Monday, 14 July 2014

Sexy Fun Time With A Mature Housewife

I am a software guy age 34 years. This story narrates the sexy fun time events with a mature housewife. I am working for an MNC staying in Chennai, married and having two beautiful daughters and lovely wife who is also working. Though am a mallu am i have stayed outside of Kerala most of the time so very comfortable with Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc.
After the birth of the 2 kids our sex life went for a toss. My wife though very loving and caring is not much interested in sex. I on the other hand is interested in sex, not a sex maniac or something. But would like to have a nice time holding talking romancing and having sex. Since my wife is also working and with the kids around she is busy and don’t have the time and inclination for these things.

So I started browsing and registered myself in one a friendship site. I got a few friends with whom i started chatting for fun. Suddenly one day i got a friend request from a lady in Kerala. Her name was Soumya. We started chatting. She was from Mavelikara and she has 1 kid and her husband is working in gulf. She was an educated housewife and we started talking on various topics and our wavelengths matched. She wanted to talk to me on my phone. So i took another sim since i didn't want my wife to become suspicious and used to keep the phone in my office. She used to call me at day time and we used to talk on phone. Time went by and we found a strange intimacy growing between us unconsciously. We started talking about my work, families, spouses, our interests, our like’s dislikes, jokes. Slowly we became thick friends and could talk to any topic under the sun.

We used to talk, crack jokes and laugh a lot. Slowly we both started feeling happy in our lives as if we have grown back ten years in our life. It was like falling in love as teenagers. She started telling how she missed her husband’s presence and i also started telling her about my boring sex life. Slowly it came to a point where we wanted to meet but at the same time we didn't want to spoil our family relationship.

One day she told me she wants to meet but we were scared to meet in public so we decided to meet at some hotel. One weekend i took a bus to Kerala and booked a hotel in Cochin. She joined me at the bus stop. She was a simple Kerala woman and was wearing a nice chudidaar, didn't have a great figure but was looking beautiful in her own way i liked her instantly. I took a cab from the bus stop to the hotel. In the cab I held her hand tightly and she was glowing but very nervous. I told her there is no way anybody can find out and also we promised each other whatever might come we will be loyal to our family at any cost.

Once inside the room I help her hands and started kissing her face gently, her forehead, her cheeks and her chin. I bit her lips and started kissing them. She started enjoying and held me tight. And as her sweet mouth yielded his tongue darted inside dueling with her tongue and rapidly moving to all corners of her mouth. Initially she was overwhelmed by the suddenness of the event; slowly she relaxed and as her passion built up she started enjoying the prolonged kissing and the mingling of our saliva. I wanted to submit to all my desires and make her as happy as possible saying, “I told you darling there’s nothing to worry about,” i enfolded her in my arms and started kissing her face gently, tracing his lips from her forehead, to her cheeks, her nose and her chin, biting her earlobes gently. Gradually i brought my lips to her and started kissing them, increasing in force all the time, nibbling her lush lips,

“Aaah!” she exclaimed. “Take me my love and enjoy me to your heart’s content.”

Her words served to inflame his passion as he moved his lips to her fair throat, gently disrobing her saree while unhooking her blouse and then her bra. In no time both of us had stripped naked. Words were unnecessary as I lifted her and put her on the bed and climbed in as well.

I kneaded her shapely and ample breasts and bent down to start licking and then sucking her hard and aroused rose colored nipples. I rolled them around my mouth, teased them with her tongue and teeth, nipping and sucking them for quite some time. Soumya told me she wants to be aroused more. So I bent down to her vaginal opening. My tongue darted out and licked the entire area around her portal and finally snaked inside and explored every inch, sucking, licking and gobbling greedily, licking and swallowing her sweet juices which came oozing out as her ecstasy deepened. Her womanly smell and the sticky nectar was driving me to the brink of explosion. Quickly I rose and positioned my body on top of her. She clutched me fiercely and was wanting me inside her immediately. Suddenly she asked me did you bring condoms. I was planning to buy but actually forgot.

She told she has one packet with her. I put that and we started all over again. He hesitated no longer and opening her lush lower lips with his fingers put his pulsating, thirsting organ at her entrance and plunged deep and brutally into her orifice.

“Oooohh!” the air in her lungs gushed out as she gasped with the intense painful pleasure.

Then alternating between savagely sucking and biting her breasts and brutally kissing and chewing her soft mouth I smashed into her deeper and deeper with every stroke. This went on and on and after multiple orgasms Soumya felt she would be torn all over by the savage biting and sucking of her nipples and mouth and the incredibly powerful thrusts. Slowly my organ became full and exploded and my furious and copious discharge coincided with her final delirious climax. As I emptied into her she almost blacked out with the enormity of her pleasure. Finally it was over and we lay still to catch our breath.

We enjoyed like that for the next 2 days. After coming back we spoke to each couple of times. After that her husband came from gulf and she went with him. We said good bye as we didn't want to complicate our married life but both of us enjoyed each other a lot.

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