Saturday, 7 March 2015

Story Of Pakistani Wife Swap

Today, I am going to narrate my life story on this. This sex story belongs to my wife swap session with my close friend. In Pakistan, it is not easier to find the real couples who meet you for a wife swap and similar activities. Most of the time, you may find fantasy oriented husbands who appear as couples and enjoy talking about the subject of wife swap but when it comes to the meeting, no one meets you practically. Me and my wife have slowly developed a deeper relationship of kinky sexual talks in which we often discussed about having a wife swap and she found it interesting.

Finding A Real Couple For Wife Swap In Pakistan.
We struggled for at least 2 years finding a suitable couple for such an interesting fun but in the end we were failed to meet a genuine couple. everyone asked for cam sex and pics swap and etc. We never wanted to indulge in such stupidities that may ruin our social image so we didn't ever shared our pics and cam with such anonymous people. 

Finally, an old friend of mine got a business setup in Islamabad. We have been very close in university days and we have been together for 5-6 years. Our level of friendship was so deepen that we both shared each and everything about our life. Imagine, even we expressed likes for each other's sister. LOL. we met after 2 years when he arrived in Islamabad and luckily he was accompanied by his gorgeous, stunning and sexy wife. She was around her late 20's and looked stunning when I saw her being in an exposing dress. Her large melons could have made anyone mad and believe me I looked at her boobs twice.

The next day, I told the entire story to my hot wife and she developed a feeling to meet them. On her desire, I immediately invited them for a dinner next day. It was a nice time having dinner with them and we had a chit chat about those 2 years. I admired bhabhi many a times and he admired my wife's beautiful figure. 

Nothing happened on the first meeting. The next day, I called him to meet for coffee and he agreed. We sat together in my office where we started discussing our wives. I expressed my likes about his hot wife and he surprisingly given an offer. He almost offered a fuck in a smiling mood and I was almost shocked to see the things happening immediately.

Well, OMG. how lucky I had been. He had a mindset that I needed at that time. I went talking about the same thing and finally he got agreed for a swap session. He was also amazed that my wife was ready for a swap.

We promised to have a quick swap session immediately and he agreed to have a night stay. The next evening they both arrived well in time. We have things got set for a gloomy swap session so we went straight to the bedroom. Though, our wives were shy in start as it was our first wife swap but later they went easier.

As per plan, we played some orgy movies and watched them together. Moods got set, wives went horny, our meatbones got raised and yes the perfect time was arrived. I started rubbing my wife tits meanwhile he also started doing the same with his booby wife. Soon, my wife undressed me, looking at them, and grabbed my cock which later went into her throat. She given me a deeper blow and my friend's wife performed a lovely sucking job on his cock.

We both were lying together and our wives were sitting in between our legs, working with devotion. Then we looked at each other and just pulled each other's wife towards our cocks. Wife's switched for blow. OMG. his horny wife got yummy lips. She went sliding her lips till they reached my balls and my wife licked him nicely. This sucking session went on for 20 minutes.

Then, I pulled his wife over me and started sucking her large and heavy melons. He watched me and started licking my wife's 34D sized tits with great passion. Meanwhile, I pushed my cock inside his wife and kept on sucking her heavy boobs. She started moaning louder as my cock went in and out. My wife was doing it carefree and he was also enjoying my wife's pussy now.

We fucked for another 10 minutes before we got up and made the two bitches doggy. It was awesome to fuck each other's wife and watch. We watched their bouncing butts, shaking asses as our cocks drilling their holes. My friend got a nice cock, almost similar in size with me but a little fat. My wife's pussy got fully stretched as he pushed it deeper and deeper.

 I was about to cum. I couldn't control it more and as I moaned louder, my friend remarked. fuck the bitch, cum inside her pussy and that's it. I exploded my cum deep inside her fat pussy. As soon as i fired inside her, she got a wild orgasm. Same happened to my hot wife as he fired his cum inside her. OMG, what a lovely scene that was. Our wives were filled by each other's husband.

We kept on lying like a horse onto their asses and we never wanted to pull it out. It was a slow motion fucking pause for a few minutes and then the second shot was reloaded. We changed the positions and got both wives in missionary style. Screwing each other's wife , having tits in hand, we fucked them deeper. Then we decided to try a 2 way, but my wife was hesitant to take him or me in his ass. She has never done it before. But his horny wife was ready for a double penetration.

I entered her ass while my friend pushed his cock inside her pussy and we drilled her for at least 5 minutes. My wife kept on playing with her large boobies. I again came inside her ass. My wife couldn't control anymore and she wanted to try double penetration immediately. My friend has not came yet so he entered my wife's ass while i pushed my flex dick inside pussy. My cock slides in but it was not fully erect after those two shots. He drilled my wife's ass for 10 minutes and she started moaning like a bitch. Initially, she felt a bit pain due to his girth but later she got used to it. He didn't pull as he cum inside her ass.

We were all exhausted. So we kept on lying for a while. After 30 minutes, my wife got up and went into the washroom with a swollen ass. His wife appeared to be a bit more comfortable and I understood the fact that she has done it many a times in past. It was amazing sex session. They left our house in the morning but we remember the night till today. Please share your comments about this story of wife swap in pakistan. Thanks 

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