Monday, 30 June 2014

My Wife Went On A Date

Finally, I let my hot wife go out with a man she had met at her work. We had been planning for wife sharing for 2-3 years. It was quite troublesome to bring her into this lifestyle. But, finally I got my success.When she returned that night, it was 12:30 am and she had been gone since about 6:30 pm the evening. She told me they had gone to a nice restaurant and later to a park for some talks. At about 8:35 pm they went directly to his apartment.It was the apartment where my hot wife has to be a nice fucking slut.
My hot wife told me this story. They sat on the sofa and he put some threesome clips on the LED TV. Slowly he began touching her and kissing around her neck. She became excited and he started to undress her down to just a pair of thong bikini panties. He sucked on her big boobs while he massaged her thighs and her pussy through the thin material.
From there he whispered to her “Lets go in the bedroom” and she replied him in the affirmative. He then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, laying her down on the bed. She commented that she thought it very romantic that he had carried her into the bedroom. There he removed his clothes revealing a cock considerably larger than mine. He then laid next to her.

He started nibbling on her ears and then down to her tits until he was nibbling at her nipples. From there he continued kissing his way down to her pussy and he then removed her panties. He proceeded to eat her pussy and she became extremely hot. He then maneuvered himself around into a 69 position. She sucked his cock while he ate her pussy for several minutes. Just before cumming they stopped and he immediately positioned himself between her open legs. He started to slide his big cock into my wife’s pussy and then he had sunk it to the hilt.

He then mounted an all-out assault on her pussy, fucking it very fast and furiously. My wife confessed that she was totally consumed by her lust and wanted him to keep fucking her like that forever! She described herself at that moment as a ‘bitch on heat’. All she could do was show him her total approval by digging her fingernails into his buttocks, inviting him to go deeper and deeper into her very wet pussy. Finally they both came and fell into each other’s arms for some time, about 20 minutes, totally exhausted.

After that time she grabbed his cock which had by then slid out, and began to stroke it until it became fully erect again. She started to stick her tongue into his mouth and swirl it around, in order to arouse him again and within seconds he was back on top of her fucking her very fast and deep again. When they finally came again he got up and made them some coffee. He then drove her back to her car which she had left at a ‘park & ride’ near the house.

I had been up all night, hard as a rock, waiting for her to get home. When she finally got home I made her tell me all the details and I became so exited that I had to eat her pussy and fuck her right there and then!

What a thrill it was sucking on my wife’s pussy when I knew that just moments earlier she had been fucked by a another man… I must have felt a million butterflies dancing around in my stomach as I licked her pussy and buried my tongue deep inside her pussy.

I felt totally satisfied that night as we both collapsed totally exhausted. That day we slept until about 2:00 pm in the afternoon. I thanked her sincerely, and cooked her a breakfast. I then gave her a blanket invitation that ANY time she wanted to repeat what she had done that night I would love her for it. I still cannot get over the ecstasy that I felt when I made love to her that night, knowing what had just happened. It was an incredible thrill of wife sharing!

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  1. we shud also try it once u will enjoy it alot with me. A handsome boy from Isb.


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