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Sex With Neighbor Aunty : Real Story

I am going to write my real story here. I am Zeeshan here, a 25 Years guy, who got a real chance to have sex with an aunty. She was the hot wife of our house owner. Let me write this story from the beginning. I was doing a job in Lahore 3 years back. Those days, I was living with my office-mate but I was also searching for a rent flat. Soon, my office-mate helped me to get a two room flat in a plaza where 11 other families were also living. There, I got a chance to enjoy my life and have sex with an Aunty. Aunty was the hot wife of our manager.
Sex With Aunty
I was living in the top floor. The flat no.1 was occupied by our flat manager and he was living with his hot and gorgeous wife with 2 kids. His wife, Aunty Rehana was 36 Years old with a stunning milfy figure. She got extra-large boobs and well toned body. Often, she was the one found dealing with the matters of our community and collection of fair and other problem solving were her duties. She often visited all flats to have a good look on resident problems so everybody liked her confidence and management. Her husband was usually busy in his business and he was very rarely seen in the society as he comes back home late night (Usually around 9pm). All the day, it was his wife to manage all the issues.

I have a routine of 5 working days with saturday - Sunday off. So, I used to spend saturday at flat and sunday to wander about different places and such stuff. One saturday, My door bell rang at about 9am , when I opened the door, I was surprised to see Aunty Rehana standing there. I asked her, Is everything OK Aunty? She smiled and said; YES, there is a bit problem with the water tank, and I had the phone numbers of all the residents but you are new here so I had to come myself to tell you about the water tank non-availability for 4-5 hours till the repair work is completed.

I thanked her for informing me intime, meanwhile she entered my flat and looked around asking me about how I felt living here. I was in some other thinking (actually, I was looking at her extra-large boobs and big-big ass. I couldn't imagine such a heavy pair of boobs with such a lovely pair of butts that were well toned and well maintained. So, for an instant, I was shocked by the question and she had felt my action.

Aunty smiled in a meaningful style but didn't shown me an easier access. I told here that everything is OK for me. And then she asked for my cell number for future uses. I given her my number and thanked her for taking care of the residents. She went away after taking my number. I was never expecting to work my luck that quickly but i was very surprised to see an sms coming from an unknown number after about 5 hours. In sms, she informed me about the repair work completeion and I thanked her for being that good and responsible. I saved her number.

Believe me, when I saw her on the first day, my mind was found immediately thinking about giving her a nasty fuck. I couldn't forget her ass and boobs for the next few days. Everytime, I slept I had her in my dreams and I was almost thinking 24/7 to fuck her at any cost. Aunty was so nice and well mannered that I was also affraid of being thrown out of society if I made any mistake like teasing her. So, I thought of being polite and decent and give it a go even if it takes longer to make her agreed for a fuck.

The next day, nothing happened but a day after that, I got an sms from the same number in which Aunty Rehana asked me to visit their house as she was needing my help. This was a total surprise. I was not sure to be that lucky but anyhow I quickly went down. It was about 5pm in the evening and I was just back from office. When I given bell at their door, Aunty's elder child opened the door and welcomed me in. Aunty was shifting some dressing table with her daughter and son. They have called me for some help. Aunty thanked me for coming and said; Sorry, I have to disturb you as this table was heavy and we 3 were not enough to shift it. I welcomed her, It's no issue. It's my pleasure you people called me.

That day, I was happy but a bit surprised that why he only called me to help? I was new at that place but why she couldn't call some older residents? Anyhow, I felt lucky on being called for help but I was in a bit doubt. one week later, Aunty met me at stairs by chance and she given me a nice smile and asked me about my job. The ice was starting to melt, and I was happy to answer her questions. The talk was short but I felt myself lucky and I was talking to her like relatives.

Aunty was considered bold and all of our society members appreciate her for being that bold but noone told me any of suspicious character stories of her. So, I was quite careful in approaching her for that particular thing. So, we had a good friendship type relationship in those starting 2 months and everytime we got chance , we talked to each other. Aunty was also very careful as I never knew what was running through her mind.

One friday, as I woke up , I received an sms from an unknown number. The sms was that, Are you free on saturday? I inquired who was asking? and then I got another sms. It's your aunty. Oh my God, why she was asking this from an unknown number? Who cares, I thought for a while and then left it away. I asked her , YES I am free if she's needing me? She said, Yes I had some issue to discuss with you so I will visit you on saturday morning 9am. I agreed to that.

The next day, I eagerily waited for Aunty Rehana and let my door unlocked. It was about 9:30am and Aunty didn't arrive. So, I thought to sms her but I stopped myself doing that silly thing. She may have some problem for being late. I played a XXX movie on my laptop and started watching it. At about 10am , Aunty was running in my mind as I was watching the movie scenes and I was fully erect when someone entered my flat. I have heared the door opening sound so I quickly tried to close my laptop but I couldn't keep my dick down in that short time and Aunty was right over my head. Oh my God, My erection was seen by Aunty but she never pretended to behave abnromal. She talked to me, Sorry I just got in without knocking the door.

