Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Having Sex With My Driver

My name is Irum. I am 20 years old and studying in a reputable college. This is my real sex story of having sex with my driver. I am not a professional story writer so there can be a lot of mistakes in the writing style, please ignore me. I am just impressed by reading a lot of hot encounters here and hence decided to share my own.

The Sex Story
Dear reader, my family belongs to the elite class. My father is a high class government official and my mother is also a working woman. We live in Islamabad. I have two younger sisters and one brother. My parents are very broad minded and they never put any restrictions on us. We have seen all luxuries of life, freedom of expression, freedom of enjoying our life as we wanted. My mother is quite dashing with an elegant personality. She's often an eye-catcher at parties.

From childhood, I watched my mother enjoying the company of a different variety of males. My father never put any kind of restriction or doubt in his mind and he always supported my mother. However, I saw my mother in some object-able conditions with other males. Initially, it annoyed me but slowly she motivated me to understand how the business life runs. In short, "IZZAT" was not an issue for my mother if you want to be a successful working lady. She told me how to impress high society males through sexy styles and allowing them to feel your body, getting your business expansion in lieu.

It started building a certain curiosity about sex and the cock. My mind went a bit fetish about cock. I started watching porn movies whenever I felt bored. It felt like a heaven. After 1-2 years of watching porn, I thought to give it a try. I eagerly wanted to do it practically but a certain feelings of fear were there in my mind. I thought a lot about it. I thought about a few college mates who could be a perfect choice for fucking. But, on the other hand , I wanted to keep it a complete secret to avoid any kind of black-mailing.

We had a young driver, named Irshad, in his mid thirties. He got a nice built, tall, good muscular body. He was a pathan by cost. I thought about him, but it felt a bit risky as well. Soon , i made up a plan to blackmail him.

One day, I asked him to bring some items from the market and reach my room as soon as he arrives. When he knocked at my door. I first called him in, but as he opened the door, I forbidden him. I delayed to forbid as I was undressed intentionally so that he can see me naked. He said sorry on his behavior and I kept on using a few harsh words to blackmail him on his entry. Though it was not his fault but boss is always right. 

I warned him that I will tell my father and he begged me no to. He asked me to forgive and so and so. Remember, It was the part of my plan. After that day, Irshad never tried to face me, he started avoiding me and I knew he was ashamed of his act. In the next few days, I started buying a few panties and bras through him. I sent him to the market to bring my underwear's, bras etc and some time, my Sanitary pads during my periods.

Initially, he felt a bit nervous about buying such things but as I had his weaker zone of blackmailing, He never tried to object. He got used to this after a few months and now he was knowing the all sizes of my body parts. Read Part Two Of This Sex Story.

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