Friday, 4 July 2014

My Hot Wife Had a One Night Stand With My Friend

My name is Sunny. I am in my 30's years old and married and got 2 beautiful kids. This story is about my hot wife who had a great one night stand with my friend. I have a good job with a bit of international travel and I have been married to my childhood sweet heart for just over 8 years. I am very committed to my marriage and have resisted to some extent, despite various opportunities of wife sharing, mucking her around with anyone.
My hot wife, a beautiful woman, who had not had many relationships before we were married. She is very much a 'housewife'. After going through a bit of a rough patch recently (changing city due to my job and adjusting to a new country) I had been encouraging her to go out, even if I was not around. It was just an effort to build up her confidence and get her to meet some people. She normally knows her boundaries and sticks to them.We have an good sexual relationship by all means as I have a nice penis size and timing and despite ups and downs over the last 8 years, We have a strong relationship with open communication during bed time.She can be pretty flirtatious and unaware of her impact on me while getting banged.

Last night I flew home from a one week work trip knowing my hot wife was out for a party and live music with my close friend and his wife at the local pub. I had expected they would be joined there by some work colleagues as we had done once. By the time I arrived home it was just after midnight. I sent the babysitter home, unpacked my bag, had a shower and went to bed at about 1 am). As I lay down it entered my mind that my wife would get home any time as the parties normally finished at midnight and, as she was with my trusted friend & his wife. My head hit the pillow and, after a tough week etc, I slept.

I woke to the sound of my wife coming into the room at around 5:30 am. After seeing the time, I was straight away worried that something had happened and ask if she was OK. She told the fake story...(I got the exact story later via my friend's wife and I liked it).

I went to friends, only your friend was there, but his wife was busy with some guests in a hotel nearby. We had a few drinks and watched the movie as we had to wait for his wife to get free. It got to late and the party time was almost gone. I told your friend that I wanted to go home. When we got outside I realized I was feeling pretty sick. We walked for a while in the direction of home. When we got a few yards out I realized I was going to be sick so asked to use the bathroom. We went back. After being in the toilet for almost half an hour and throwing up 3 times I finally emerged to find your friend watch a movie. We sat and talked for a while. I was not feeling well, so I slept there and I got late. I was a little confused by the story but I had to say OK. She got on bed again and within 30 minutes she was sleeping again.

Two days later, I met my friend's wife in shopping mall. She was alone so I discussed about what happened a night earlier. She was totally unaware about that incident and she told me that she was out of town for two days,leaving her husband(my friend) at home. She said; Your friend had a rough week and he stayed at home being tired. well, one thing led to another and I was totally confused why my wife not spoken the truth. I felt like I didn't really care what was happening but I didn't really enjoy it either. It just happened.'

My reaction was not explosive. I tried to discuss it in a different way to get the real story. I met my friend and we got drunk. During drinks (I know that my friend gets wild and out of senses after drinks). When I got him enough drunk, He told me that my hot wife had a nice juicy pussy and a great pair of boobs. On further inquiry, He told me how he fucked my wife. He told me that my wife had a nice mole on her clit. This was good enough a proof to believe. For a few seconds, I got stuck, thinking of my wife's life. My friend, who I thought was a 'Gentleman' I could trust has betrayed me. My wife has never done anything like this before.

I was so confused. My first instinct was to kick my wife out of the house and head over to my friends place with a baseball bat and beat him severely. But after thinking a lot, I decided to enjoy. 2-3 days, I was worried but now I am turned into a wife sharing husband. Now I am just absolutely fine with what my hot wife had done. I will not be able to contain more. I am thinking to plan a threesome. What you people say?

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