Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My first encounter with a teen guy

I was just bored of my life before I found this sex story blog. After reading a few here I wanted to share my own story here. After my husband's death, I was just missing that sex life.I got married when I was just 20Y old. I exclusively dated guys when I was at college and once I was caught so my father arranged a quick marriage. After marriage, I got stuck to my husband's cock and never tried to get beyond it. I was almost in my 37th year when he accidentally left us. Hardly, after one year, even having two children, I was needing a cock and eagerly missing that. Then I was failed to control myself looking at teen guys. I did that for 2 reasons. One is because I get to be in control, I get to be the experienced one, 2nd, well, I think younger guys are cute!
I'll narrate the story of my first encounter here. He was the friend of my son, no less. He was 19, I was 38. I started to dress more provocatively, encouraged by my daughter who wanted me to look younger, go out and have some fun. I started to show a little more cleavage and wore tighter clothes. Surprisingly, I noticed that most of the attention I was getting was from younger guys. College-age guys. I started to visit markets daily with my daughter and to my shock again, was receiving as much attention as her, who is by the way more beautiful in her 16th year. As much as I was flattered, I knew that the only thing on their mind was sex. I wanted sex also and nothing more but I remained hesitant to pursue those urges simply because I didn't want to loose my dignity or be that "kind" of woman.

For a while, my erotic thoughts contented me until my son brought home a new friend, that I thought was very charming and, rather sexy. He was very talkative and called me aunty. He was very funny and a little flirtatious. I made sure to look extra sexy when I knew he'd come by and felt excitement every time I caught him looking at my cleavage. I began to flirt with him in a manner that was increasingly obvious. I started to call him on phone and ask him my son's whereabouts even when I knew. whenever my son was not around I called him home to bring me something from the market.

He started to feel this relation. When he would come to our house, I'd talked to him for a few minutes in the doorway before alerting my son that his friend was here. The mutual flirting started to be less and less subtle. His sexual attraction to me was quite clear. He even let me know that I was a "m.i.l.f." I waited until the time was right to invite him over for that fuck session. I told him that my son & my daughter would be visiting their aunt next weekend and that maybe he could come by to help me in some house work. He asked if they'd be gone for the entire weekend. I said yes, they leave Saturday morning. He said ok, maybe I'll come by! I said, try Saturday evening, I'll be home.

I knew he would come, and he did. I was waiting for him wearing a deep necked, tight dress. I asked him to follow me upstairs. He was a bit nervous and calling me aunty as well. I had prepared a nice bed for us. When we entered our bedroom, I casually asked him to help me in finding some show-pieces from the cupboard (It was just formal).

I got up on the chair and he was just holding that chair to avoid the fall. I knew he was looking at my boobs right from the start and my opened cleavage. I searched for the things then I intentionally fell down (Keeping me controlled of injury). I went right onto his arms and in such a way that his elbow pressed my left breast. He was quite shocked and helped me getting up while saying! Aunty ; are you alright? I behaved as I got some muscle pain in leg due to the falling incident and quickly asked him to bring the pain killer cream (that was already present at home). He found it quickly then I asked him to gently massage it on my leg till thigh.

I knew that he couldn't be able to reach my thighs because of tight clothes so I asked him to wait till I wear my nightgown. He was leaving the room to give me a change over time but I asked him to remain there by saying; no problem, you remain seated! you are not a stranger for me , you are just like my son. These words calmd him and he was very happy to listen those words. I changed over and got layed on bed. He started giving me a cream massage on that pain area but as he was reaching my thigh, A wave of lust shivered my entire body. I asked him to undress as the cream could spoil his clothes. He did it without hesitation as he was just waiting for the order. Soon he was just wearing an under-wear.I was pleasantly surprised to see him already semi erect.

It had been two long years while since I've seen a nice cock pointing that way. We spent about 30 minutes in the massage and I could see his erect manhood by then. The mood was sensual. But after 30 min, I wanted sex, badly, so I pointed to his cock and asked! what happened? He felt a quick sorry for what was there to show. He said;sorry Aunty, It's UN-intentional.He couldn't look into my eyes. So , I smiled and said; let's c what's inside. He was a bit shy now(may be thinking that he was fucking his best friend's mom)The first thing I did was to put his hard cock in my mouth, something I hadn't done in at least 2 years but craved for so long. I didn't want him to reach orgasm right away so I let him give me oral sex.

He looked like he was competing at a contest! The technique was lacking but he certainly made up for it with his enthusiasm and devotion. I performed a nice and lusty blowjob for 10-15 minutes and he was moaning loudly. It was the right time when I told him to fuck me as he was ready then! I simply couldn't wait any longer, I needed him inside of me! Again, he was not the most skilled or experienced guy around but his energy and excitement was a huge turn on for me. I tried to calm him down a little, let him know that there was no hurry and even taught him a few tricks. I enjoyed playing the role of the teacher. He reached orgasm first but he also made sure I reached climax too, massaging my pussy while sucking on my aroused nipples.

At that time, that was the best day I have had in the last 2 years, if not 38. And since that day, I have enjoyed sex with guys all under 22. I like young guys what can I say?


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