Friday, 18 September 2015

Having Sex With Neighbor Aunty Sidra

Hey sexy readers, I’m Arman and I’m going to narrate the story how I managed to fuck my very beautiful neighbor aunt. Her name is Sidra. She was around 32 years of age and I was 18 at the time. She had a 12 year old son named sunny. Her husband was not home most of the time as he had a job in Karachi. She had a busty figure of 36-32-36 and looked extremely sexy in sarees. Though Saree is not very often used here but she loved using it.

My mother and she were really close friends…She our house. I also used to take pictures of her with my phone and sometimes masturbate looking those pics at night. One day after returning from school, our local transformer had burst out. No power in any of our houses was there. Luckily, Sidra aunty's house had a generator. It was very hot season and warmth in the atmosphere had been un-controllable. Our flats were not that airy So, when she came to meet my mom, she offered us dinner invitation and to stay with her for the night.

Initially, my mom thanked her and denied but as she insisted , my mom agreed to go if electricity issue didn't resolved. Luckily, no electricity was there till evening so we informed her about coming and after taking meal, we all were to quick to sleep. So, my mom and dad slept in one room whereas I slept in drawing room. Her son was playing with me and soon he was sleepy so i got him resting on my bed. 2-3 times, Sidra aunty came to see her son and as I looked at her, her booby cleavage show got me mad. She was not wearing any kind of dopata. I thought it intentional because she bent down to see her kid and she never cared for me and my eyes looking at her half naked cleavage. I was so aroused at every instant of time. Her behavior was quite amazing for me. Last time when she came to my room (After my mom and dad had been in deep sleep) she looked at me and i was playing a mobile game. After looking at her son, she offered me to sleep in her room if I was getting disturbed by kid. and I told her that it is no issue. But she insisted a lot, so my sixth sense told me to avail the chances. I got up and smilingly accepted her offer; thanks aunty, i said. So, soon I was lying in her bed for the night. She said that she’ll be back in a minute and went to the toilet. Surprisingly, she came out wearing a beautiful nighty which was too hot to keep my dick un-noticed.

And she said; your mom and dad are sleeping after locking the door from inside. She smiled and remarked; they should be, i smiled and I knew what she was saying. Once again, she surprised me when she locked the door from inside. I saw her locking but didn't want to ask. She asked “what are you doing?” I said that I was listening some songs on mobile and playing games. She believed it and said ok. Then, she started combing her hair in front of the mirror. After some time, she started applying lotion on her legs and arms and switched off the lights. I asked her; Aunty, are you going to sleep right now?. She replied, YES; after lotion applying , i will sleep. she surprisingly told that she likes to sleep carefree so I shouldn't mind it. Believe me, I never expected how carefree she meant at that time. Then, I pretended to fall asleep.

There was a big age difference between us so she looked like treating me as a child. After some time, I got up and switched on my cell phone light and i was almost frozen to see her. She was lying with her busty bra only. She was wearing white panties and bras. Her skin and sexy looks made me mad for a while. “oh…so, what are you doing?, she asked in a slow voice. I had never expected her awake so i had no replies for a moment. she gave a naughty look and powered on the table lamp.

Then, she came close to me and asked me “why do you want beta?” I was shocked and speechless… I replied “aunty, I just find you very attractive and I thought to see you”. To this she smiled again and asked me “In this dress? I was speechless for a moment. she nudged and said; wait a minute and took off her bra and blindfolded me. I could smell the wet sweat of her skin on that bra. After a minute or so, she took her bra off my face and started joking me.

I was so aroused. I went close to her and started licking her hand with intense pleasure… then, she just grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I was caressing her boobs but she stopped me suddenly. She asked, Will you keep it secret? I promised and took a firm faith of keeping it secret between me and her. I knee-led down and applied my saliva on every inch of her navel.

I put my tongue between her melons and licked out every bit of moisture I could find. I was on cloud nine. At the same time, she was rubbing her hands on my erect dick. After five minutes of doing this, I licked her as if I was tasting the most delicious ice cream in the world. Then, she said that I had done enough and was her turn. She unzipped my jeans and held my tool with her bare hands… she spit on in and started rubbing it. Then, she kept it between her boobs and was going up and down. In the mean time she was saying, do you like what aunty Is doing?” and I kept telling her “aunty, I realized how lucky uncle is.

After a session of boob fucking she finally put my tool up her mouth and started sucking it like a real slut. “aunty, you’re awesome. I promise, tonight will be one night i will never forget.”
After ten minutes of sucking my cock she said “its your turn now, Make aunty proud!”. I was waiting for this one moment for a very long time. I undressed myself completely and put my tool in her wet pussy. We were doing doggy style for about 5 minutes. Then, I realized that I was out of time and about to cum. I said; Aunty, I am cumming - she said; come -on keep on doing and soon i fired all my cum inside her pussy.

She asked after I finished cumming “ how are you feeling, I said; thanks aunty- It was the most horny thing I ever enjoyed. She said; would you like to do it again. I was surprised to see her hunger for a dick. After 3-4 minutes , my dick had a life again. she started sucking it again and i was ready again. She asked me to adopt lying position on bed and she just sat on my dick. she moved up and down and i could just lick her bouncing tits during the fuck. I grabbed her boobs tightly as she kept on riding my dick for 10 minutes. Then she asked me to come in missionary style , I pulled her legs up and after putting them on my shoulders i just pushed my dick inside. I fucked her for 5 more minutes as then she asked me to change style. I came from behind in lying position and then she said, now dont cum inside. just cum on Aunty's breast. OMG, it was just a thing saying that I couldn't control any more. I just pulled my dick out and got on her breast. I fired all my cum on her boobs that she applied all over her tits as soon as my drops were falling. I never had done such a vigorous fucking and she had a squirting orgasm as soon as hot cum got spread on her boobs. Aunty promised me for more fun if I’d needed it for keeping it a total secret. I promised. 

This was a truly beautiful experience for both of us. She didn’t believe that this was my first time either. At 4 am that morning, I took a bath and got back into my room, where my parents never knew about my sessions. At breakfast, my parents and me and aunty were like very normal . 

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