I was still in a bit of bother so I said; Oh no no Aunty, No problem, It's not my flat, It's yours so you can come anytime and she smiled. She sat on sofa and started talking about her husband's busy life. In short, She was looking for someone to help her managing the society affairs as she had 3 other buildings to take care. I welcomed her and agreed to help. During our talk, I judged that she was trying to prolong our meeting and was sitting there even after our discussions were over.

I looked into her eyes and then asked about the kids. She said, they are at their grandparent's house today. So, I am alone till evening. I could judge her long sitting so I offered her tea. She thanked me and said; No no I'm going. She said this but again started talking. Now, I had got her signal to move on. If she was not willing to leave my flat, she surely wanted something else. I forced her to sit and take tea. I made a tea for her and she appreciated my skills of tea making. Then after tea, I said; Aunty, How you take care of yourself? She smiled and then said, Am I that good? I said; Yes, you are looking gorgeous and never look like the mom of two kids. She laughed on my innocent remarks and said; I go to gym as well and do exercise regularly. Meawhile, a trick came in my mind and I told her that I am very good at massage. Aunty was surprised hearing this. She said, really, can you do that?

I said Yes, I do a great body massage. She said, then surely I would get it but your uncle might mind that, and she laughed. she was trying to make it funny but I knew that if Aunty came to this topic, I would be easily fucking her today. I said; why to tell uncle about this. Just check and enjoy. It would be between us. I said; Aunty , I am free if you are free let me give you a quick session. She smiled and thought for a while. She smiled and said, But don't think I would spare you from rent for this session and joked me. I smiled and said, no no its just a gift for you. Then she looked at me and said, ok bring your oil, let's see how good you are. I was feeling my luck that things.

I quickly went to the bedroom and brought olive oil.meanwhile, I locked the door from inside. Then I asked Aunty to lay down on floor. I placed a cotton filled sheet on floor and aunty went lying facing upward. I started giving her a feet massage. She enjoyed it and then I slowly moved upward. I upheld her shalwar till it reached her knees and then given her shins a great massage. She was feeling sleepy with the sensation of massage. I asked her if she wants massage of thighs and over the knees area. She thought for a while and said; OK, If its that relaxing I would like to get.

Then I started pulling her Shalwar down and she didn't resist. I could watch her black panty as I was removing her Shalwar. Soon I was massaging her upper legs and meanwhile I was brushing my fingers with her panty. She started feeling the sensation, she closed her eyes and slow moans were there within short time. It went on for 20-25 minutes till I removed her panty. She didn't resist, infact, she helped my raising her butts upward and I easily removed her panty. Everything was happening between us but we were not talking sexual. Probably, it was must to keep quite and keep on doing. playing with her body. I went till her pussy lips and brushed my fingers many a times. She was totally hot then, Till I started inserting a finger in her freshly shaved pussy. Oh my god, she was fully hot now. 

I slowly removed her shirt (Qameez). Started kissing her navel and slowly massaged her boobs, pressed her boobs with my right hand and kept massaging them. She started moaning. I pulled myself closer to her and kissed her lips. Then, I turned her around and unhooked her bra. I slowly removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. She was on cloud nine and I can see the pleasure in her lips and eyes. I slowly kept my hand on her pussy and started rubbing it over the panty. She was moaning loudly. Lowering her panty slowly and gradually I started fingering her. She started moaning loudly. she made my fingers wet soon. She started undressing me. Lowering my pants down to my knees, she started stroking my cock slowly and given me an unforgettable handjob with her soft and lovely hands.

It went on for the next 10 minutes or so before she started licking my cock and balls. She done it like starting from the balls and ass joint and then moving upward slowly till she takes my cocktip in her lips and then throating the entire cock till it reaches the halfway of her throat. I have never got such a lovely blow, most of the girl stop insertion when the dick touches their throats but she used her throat also to take it all the way in till her tongue touches my balls. Then She slowly kept the cock between her beautiful lips and started sucking it cleanly. One time a suck and one stroke with hand. I was feeling heavenly delight but the moments did not last long, I came in her mouth and she didn't mind it. She took my cum in her throat, giggled once but didn't allowed it to spit away. I have seen it for the first time in my life that some woman is drinking cum so easily. I fell on the floor and started admiring her beauty. She was still touching my cock with her legs slowly and she made me arouse again within 5-6 minutes.

She rides on me and kissed my lips and the kiss this time was so deep that our tongues rolled on others. I am happy for my fucking luck!! As soon as I bent her back and started putting my dick inside, her bloody phone bell rang. She picked up the phone and it was her husband calling. She stopped me for a while and then talked to her husband for 2 minutes. She told me that her husband is coming to home, so please finish it in 2-3 minutes and Let me leave.

Listening her words, I quickly pushed my cock inside and started fucking her brutally. This was the fastest fuck of my life but it took too long till i came. We didn't changed position and I drilled her fast for about 10-12 minutes when I came inside her. After finishing the fuck of the beautiful Aunty, the wife of our house owner, She left her house and within just 5-6 minutes, I heard her husband arriving. Thanks GOD, She was back in time.


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