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Wife Sharing Story Of Pakistani Couple

This sex story is our life story. Me and my hot wife in fact, we were both on the conservative end of the life -- but here's how we got into this.It all started one afternoon after my wife, Shahida, invited several friends over to our house for a party. Our divorced next-door neighbor, Kamran, was the first person Shahida invited.  She felt sorry for him, having to go through the divorce and being all alone....!

Kamran, who is known as a great cook, was in charge of the bakery. Kamran had a couple of beers by then, and I came over to sort of watch the progress.

I asked him how he was getting along since his wife moved out. Kamran comes right out with things, so he said that other than being horny all of the time, things were fine. He looked at my wife and said, if he had a wife that looked like Shahida Bhabhi, he would probably still be married.

"So you are looking for someone like Shahida?"

"Not to move in with or marry, or anything like that -- I've learned my lesson on that -- just to do something in bed." He laughed.

Later, I saw the two them chatting in a friendly fashion. It was obvious that they were comfortable with each other. I flashed on the fact that not only did he live right next door, but Shahida seemed to have taken a special interest in his "plight." Then I recalled that he and Shahida often talked over the back fence.

Shahida works part time in the mornings at botique and Kamran works out of his home, which means they are both home a lot during the day while I'm at work.

Over the next weeks I imagined the worst-case scenario --- that they were already having an affair. This was not helped by the fact that one time when I came home, Kamran was in our bathroom cleaning out the shower drain. Shahida hastily said, "I tried to take a shower, but it overflowed. Kamran says the drain was full of hair."

That night in bed I brought the whole thing up and said, "I guess if you wanted to have an affair with Kamran, it would be pretty easy."

Shahida said,"Do you think we're having an affair?"

"Are you?"

"I guess it would be easy with him right next door, but no, I wouldn't risk messing up our marriage and kids for something like that."

"But, if it was okay with me you would."

She took a long time answering. "I guess if I really knew it was okay and really wouldn't affect things."

"So you would like to have sex with Kamran."

She got defensive."Just because I might think about it when he comes onto me and what I would actually do are entirely different."

But with a continued opportunity who knows what could happen.(Actually I do.)If she was headed in this direction, I didn't want to be like a lot of husbands and find out about it long after everyone else knew -- or maybe never find out. I wanted to know about it and possibly control it.

Shahida doesn't handle demands very well, so telling her to never talk to Kamran while I wasn't around would not only backfire, but force things underground.At least we were talking about it.

A few days later my wife said, "I though you should know, Kamran has sort of been hitting on me. I don't want to make an enemy out of him, so I'm not sure what to do."

"What do you feel about it -- really?"

"Well, I'm sort of flattered in a way, but I'm married."

I had done a lot of thinking about this, so I asked, "How would it affect our marriage?"

"If what?"

"If you went to bed with him."

"I guess that would really start something."

"If I let you, would you then stop if I asked you to?"

This was clearly getting serious."Sure, I wouldn't want to mess up what we have."

A couple of days later, Kamran called me and wanted me to meet him on my way home at a nearby coffee shop.I was hoping that he wasn't about to "confess" anything.I couldn't have handled that.I wanted to get out ahead of this.

He started out by apologizing for "chatting up" Shahida, and that she had hinted that I didn't like it."

I said, at first I was a bit jealous, but I'd thought a lot about it and as long as he remembered who she's married to, I didn't mind that or anything else.

He wrestled with what I meant and then came out and asked me,"Maybe you'd better define 'anything else' -- a guy could get the wrong idea.

"Do you want to take her to bed?" I asked openly and he was surprised.

He wisely decided that either a "yes" or a "no" to that question would be wrong, so he settled on, "Well, she's really pretty; what guy wouldn't?"

Like I said, I had spent weeks wrestling with this."So ask her."

He looked at me suspiciously,"You want to test her or something?"

He waited for a smile to break out on my face, indicating it was all a joke.  I just stared at my coffee in silence for what seemed like a very long time.

"You're serious."

"Can I trust you with her."

"I would never....yes, certainly."

I interrupted.I had to get through this."You don't have any diseases do you?"

"No,of course not."

A couple of days after that Shahida called me at office and said Kamran had invited her.And he said he had talked to you.But she just wanted to make sure.

I had made my lesser-of-the-two-evils decision."Go ahead."

