Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sex With My Aunty

This story happened around 4 years back when I was in college.I live in Rawalpindi. After my 12th, because of some poor activities, my parents thought about sending me to another city for education. I went to Karachi to get a degree as atmosphere and my friendships in Rawalpindi were not good as per my parents.I was not happy living away from home.I lived in a hostel there and I used to visit my aunt's house and used to stay there for the weekend.My Aunty's name is Reema(Changed) 36 years old and she is the wife of my Father's friend..Uncle was in Dubai those days.

So in the house there was Aunty's son who was 8 years old and her husband's parents as well.At the beginning we didn’t use to talk so much. But after 3-4 visits we became like family members. Now I’ll tell my aunt's figure.she is well structured with good curves and heavy pair of boobs(which attracted me most).she is 5’7,a bit heavy but not fat,and fair.I was attracted towards her right in the beginning.But I had to keep good manners so I made a good company with her son.We used to be with each other and Aunty was happy that her son found a good friend in shape of me. She was also attracted towards me as I was good looking and a good body build up than her husband. I felt it many a times whenever she looked at me in a greedy style.

Sometimes aunty used to come very closer to me touching and used to slap my back, My arms and all but I used to just ignore it or take it in a way that she is just showing her affection.I used to help her whenever she asks to do something so she was very pleased with me. whenever I used to watch TV lying at the sofa she used to come and sit next to me and touch her hands on my thighs during talks.which could be just normal but meaningful.

One day when I was at their home Aunty asked me to teach her son for the exam as she had some work to do and take a bath also.So I went to there room and started teaching him.He liked to study sitting down so I sat down with him…. some time after Aunty came to the room with wet hairs after her bath and sat down opposite to me.oh my gosh the view of her cleavage was simply awesome.For the first time I looked at her in a totally lavishing style.I was so much lost that I didn’t care that Aunty would catch me watching her tits which were really big and beautiful.she saw that and then diverted my attention by asking a doubt from her sons textbook.I just couldn’t control sitting there so I told her that I had to call my friend and left the room.I immediately went to my room.

After that incident my whole mindset changed for my Aunty.I decided to make some move.After that whenever I got a chance I used to peak at her beautiful melons and she normally used to catch me peaking at her melons. I used to tell her about my college,my hostel,my friends and all.I was always fantasizing about my aunty and I used to wait for the weekend to come.

So one day when I was at their home I went straight to the room to change dress.but for my surprise this time she came up when I was changing and she saw me in my underwear. At first I got as embarrassed and ashamed but then slowly I got ok with the situation and stood there just in my underwear.I saw that my aunty was constantly looking at my dick. so suddenly my dick got a little erect and she noticed that and asked me to change up quickly and come down to have tea..she gave a naughty smile before she left the room..

I started to get very much attracted towards my aunty that I wanted her in the bed.My aunty used to wear maxi at night. she slowly started to show her desperation about her sexual life.At kitchen she told me that she would show me something at night before going to sleep.So after having dinner and having her husband's parents sleeping, I went to her room making sure that all had slept.

Her door was closed so I slowly knocked. She opened the door in a care-free mood and I entered I went there and sat near her and accidentally my hand touched her stomach and I didn’t want to take it away as she didn’t resist it and by her looks she liked the way I touched her stomach..

Then I asked in a seductive voice what was that she wanted to show me.Then she took her phone and showed me some videos which was porn videos.And I was shocked to see that in her phone..and I asked her like why you are having these videos in your phone and who gave it to you…so she replied in a soft and desperate voice “you won’t understand.I felt sorry for her and said that I was ready to do anything for her.she smiled and said that it is late and u should go to sleep. And this should be between you and me.  promised to keep it secret. I was like wtf! the moment was just getting started and she is asking me to leave.then I thought that she might have just shared her feelings with me and that she doesn’t have anything else in mind..then I went to my room and slept.

The next day was a Monday but I stayed at her home.When her son left for school and her husband's parents had gone to the neighbors house me and my aunty were alone in the house…my aunty was working in the kitchen and her knees hit on the door hardly, I heard the sound and ran to her she was in pain so I took her to the room holding her waist hardly and pressing it.I laid her down and asked if she was in very much pain ,she said yes and asked me to bring the pain killer.I brought it..and she lifted her dress and tried to apply by herself..she was trying to apply meanwhile I was holding her leg straight..

After a minute she asked me to apply the tube.I then took the tube and slowly applied it on her knees…I was really enjoying touching her knees as it was really soft and sexy she was also enjoying it..then slowly my hand reached at her thighs and i was clearly massaging her thighs.,slowly I went up and up and she just looked at me innocently..i pressed her beautiful thighs then i asked her to lift her legs a bit so that I could massage the bottom of the thigh..she lifted her leg and said; apply this pain killer on the entire leg. As it was not possible with her dress ON, she suddenly dropped her Shalwar (Pants) down.I was astonished by the view,,she was not wearing an underwear and omg I could she her vagina with some public hair.I massaged her thighs and she was also aware that I could see her vagina…I had an erection..I could feel it…the moment was so sexy…

Then she put her legs down and thanked me for the massage..and said that I can go.I went to bath and called my aunty to provide a new soap as the old one was small and couldn’t bath with it…I wanted to bath with my aunty but knew that it was not possible at that moment….

She came knocked at bathroom I just opened the door without wearing anything and stood in front of her nude and took the soap.,my dick was erect at that time…and she saw and was a bit shy but then she asked me to shave my public hair sometimes as it was very much and it was along time I had done that…I replied I don’t get time for that in hostel but will do it if she wants me to do.she smiled and left. That weekend, it happened nothing like real sex. I went back to hostel.

The next week I came to her house with a clean shave dick…and meanwhile I told her that I had done cleaning she asked to me to show at evening when we were alone at home. I shown it to her and she said now it is great to watch.meanwhile my dick was leaking with some nice liquid she saw that and surprisingly she wiped off my wet dick with her hands and uff I didn’t know how to react and was really excited..Then she washed her hands and left.

she smiled and said, Tonight after 12pm, come to my room with care. At night I went to her room. I was lying on her bed while we both were quite. After sometimes she put her knees on my dick and rubbed it up and dick got erect…and this was the chance and I couldn’t let it go, I touched her thighs and lifted her maxi …she moaned slowly in a very sexy way then I grabbed her ass and slowly I put my finger in her vagina.she was making slow sounds..which excited me a lot..then I lay on top of her and kissed her lips and neck with grabbing her big boobs.Then I inserted my hands inside her maxi and I could feel her nipples that were really big and erect..I played with it and presses it for sometimes she became all wet..then I lifted her maxi full and I kissed her stomach and inserted my hand in her sexy bellybutton..

Then I again went up and kissed her boobs and pressed her nipples with my lips…then I kissed her underarm which was clean shave and I licked it…she started to play with my dicks upper part which was already wet..and she moved her hands constantly at the tip of my dick..I have to say she was very good and hand job. After some time, She asked me to lick her. It was my first experience, her pussy aroma just made me wild to lick and put my tongue inside. I licked her vagina for 5 minutes. Then She asked me to put my dick inside. I done it in no time and soon my dick slipped all inside her. She said; you got a good stiff thing. I was too hard. I started making jerks. As it was my first time fucking such a hot pussy, I couldn't control more than 2-3 minutes. I pulled it right back as i was about to cum. I just released all my cum on her belly.I had an orgasm and as soon as my cum fell on her pussy and belly, she shivered with orgasm.That was a night I would never first sexual encounter with an aunty…and I must say aunties are really good for sex than young once. 

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