister In Law
My sister-in-law Sonia was extremely hot. Sonia’s husband was permanently working in USA and she was on the verge of getting travel documents for her so she sold her most stuff and moved in with us for two months. As days passed by I was getting restless and horny because my wife was very busy with her work so no time for sex and I dint knew when I started staring at sonia’s boobs which she noticed a few times and started giving wicked smiles. I started noticing changes in her. she use to wear low neck tops and all showing ample of cleavage in the absence of my wife and wear normal ones in her presence. We were very very frank to each other and often joked each other in a free style.

It was getting out of control for me watching such big boobs in this manner and I bet it may be the same for her because she was sex starved which was obvious cause. The only wall of shame between us was who will break the ice. One fine evening when I returned from work, as I opened the door I saw her,I was stunned she was in a towel just out of bath and was looking a real goddess. Her wet hair,light red lips and water drops running down her long cleavage made me horny which she noticed and gave a lustful smile it was too much for me to control and her smell was making me more hard and horny I lost all my senses and without thinking more, I locked the outer door. I pinned her with the wall started kissing on her neck and ears. My brave act could have gone either way, She may have given me a slap on face or told my wife but she closed her eyes as I started sucking her lips soon our tongues were fighting with each other and I gave a hard squeeze on her big boobs and she moaned “ahhhhh" .

I was waiting for this since 2 weeks” as we again started smooching the stupid door bell rang. We were both back in senses so she went inside room and I opened the door. my wife was on the door! I could hardly hide my boner from my wife. That whole night I barely slept I thought about what all happened with me and sonia I was getting restless there was no chance of fucking her in the night because of my wife so I decided to take a surprise holiday from work and fuck my sil the whole day!!!

Next day as my wife went I rushed to sonia’s room. I pulled her on to the bed and started smooching her she became very wild and ripped her clothes off. She didn't even resisted a bit. there it was her big boobs!!! But I actually was surprised to see that my wife’s boobs were little smaller than sonia’s but anyway it was a feast for me and I started pressing as hard I could she moaned in pain and pleasure “aaaahhh” I started sucking and gentle biting her boobs and nipples. She was arching her back and moaning.

After sucking for a while I saw teeth marks on the boobs but there was lustful smile on her face I slowly moved down kissing her navel and I saw that she had stained the bed sheet with her dripping pussy juices. I began to rub her pussy n lick her cilt by which her moans got louder she made hissing sounds and with in mins her body began to shiver she arched her back n moand ” aaahhh ohhhh” her juices were leaking out and I licked all of it, it was salty but good.

In a while she got back to her senses and removed my undies, my dick sprang out, gave a lick on tip, slowly licked my precum of and gave me a heavenly blowjob!! She licked and sucked from the tip to down the shaft, took half of it in and blew hot air out it was heaven when she did that,a pro at giving bj after doing it few times she gagged me in within mins I cummed in her mouth and on her boobs she licked and wiped of the rest. She was a real sex slut. 

We laid there for a while but I just could not resist her boobs and began chewing on them again her nipples were hard and erect yet soft I sucked on it like a baby and I fingered her asshole at the same time I got hard again in no time due to her lovely boobs. She saw my dick and asked me to do it again. She caught my dick and started to push in slowly by her pussy was tight like a virgin!! I smooched her and pushed my whole dick in one go,she screamed inside my mouth and dug her nails in my back I could she the pain on her face yet I continued stroking her and in moments she began moaning.

As I moved faster and faster she began to shout like a dick hungry bitch “morre fuckkk me faster ohhhh goddd yeeeahhh” with that I started to pound her with all my might the stamina I had got from being a gym freak made me fuck her more harder the sound of my balls hitting her asshole were getting louder but her screams were more loud. She couldn’t take it any more an intense orgasm was building and in moments she began to shiver her eyes rolled back of her head as she screamed “ohhhh fuckkk yeaah yeaahhh oohhh ahhhh” and cummed.

It was leaking out of her wet pussy onto the bed sheet while I continued to fuck her hard thaap thaappp thaaap and within few strokes I cummed inside her pussy….As we laid there she said she never had been this satisfied in her life and her bitch sister was real lucky.

Our fucking continued till she was here and it was real good cause at night when I fucked my wife after 3 weeks or so and in the morning my horny sister in law … Now that she’s gone I miss her but I still have a wife with huge tits. But surely, I made her husband a cuckold. Read a Pakistani Cuckold Story here.


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