There was a long pause."I guess you know where this could head."

"Yes,and it's okay;so do it."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes,let it happen;enjoy it;but just remember who you belong to."She said not to worry about that;she knew too much about him from his ex-wife.

When I got home it was obvious that Shahida had just had a shower.  "So you did it."

"Yes"She searched my face for a reaction. I put on my best smiley face, trying to cover a storm of emotions inside.

"Is he good?"

She blushed."Yes, but I knew that already from his ex-wife."

How things happened? I asked my wife. She started telling her story. She went to kamran's house and after a light sitting , they went to bedroom. There he started kissing her, fondling her large tits, then removing her clothes one by one. She worn a black bra that was unhooked and removed by kamran.

He kissed her for a long time. Then he removed his own clothes and his cock bulged out. She told, that he was about the same size in length as of me but shape was different. His cock was slightly inclined upward, while mine is straight. Kamran's cock stifness was better than me , she said; though I felt a bit jealous on her remarks about his cock. 

She grabbed his dick, sucked him good! and he moaned like a sex-thirsty guy. She was good at sucking, I knew, she sucked till balls reach her lips. Doing it deepthroat is one of her nice skills. Kamran admired her sucking skills. Then she started riding his cock like a dominant wife. She rode him and he just kept on fondling her large tits in the meantime.

Then she went doggy, and he fucked her like a bull. Finally, he pulled her legs up and fucked her in missionary style. He hit her deep, reaching her womb and G-spot rightly. she orgasmd and shivered while he came.

She told, they fucked only once but it went on for an hour. Kamran had an extremely good timing. She finished telling the story! I said;

"So I guess now he would like to make this a regular thing."

She hesitated."He asked if he could see me a couple times a week, but I told him...."

"Keep him happy, but remember our agreement."

She finished her sentence,"...that I wasn't used to that much fucking."

"So I guess you and Kamran have to get used to it."

She was surprised."What are you saying?

I shrugged, "You should make yourself available when he wants it; that way he won't go elsewhere and maybe pick up any diseases."

"We used a condom."

"You don't like condoms." I thought, you got his cum inside.

"Okay then, what if he calls and when I'm having my period?"

"Just Suck him off."

She looked at me totally puzzled."Didn't you used to be the jealous type?" 

Kamran, invited me over to his house the next day to make sure I was okay with what happened. We both were trying to pretend this was no big deal, but we both knew it was. I couldn't help but glance into the bedroom where the two of them had made it.

Finally he said, "I guess you are okay with this, so how often...."He wasn't sure how to finish the sentence.

I helped him out."I've told her to take care of you whenever;so just call her. But the stipulation is, if she makes herself available, you won't look elsewhere and pick up anyone else, and if either of you get too Kamran be broken off, no questions asked. "

As I started to get up to leave I said, "Just remember who she belongs to me."

Shahida knew I planned to talk to Kamran, so the moment I walked in the door she wanted to know all about it. 

"I cut to the bottom line,'He's agreed not to have sex with anyone else, as long as you're available when he wants it.' "

She looked confused."So how does this work -- all he has to do it pick up the phone and I...."

"Go over there."

She thought about it."So now I'm sort of his personal call girl?"

I said, unless you don't think you can handle it.

As I now write this, several months have passed.

Shahida always tells me when they have sex -- that got a bit awkward, anyway -- but I can easily adjust.When we are in bed all I have to do is reach down between her legs. (She stopped regular douching when she said she was getting dried out.) 

Maybe out of guilt or whatever, but whenever I reach down and feel that she's wet, Shahida immediately makes herself available for sex.  No "not tonight's, dear." So I can quickly enter her -- which is easy, as wet as she generally is -- and then I add my sperm to Kamran's.She used to complain about my moving too fast and not getting her wet.No more. 

She's yet to complain about too much sex, even though she goes over there many mornings "for coffee."I guess she feels that, given the situation, she shouldn't refuse either of us.

Any more, it doesn't seem that big of a deal -- at least in our minds.

"Guys, it takes a while but you can adjust to it -- assuming that you know everything you want to know about what's going on."

I often look at her and think how she's adjusted to getting it from two men. Probably a lot of women do, except that their husbands don't know.Given the choice, I would prefer to know what's going on and maybe have some control over it.

I keep telling myself that it would probably happened sooner or later anyway.

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