Friday, 8 August 2014

The Real Sex Story Of My Wife

This is the real sex story of my wife.I shared my wife with a stranger last week.At my request, she agreed for wife sharing but she asked;if I would mind, and I told her I thought it was a great idea. We talked a lot about this subject (Around 2 years) it seemed provoking during the bed time but in normal life it seemed a bit hard. Anyhow, we wanted to give it a try. I love the thought of someone pleasuring her, just wondered what she would be doing when a stranger with a nice cock enters her. Finally, we got a guy from the hotel. Let's proceed to the sex story of my wife.
It was our marriage anniversary last week. We are now married for 5 years and we have two kids. After having a good dinner outside and a few drinks together, I thought about picking up a stranger from the road. I actually wanted to give her a nice anniversary treat that she could remember for ever. When we were sitting in the hotel, there arrived a guy (might be in his early 20's) and she looked him..When I again looked at her, she was found looking that guy. OMG..She might be thinking to fuck that cute teen. (My wife is around 31 years). I thought Mature sex with teen would be great.

My kids were with us so I avoided to through remarks openly. The guy just ordered his dinner and sat just in-front of my wife on the next table. I asked my wife slowly, do you like him? She smiled..Are you crazy?..No..I'm not but I feel you like him..Hahaha..We laughed..and then I asked her again...Let's bring him home? She winked and smiled..I got a good signal to proceed. So, after finishing the dinner, I picked up both kids and left my wife on the table so she can try and seduce him if opportunity comes.
Me & my kids started playing in the hotel park and after 30 minutes my wife arrived out. I straight away thrown a question..What's up? She said..She had given him her cell number and he might be calling him within the next few minutes. Remember, She didn't tell him about my presence. It was just a kind of seduction by a milf to a teen guy. Soon, we left the hotel and got our kids sleeping.

I was anxiously waiting for his call and suddenly the phone rang. My wife picked the phone and nicely greeted him. He was very keen to come so my wife told him the next few things.Like..he has to fuck her in my presence( On which , though he was quite reluctant), he agreed and then she asked him to wait at a public spot ( A few yards away from our house) so that I can pick him up. I went there and soon he was with me. He looked a bit nervous so I started discussing about my wife boobs, pussy and her nice sucking skills. This made him crazy and I saw a huge bulge appearing on the car seat. I liked that.

We reached home..I brought him to the bedroom where all lights were off as per plan...(Except a zero bulb)..So he can see a big ass milf lying on the bed. with her tits down and big butts pointing towards a dick, He smiled. I asked him to put his clothes off and start the ride.

He was anxiously waiting for the permission. so He removed his pants and shirt. I asked him not to remove the underwear till he makes her wet. He obeyed and then went towards my wife. I sat besides her head as he started rubbing her ass with her panties ON. Oh..Damn..My dick just couldn't control anymore. Though I have fucked my wife thousands of times but today, It was more than a fuck. He was rubbing his cock on her panty and she was just moaning like a bitch.

There can't be an intimacy setup so it was just a fucking session for my wife. I asked him to proceed as he liked. He removed her panty..and started licking her wet pussy. He pushed his tongue inside and a huge moan came out of her mouth. She grabbed my cock and started giving it a nice hand-job. As deep as he can lick, as hard as his tongue can be..he went deep inside and licked her thoroughly..I loved the scene. She was stroking me like a paid whore.

The guy's cock can be seen in full strength..He removed his underwear..Oh..God..My bitch had a lovely big meat-bone waiting..He was rocking hard, immensely fat dick guy..I could see the elbow sized fat dick...length was almost same to mine (slightly bigger) but girth was there. I thought of the events coming up. He would surely widen my wife's pussy..

As soon as he touch his cock tip with my wife's wet pussy, she got her orgasm..She shivered like a wave...He Pushed his tip inside as she shivered...Oh..Damn..It was good, it was great...I couldn't wait anymore to pull off my clothes to join .He started pushing his monsters in & out as I pushed my cock in her throat..I slide deep down pulling her hair  and head like a bitch..I started fucking her throat..I could not hold even a minute to the hotness of the scene. I fired my cum deep in her throat and kept on my cock there.My drops went straight into her stomach and she gagged for a while but no drop was wasted.

Truly speaking, my fucking desire was a bit cooled now but the guy was fucking her fast.So , I left the room for a while to let him being her bull. I went to the toilet but she dam cared. The guy fucked her in all poses..I came out after 4-5 minutes, cleaning out my dick, making it ready again. The guy was lifting her in his arms and fucking along the wall when I came out.(My wife is only 50 KG)..He was sucking her boobs while screwing her deep in that standing pose. I was erect again in that quick time, so I asked him to bring her in the center.

There, I entered her ass..We two were standing, keeping my wife in-between with two cocks inside her holes and fucking...Damn, the room atmosphere was heavenly, I fucked her ass many times before but this time it seemed best..Then, I asked him to switch the holes..I entered easily in my wife's already stretched pussy, but the fat cock guy has to use some lubricant to enter.

She cried a bit when he entered her ass. I looked at her face..She seemed in pain, but soon the pain turned into pleasure..He pushed all in side, and we started fucking her again...I saw her shivering again with the second orgasm...We never had two orgasms together in those past 5 years..Fucking went on and the guy was about to cum..He said..Where to cum...Oh..damn..Cum on her lips...I cried...We both pulled out and fired almost at the same time..Cum was all around her lips, face and tits..What a smell that was, two different juices on my wife's lovely tits,Just great.

When we finished fucking my wife, I asked her if she want another fuck? She smiled, no ...I am was..The guy thanked us and left our house.I dropped him the same spot where picked..We don't even asked his name and he didn't even bother..In the way, I asked him how it was? He said; your wife is fucking hot..He liked us.

We never met him again as we never wanted to..I hope reader have loved the sex story of my wife..Would be waiting for a few comments and surely the same kind of guy to fuck this week again.Let's c how it goes again.Thanks.

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