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Having Hot Sex With My Car Driver

Hi sex story readers. I am Lubna from Islamabad. This is my first story on this blog. I got to know about this blog from Google search so I thought to share my own sex story with you all. This is a true incident that happened to me. Hope you all like it. Sorry for any mistakes if I do any. Your suggestions through comments will always be welcomed. 
I am a 29 year old married lady. I am a happily married wife. It’s been 4 years since I got married. I have one baby. My husband is a businessman and have his business setup in different cities like Lahore, Karachi and a few others. He is nice but often remains busy with his business works, clients etc. He is very good looking and great in bed. But due to work load he often comes late at night and sometimes remains out of city. Our family consist of my Father-in-law, Mother-In-Law, my husband, me and my son. We are well positioned as far as financial concerns. We have full time servants at our home for doing all the core activities. My husband has a driver, his name is Arslan. He is in his mid twenties. He is good in nature and has a great muscular body. He is our driver from last 2-3 years and is a trust-worthy guy.

I am a fun loving, adventurous and a kind of frank woman. My figure stats are 36-30-40. Yah..I got a big ass that makes every watcher hard on. I am very naughty from my school days. I lost my virginity when I was in college. I have been in a relationship in my college days. I liked to do crazy things. Basically, you can simply say me a cock lover. I love cocks. I have been fucked many times in college by my classmate. However, I have never cheated my husband after marriage (he know about my relationship before marriage). I loved to expose myself, wearing those tight clothes and my husband never forbade me. I think, he do enjoys when people say that his wife is hot.

Now coming to the story, this story is about my relationship with my husband’s driver, Arslan. This incident occurred 6 months ago. I always knew that arslan is attracted to me, but you know everything happens at the right time. As the time passed I also started liking him. He was always very caring and helpful to us. I knew that he had intentions towards me but he didn’t show that directly. Whenever I used to go out in car with him, he used to stare at me through rear-view mirrors. He also used to stare and my boobs and ass when he was inside our home. And I also liked it.

So on one day my Father-in-law (FIL) & Mother-In-Law (MIL) had gone to his friend’s house taking my baby with them and my husband was out of city for one week. I was feeling very starved, so I thought of doing something naughty with arslan. I sent all other servants on leave of one day. I quickly called arslan and asked for some help. He immediately came at our home. I was wearing a super sexy dress at that time. He was mesmerized to see me like that. I also passed a naughty smile to him. I asked him to help me in keeping some house hold items in the arrangements. I stood on a stool and asked him to give stuff to me from the floor. He started giving me one by one. At that moment my thighs were so close to his mouth that I could feel his breath. He smelt my thighs and I could see that in his lustful eyes.

Now according to the plan, I slipped off from the stool and fell on him. My boobs directly went to touch his shoulders. First I fell on arslan and then landed on floor. Arslan tried to catch me but he couldn’t. I reacted as I got some stuck. He quickly asked..Madam.are you OK? I asked him to pick me up and get me on bed. He hesitated a bit but the He did exactly like that. He lifted me in his arms as his hand was just brushing my boobs and laid me on bed. He was feeling sorry for this, but I said its OK, it was not his fault. I was perfectly fine but I did some drama and said that my knees and my back are paining. I told him to take pain-relief tube from the store. He went out and came after 10 minutes with a pain killer tube in his hand.

I asked him to apply some on my legs and on my back. He thought for a while and said..Madam..Me? I said;Yes you. While I was lying on my bed, he started massaging my legs. He was also enjoying my waxed legs.I said; my legs are in whole pain so apply it on entire leg. He was slightly coming close to my inner thighs. I didn’t object him and allowed him to do as he wanted. After massaging my legs and inner thighs for 10 minutes he said me to lie on my stomach so that he can massage my back. I did what he said. He pulled my top and was shocked to see that I was not wearing bra.

He massaged my back very nicely. After some time it was like that his hands was on my whole back, from my neck to my ass. He was enjoying the moment. I was almost topless, lying on my bed with my boobs downside. He was pressing his fingers to touch my boobs from side in between as well. So after that I thought it was the time to reveal myself.I asked him to stop, As my clothes were creating some trouble for him. I pulled off my top completely. He was also excited but remained quite. I was talking to him to keep his emotions hot and alive. I could feel his erect manhood brushing my ass during the massage. After finishing the massage, I looked at his manhood and saw that huge erection. I shown a bit of naughty anger and said.What's this arslan? Oh..Madam..sorry..sorry..It was UN-intentional. I asked him to pull off shorts. He didn’t even take a second.

I removed my trousers as well. As I wasn’t wearing any undergarments, I was completely naked in front of him. And then the most awaited moment arises. I turned; he was so hungry to see my boobs and clean-shaved pussy. Without taking any time, I asked him to continue the massage with all clothes off. I said; Arslan..keep on doing what you need. He was worried a bit but I said; It would remain a secret between me and him. And If he revealed it to anyone..he will loss his job. He obliged and kept on massaging my body.He grabbed my boobs and after rubbing a bit he was sucking them.

His one hand was on my pussy and other on my boobs. We both smooched like hell. It was awesome, he smooched so well. He was so good in his work. I didn’t wait for a second and was up and grabbed his cock. Here comes the monster. He had a very thick cock. I haven’t seen a thick cock like that. It was just like that as I have seen in many English blue-films. His cock was about an elbow in width. I didn’t waste a single second and his cock was in my mouth. I sucked his cock for 10 minutes. It was like heaven to me. Then I asked him to lick my pussy. He took over my pussy, he was fingering it so crazy while licking it inside. Within 2-3 minutes I got my first orgasm.

He kept on licking my pussy and drank all the love juice and then sucked my clit with his tongue. Within few minutes, I got my second orgasm. Then I asked him to do the final jerk. He understood what I said. So he placed his elbow type cock on my pussy, keeping my legs up his shoulders.He inserted his monster cock into my pussy. It was so big that it pained a lot and my eyes were wide opened. OMG; why I was missing this cock in the past 2-3 years. Why I had not tried it yet? First he slowly moved his cock and after that he got some pace. It was very awesome feeling. I was fucking this good after a long time.
He was fucking his boss wife. I was enjoying the best fuck of my life. My pussy was fully stretched and gripped around his cock. We both fucked for another 30-40 minutes. What a stamina he had.My husband never fucked me for more than 20 minutes and I always thought it to be a great timing. But now, I got a double time fucker by luck. We both had a good time together. He was so great in bed, and expert in everything. I promised him to keep it all between me and him and again reminded him about his job loss.I told him that we will fuck again.For next week when my husband was out, we both fucked 2 times. We used to do sex even now but only when I am very horny and my husband is out.My husband never knew it.

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  1. Sara we shud also try it once u will enjoy it alot with me. A handsome boy from Isb.


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