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Sex With Aunty : Hot Sex Story

My name is Sunny, 20 year old, studying engineering in a reputed college in Lahore.My sex story belongs to an Aunty. As soon as i opened the door, there she was. The one responsible for my hard-on and nightfall. Nida or Nida aunty, as we call her, is a mother of 2, whose beauty is at her peak! Aged 41, She still has the charm to get young boys like me go crazy for her. This story would be a nice fun for all readers of Pakistani sex stories.
Hot Sex Story Of Aunty
I was standing there looking at the mesmerizing face when suddenly i heard a sound ” Sunny you’re still here. Scoot away!” mom shouted whilst walking downstairs, i heard mom talk to Nida aunty. Her voices, her face, her body, everything made me go crazy for her. Later, I had a really tiresome day in the college. I quickly caught the earliest train in order to reach home early only to find it locked. I knocked on Nida aunty’s door to check if she has our house’s spare keys. Ting Tong, i rang the bell. “Hello aunty” i said. “Oh, hi beta! Say, what brings you here?” she asked. “Nothing much aunty, did mummy gave you the house keys?” i questioned. “Oh ya, i almost forgot.

Your mother called you several times to tell you that” She asserted “i did see her miss calls but when i called her back after the class it said her phone’s switched off” I replied. “never mind, everyone at your place had to leave for your native place. There is some kind of an emergency” she stated “following which, you’re here all on your own. Come to my place for lunch and dinner On one hand i was worried for what the emergency could be. The other hand i was thanking my stars for letting me spend time with Nida aunty. “Oh aunty, i’m a grown up man now! I’ll take care of my needs” I replied sheepishly. “Haha, i can see that. Very well, very well” she said with wicked smile. I knew she wasn’t upto something good.
Later that night i went to her place for dinner and now i noticed some really strange stuff and there was no one there except me and aunty “Where is uncle? And where are Adnan and Sara?” i asked. Adnan and Sara are Nida’s 12 and 15 year old children. Sara too has a growing body, capable of blossoming into a fine young woman, just like her mother. “They’re off to my In-laws. My mother in law wished to see us but i had to stay back! Thanks to you!” she replied, adding “i never actually liked meeting them, hahaha”. we both laughed. Dinner was served. Nida aunty was in her finest night gown i’ve ever seen. Sure my 7inch dick couldn’t help but get up and salute. And as usual, i tried hiding my honest friend from getting me a thrashing.

We talked about various day to day stuffs when suddenly i felt something hit my leg and at first i thought i felt something but took it off my mind. I couldn’t help but freeze when i felt it again. And this time it was more of a foot caress. I was completely thunder-struck. My heart beat faster, seeming to make noise as it pumped. I knew it was Nida aunty. This caressing stopped when aunty got up to get something. I was shocked to see a pack of Dunhill likes and a bottle of Jack Daniels. “No, aunty you must be mistaken. I don’t drink and smoke” i replied with a shy voice. “come on! don’t lie to me. i know all what you young boys need at this age.” She said in a bossy tone. Of-course i drink and smoke, but looking at Nida aunty in this new Avatar was something i never expected in a lifetime to happen. Obviously, i couldn’t help but shout the scream of joy within myself. I wished i could find an open place and shout “yes” with all my might.

“hello? are you there?” aunty asked. “oh sorry aunty i was thinking of something else!” i replied “for god’s sake Sunny, don’t call me aunty , call me Nida, that’s it!” She said. “oh really! wow aunty, i mean Nida!” i smile I could see she was flaunting off her body. Her cleavage was completely visible due to that low neck gown and massive size of her boobs. We smoked and drank. It was fun. We weren’t drunk but had a good Buzz. I could say Nida has a heavy stamina of holding her liquor. Dinner was over now. It was time i head back home. And then suddenly came a voice “wait, why don’t you sleep at my place tonight?”

I felt as if Gods themselves want something between me and Nida to happen and be hesitant at first though my mind said the big “OK” at the very first time she asked. “if you don’t have any problems, sleep with me” she asserted. I couldn’t ask more from gods than giving me an opportunity to spend night with the women of my dreams. I followed her to her bed room. I had been to her house before. They have a big master bedroom, completely decorated. It feels majestic to be in there, thanks to all those unique decorations and antiques. None of us was sleepy. We started talking about our personal lives. Nida was getting intimate. I could see she was enjoying it.

