Monday, 28 December 2015

Story Of My Virgin Cousin

This is my real life story. I managed to have sex with my real cousin. When I was younger about 18 Years old, we were very close and were always staying around each others houses as we were neighbors. she was 5 years elder to me at that time. We were extremely frank to each other and our parents never interrupted the activities between all of our cousins. On one occasion she came to our house around evening when my parents were gone out for some party. I had been watching a dirty sex movie before her arrival and everything was still playing in my mind. As soon as she arrived, my mind started thinking the other way. I had never tried or thought about her in that way but it was such a lust going on in my mind that I couldn't control. I offered her to spend some time with me as we always done in past. We started playing cards. We made a bet that looser has to fulfill one wish of the winner at the end of the game.


Luckily I won the game and now she has to fulfill my one desire as per commitment. I thought for a while then I given her a strange option where we have to pretend to be adults as we lay on my bed and I said to her that we need behave like to having sex. She didn't really understand what it was and neither did she felt easy doing that but I insisted a lot on completing her commitment. Finally, after thinking a lot and joking changed into some kind of seriousness, she just agreed to some extent. so it just involved me on top of her dry humping her not having a clue what I was doing and no feeling. This was what she agreed to do only.

This was probably our first ever excitement in a free style involving sexual acting.In which I got a full erection and finally i got cum which she noticed as well. However, we both felt a little guilty and as far as a woman response , she avoided me for next few days. Things got settled within a week and we again started making naughty things. Probably, we were both thinking each other a different way.

After a year I started to understand her sexually and what sex was more right in approaching her. We were still staying around each others houses so this time she was home alone and her parents had been out, I intentionally went to there house. I got in and we started behaving same like past and went to her room, layed in there talking. I slowly brought the discussion into sex talks. Initially, she was reluctant to talk about sex but slowly started sharing her feelings about sex. she started to talk about sex and kissing. she finally confessed that she's just eager to check how good sex is, to kiss and have sex with someone.

she then said, she wants to know what to do and she watched a few films with sex in and that she knew some ways people have sex. But she was very afraid to try anything practically. I smiled and offered, why not we can try? She blushed with reddish face and said; Oh no, common behave yourself now. Then, we remained quite for a while and then she asked if I wanted to practice with her then what's the surety that you don't tell this to anyone. I laughed and jokingly said; do you consider me that fool. 

Again she thought for a while and then surprisingly made a so-motive move. She then told me to lay on my back she climbed on top of me with her tight jeans on and started to move back and forwards on me I got instantly hard and my dick was leaking fluid in no time and I dont know if she felt my wet dick or not but I didn't want it to stop when she got off she told me she was wet also and asked me if I wanted to see, my heart started to pound hard and I didn't know what to do at first I didn't know if I would get in trouble if someone found out but b4 I could say anything she bent over in her tight jeans and slowly pulled then down she was wearing a tiny panty.

By this point I thought my cock was going to explode with how hard I was, she then pulled her tiny panty down to reveal the first ever pussy I have ever seen you could see how wet she was just looking at it as she lay there bent over she asked if I wanted to see what it feels like my heart was still pounding at this point I slowly moved closer to her and move my hand towards her pussy slowly untill I touched it, it felt so amazing she let out a moan I quickly moved my hand thinking I had hurt her. As she was bent, I asked her to stay in the same style and I sat down behind her licking her wet pussy. She made a loud moan but quickly she pulled her jeans up and told me she wasn't hurt and that it felt nice but I think we shouldn't do this. I was fully ready and I have made up my mind to fuck her even if she refuses.

So I kept on insisting her to pull down jeans and see how it feels. Though she was forbidding me but I knew she was ready to take her first ever cock. Pulling her jeans down and then licking her I just shook my head into her big butts. She was flustered by this point as she looked down to my hard dick through her legs. I opened my pants and my cock just pulled out of my zip. It looked like a pole and she moaned and smiled.I knew she was virgin. Her small pussy hole and freshly shaved cunt made me really horny. It is always a luck to fuck someone virgin these days.

I didnt say anything but I just pulled my pants away along the under-wear and my dick was in full view. She waited for a while and then turned towards me and grabbed my nice and erect cock. As she had seen in movies, she given me a little blowjob, though it was not a full dick blow but only the tip and a little shaft. she stared at it for about 2-3 minutes and said, its big and hard, I didnt really knew at the time how to react to her words.

She sucked me and then I made her into doggy style, First I rubbed her pussy with my dick and then slowly inserted half of my dick tip. She was too tight to accept a dick but I kept on pouring my saliva and slowly pushing it against her pussy hole. Then I made a big forced push and she screamed with pain. I stopped , keeping my dick constant at that place, her entire body was shivering and she was almost crying, saying , please pull it out, please pull it out, but I caressed her boobs and slowly pushed it more forward. Then As I pulled my dick back, I could see the blood stains on my dick shaft. OMG, so nice the feeling was.

I again started making slow moves and her pains changed into pleasure. Within no time, she was all in heaven. I fucked her for at least 10-15 minutes and then I was about to cum. In this time she got 2 orgasms, I pulled my dick out and came with my full load on her ass. 

The crazy feelings were over, We couldn't make an eye contact when our passions were cold. I left her house after 10 minutes of finishing sex session but the next few weeks were very disturbed. She didn't even talked to me in that frank style and I too felt a bit nervous in her presence. But , slowly we were again relaxed and friends again.

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