Saturday, 15 March 2014

Seduction story with sex outcome

It is a complete seduction story of un-expected sex in hotel. My friend got a lovely woman to make sex with by a complete luck. She was on a vocation with her husband and got fucked by my cute friend. Let's narrate this story in the light of all incidents in short. She had an eye-meeting with my friend when they were sitting in the breakfast hall. There, she was not willing to keep her eyes away from him, though she was sitting with her husband. I would not include the events how he was able to invite her to his apartment but he did.
As she walked into his appartment she thought he was not the type of man to take advantage of a lost woman"She knew she shouldn't be there, he was a stranger, why should she accept his invite to his room? However she was intregued by this tall, blue eyed, muscular man. As she walked into his appartment she noticed all the books, and thought he was not the type of man to take advantage of a lost woman.

He stopped turned round and looked at her, her heart began to race as she wondered what he was about to do next. He moved slowly closer her breath became short. Then he took her in his arms and began to kiss her passionatly, as first she didn't react. Then she remembered she had a husband at other apartment who was away for two hours, but the passion was to intese to fight.

He carried her to the bed where he layed her down, she new what was about to come so she tried to fight it. He grabbed her arms and she gave into his kiss. He opened up her jacked and slipped off her top and begin to kiss her boobs. She moaned with delight, he slowly worked his way down to her belly button and kissed it. He pulled off her tights and kissed her all the way back up to her thigh, he removed her skirt.

Kissing her thights she felt as though she was being teased, so she pushed his head in the right direction where he began to lick her out, she cried with pleasure, and began to shake as he played with her clit, she could take it and was screaming, he slowly stood up to see her panting and wanting more, so he pulled down his trousers to reveal his long hard cock. He moved onto the bed and came face to face with her. She could feel the tip of his dick resting against her throbbing pussy.

She just wanted to fell him inside her. He slowly plunged it into her and began to caress her neck and lips. He started slow and then began to build up the pace, thrusting in and out of her, the pleasure was just to much she came but he didnt stop. The intense pleasure was to much for her to handle and she began to cry out, when he slowed down and then she felt him cum inside her. He stopped and looked into her eyes and kissed her lips, she couldn't breath, he slowly moved off her and went off into the toilets. She lay there thinking about what she had done. She jumped up and thought to run away from her evening of passion. She then stood up and made her way over to the toilets and later to her hubby's room.

when the same stranger walked into the hall, they were lunching at. He smirked at her and looked at the pants, she couldn't resist. Her mind warned her about what it could do to her marriage if she was ever caught. But this didn't cross her mind, she wanted her next fix of a quick romp with the stranger she hardly knew. This was the story how my friend had sex with a complete stranger.

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