“So Sunny, how many girlfriends do you have?” she asked. “hahaha” I laughed “none” “none, really? Oh come, consider me your friend!” she tried soothing me. ” Well I have this girl named Seher, but we are more on a breaking up phase” “I’m sorry about that! May i know the reason, if you don’t mind” ” Actually, it’s just because of one simple reason, I like sex, she doesn’t As soon as i said that, there was silence in the room for 2 minutes. Now my heart beat fast again! I couldn’t react over” its okay baby, you didn’t deserve her”

Seriously, this behavior of aunty made jump over the ninth sky! i mean ‘baby’! Wow! Even my girlfriend hardly called my sweet names. ” What about you aunty, do you have sex always?” i asked “No! Uncle always out for work! He’s hardly got time for my feelings” She replied I could see she was a bit sad there. Call it out of sympathy i said those golden words that i never regret in my life. “You can confide in my aunty, always”. I held her hand and came close to her. The room heated up. The atmosphere was heavy; I could hear my heart beats. Instantly, she grabbed my head and kissed me violently! I was surprised for a moment, but then adjusted to it! This kiss lasted for over 10 minutes.

All i could now think of was taking my cock out. ” I love you Sunny, love you very much!” she said in excitement. “Love you too, my darling” I replied with a kiss.I quickly took out her gown and her completely naked body was in full exposure to me. I kept kissing and sucking her lips and portions beneath the neck. I must say, she is one hot MILF. I reached her breasts and squeezed them hard. The firm breasts were massive for me to handle! I was running out of options of what all i could do with her boobs. I pinched her nipple which by now had become very hard, very stiff! “You’re so wet down here Nida! Just the way I like, I said, running my fingers through her vagina. I played with her pussy, while sucking her nipples. All she could do was screaming in pleasure. She was begging me for more and not to stop. She took my head and placed it in near her pussy. This was the time wherein i could début the skill of my tongue.

To my surprise, i was making her wriggle often, even taking out weird pleasure noises. She loved it! I could see it! 5 minutes later she shouted “I’m Cumming Sunny, don’t stop! I’m Cumming”. She was spent. “My husband never does this to me! Oh Sunny, I’m so fortunate this happened.” she happily. “Me too, dear” i replied. Without wasting any time I took off my shorts and stood on my knees. Now it was Nida’s turn to make me happy. She played with my dick, making it hard, before taking it off my underwear. She sucked the balls, later taking off the under wear. My dick now stood straight, pointing towards her. I still couldn’t believe it to be true. She opened her mouth and the action began. She sucked like a pro.

Even porn stars would be ashamed at the way she outclassed them with her skills her lips and that glorious tongue made me blow out! Guess that’s the reason it’s known as a blowjob. In, out, in, out, her mouth moved over like a pro. Licking the head of my dick and looking straight on my face gave her that slutty look which i couldn’t help but save it in my mobile camera. She was cool with it, with a promise by me of hiding it in her laptop. 7 minutes to it and I cum. It was a lot of cum on her face. To my utter surprise, she didn’t let a single drop go waste! Now that’s what i got more than i demanded for! “Quick, a condom from that drawer” she said, pointing over to the open cup board. We now switched sides to the iconic ’69′ position. She was getting my cock ready; I was making her juice all over again. “The boy’s back in action” she said, putting the condom on my dick. “I’m gona rock your world baby!” I said, confidently.

Without wasting any time, i made help bend into the doggy style pose. In it went. The room felt with her moans. She enjoyed every second of it. “Fuck me hard, fuck me harder” she shouted. I slapped her Butt cheeks making a big flap sound. My body hitting her ass made a real sexy sound. She liked the slapping session. We now switched positions and fucked in the missionary style. “don’t stop, don’t stop, she shouted in pleasure.

I increased my pace and started fucking her harder. She shouted in pain and pleasure the alcohol gave us more high rather more strength to get over all odds. 13 minutes on and i was about to cum. “cum with me baby, don’t stop” she shouted. I found it difficult to control. I still pumped in her harder and harder, finally I cum. She came too. It was very exciting. I straight away dropped down to the bed and fell asleep.

Next morning, i woke up with Nida caressing my hair. “Good morning dear” she said “Good morning” i replied with a kiss. She then pointed out towards the condom on the bed. I took it up. “Shit it’s torn! This means….” i said in a worried voice “I’m going to be pregnant with your baby! Oh, I’m so happy!” She exclaimed with a hug. Deep down there, even i was happy of having fathered a woman i found hottest in the whole wide world! I took Nida in my arms to the bathroom where we had another great session of sex! We continued this feat, until she was 5 months pregnant! Now ‘our’ baby’s 1 year old and her husband still thinks it’s his baby! Thanks to this our relation as a couple developed at lot! I would now fuck her almost every day, whenever we get any bit of free space and time! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this Hot Sex Story of Aunty.


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